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Laundry = expand it to cleaning/homemaker

BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 991 Member
I have an idea I would like to share, mainly in this section so the stuff pack team can see it (or at least @SimGuruGraham since I feel like this idea would be most fit for a stuff pack (although you COULD expand it a bit further, but I think the stuff pack would suit it just fine, personally) and not to mention it's most relevant here in this section, anyway.

Personally, I always felt like the laundry concept was the one idea of the bunch that didn't fit as well, simply cause it isn't eco-friendly. While I am not a fan of laundry as a concept, I still think it could be made into a stuff pack and could be enjoyable on a larger scale, provided that it be a bit more expanded versus JUST laundry. Some ideas I had today:

-Ironing: Not only do sims need clean clothes, they need nice, pressed clothes that any adult sim could do, for themselves or for others (spouses). I was thinking that it would just be a good mood buff. Specifically, if sims were to have their work clothes ironed before work, and that next shift they'd get a nice bonus happy moodlet. Could also work for formal attire and formal parties, but not sure how much work that involves in particular. I'd be fine with just the work clothes, but if it was taken into account, it could provide unique social dialogue (compliments for being so snazzy), particularly from Neat Sims. If handled while in a poor mood or something else to the equivalent, could provide a great fire/burn hazard.

-Cleaning: Yes, from vacuuming, dusting, to calling your local exorcist cause what on earth left behind THAT abomination of a stain; there are lots of messes/chores to plague sims lives with. Dust and dirt could gather pretty quickly, especially in big houses or with slob sims around, and the local housespouse having to go around combating with dirt and grime would be an extra challenge/joy for those who enjoy that kind of things. There can be different ways to go about it too. Sweeping hardwood floors, vacuuming rugs/carpet, and even manually scrubbing out rare hard-to-get-out-spots. More modern sims could upgrade to cleaning roomba robots that automatically fight the dirt, dust and grime for them; perhaps providing some social options to talk with them? Could be cute.

-Dust Bunnies: Cause plain ol' dust is just not enough. They clump up over time/appear at various rates depending on sim traits, potential lot traits, and the amount of sims in the household. Also, specifically restricted to residential homes. Anyway, I think it'd be cute as anything if they'd actually look like little bunnies, just...made of dust. Kids could play with them (much to the disgust of neat-freak parents). But like real bunnies, you can't keep them around for too long...cause soon they start multiplying and they're EVERYWHERE. Some further possibilities large amount of dust bunnies could merge into a adult sim-size dust bunny (like the shape of the social bunny) and could be able to talk and freak out the local neat sims. Another possibility is if the household gets too dirty and/or you have too many dust bunnies and a neat sim starts losing it and acting out in frustration...death by dust bunnies! Cause while being mauled to death SOUNDS rough, it's not nearly as bad when it is bunnies. Could also have a lot trait that promotes the appearances of dirt/dust bunnies.

-Messes: Another possibility is the chances of getting messes on clothes, and getting an unhappy or embarrassed moodlet if not a slob. Neat freaks could easily be more likely to nag/complain about appearances/spills on another's shirt, which could only be removed by washing it out via sink or washing machine. Chances of spills/messes could be random based on eating certain foods or random slip ups from other sims. Would add more variety to experiences, especially at parties.

Most of the actual laundry options/potentials have already been discussed, and so I won't really go into too much detail. And this could always be applied to the laundry stuff pack if it does win. I just feel like the...laundry just doesn't fit the eco-friendly theme. And the current style/object design of the objects that have been picked don't really fit well. Laundry is great for a more retro/suburban cookie-cutter early to mid 1900s mom kind of vibe. Because it's technology, particularly technology of like 100 years prior that can most certainly be modernized or be kept on the retro side, but it just isn't eco-friendly. I'm all for eco-friendly laundry options, but more on the side kind of set up, cause the main feature is going to be modern laundry sets and those aren't eco-friendly.

Anyway, I thought this would be a nice alternative concept because while I don't personally care for laundry, there is certainly quite a demand for it and everyone needs their fair share of content. I just would like it to be a bit more cohesive and a bit more than just "laundry."
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  • somethingstellarsomethingstellar Posts: 1,046 Member
    I would love for them to maybe considering doing a GP for it where they also update the clothing system to be a little more realistic.
    Does anybody else miss sending their sims to go actually shop for and spend simoleons on clothes? And legitimately upgrading them and feeling some kind of sense of status with the wardrobe?
    Also owning a fashion retail store would have more of a purpose and be less of a joke to me lmao Every time I'm like "YOU'RE GOING TO GO BROKE IF YOU KEEP GIVING ME MONEY FOR STUFF YOU CAN GET FOR FREE!"
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 7,921 Member
    I really loved your ideas and I'm not a big laundry fan. I think I'd enjoy it if it brought certain elements in. I loved your dust bunny idea and possibilities especially... that death would be really funny.
    I want the traits to be working.. like if we have a neat-freak. They clean autonomously with actions you might not normally see even when there is nothing left to clean. This would be great for making NPC's look busy also... or even other household members you don't play with much but want them to look or be busy. I can't be the only simmer that makes a live in helper for my sims that I only control to cook, clean and make money.
    Could you imagine a happy homemaker trait?.. that would blow my mind.
    This is stuff that would make me excited to get a pack that had laundry or chores.
    I think if we get laundry items they need to give us both retro and modern options or just very plain ones so they will fit with counters/decor we have in game now.
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  • BlueR0seBlueR0se Posts: 991 Member
    Yeah, just...everything can have potential for really fun stuff, I just feel like itd be a shame to hyper focus on laundry alone.
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