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**Creations by masajo** **Willow Way**


  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,405 Member
    Cobblestones is a Fabulous base game starter home, @masajo! Awesome exterior design and stunning interiors. So warm and cozy and SO affordable! :blush:<3
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Thank you very much for your wonderful words @WrathofCath really appreciate all your kindness and support :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member

    This is another of my attempts at BnS66 which I have only just managed to complete. Esencia is a modern Mediterranean style family home using Basegame and Spa Day items only. Comprises three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living rooms. Rear patio/garden includes swimming pool, art nook, kids area, bbq/dining. There is a balcony on the first floor with lounge area, guitar and yoga :)

    Download here
    More pics here







  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,453 Member
    The modern exterior design of Esencia is very nice! :) The wall textures used look very nice . The front footpath looks great with the rectangle items and the lights and plants either sides of it. The water fountain feature is pretty! Very nice outdoors living patio nook for sims to enjoy sitting resting there on the seating, or enjoy playing the guitar or restfully yoga on the mat. The candles there look nice and are calming. Very nice outdoors dining and pool areas! Sims will have fun swimming in the pool. It looks nice how the patterned wall separates off the pool area. Sims will enjoy cooking meals on the BBQ and eating the food at the umbrella covered table in the sunshine. The bamboo plants look restful . The gnomes there are cute! Nice art nook for sims to enjoy painting on the easel in the outdoors air. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The grey, green and black colour scheme looks very stylishly nice and restful! The living room is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting on the sofas there watching tv, reading books, having a drink from the bar, and listening to music from the wall speaker . The aquarium is a calming touch in the room. They will enjoy playing the piano. The aroma of the incense would be nice in the room. The wall tiling in the bathroom looks great, and the green towel , hanging robe and fruit pictures are nice touches on it. The green colour of the dining seats looks nice with the grey texture of the walls. Very nice furnishing of each of the bedrooms! The candles are nice calming touches on the first double bedroom bedside tables, and the leafy picture is nice for sims to see when waking. Sims will enjoy using the weights machine in the second double bedroom to keep fit. The eclipse patterns look nice on the bedhead wall. The confetti on the kids bedroom walls is pretty! They will have fun playing with the doll house and enjoy reading books in their bedroom on the cute animal chair! The colourful circles floor print is nice.
    It is a very nice home! :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Many thanks dear @rosemow for all your beautiful words, your immense kindness and support are always very much appreciated :)
  • WrathofCathWrathofCath Posts: 4,405 Member
    Absolutely Love Esencia, @masajo! Gorgeous exterior design, color and textures. Love the tiered planter wall by the front door. I am so stealing that! :p Beautifully done interiors, as always. Good luck in the challenge! :blush:
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Big thank you @WrathofCath for your beautiful words, really pleased you like the tiered planter, these half walls do have their uses :)
    Many thanks for your kind and wonderful words @Nejioranaid and a very big thank you for the nomination, very much appreciated :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member

    Wedgewood, named because of it's blue themed interiors, is my entry for Quality Control Challenge 20, a summer estate for Royals to go to get away from it all. Extensive gardens and outdoor areas including pool, hot tub, firepit, gazebo lounge, children's area and patio, with a separate annex for the butler. The French Country manor itself has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, gym, study, library, kitchen, dining and living rooms :)

    Download here
    More pics here












  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,453 Member
    edited June 2017
    I will repost here what I wrote on the challenge thread and add a little more.
    Wedgewood looks very grand! :) The exterior design and layout of the home looks so very nice! The tower and flagpole on top of it looks great! The dormers, and the combination of the stone and brick wall textures looks nice. The open gates are welcoming. Very nice outdoors areas! The gazebo looks great! Very nice fire pit area for sims to enjoy sitting around the fire on the armchairs keeping warm and toasting food. It looks nice how the rocks have been placed in a circle around the area. Very nice umbrella covered table outdoors dining area! The flowers and candles there are pretty for sims to see when sitting at the table or resting on the sofa. Kids wil have fun playing on the monkey bars,
    Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The wedgewood blue colour scheme looks very nice! It looks very calming and also regal. The art room looks great! Sims will enjoy doing woodcrafting on the workbench or painting on the easel. The art decor items look great there! Very nice sitting room, for sims to sit and rest on the sofa and armchair, watching tv in front of the fire. The patterned floor rug adds a nice look to the area, and the floral wall picture is pretty for sims to look at. The grandfather clock is homely . Very nice windows chess nook. Sims will have fun playing chess there, enjoying the sunshine coming in through the windows. The furnishing and layout of each of the bedrooms looks so very nice! The ship and the portrait pictures either sides of it look very nice on the bedhead wall in one of the bedrooms . The white beside table flowers are pretty for sims to see when waking in the mornings. Nice nook areas in the kids room for them to enjoy doing artwork on the activity table or playjng with the dollhouse The teddy and giraffe look cute there! Very nice candles wall and vanity table corner nook in one of the bedrooms, The floor and wall tiling in the bathroom looks so very nice! The statue is a nice touch in the room. Nice triangular hot tub nook for sims to enjoy relaxing there with sunshine coming in through the windows. The kitchen and dining room areas look very nice! The flowers on the dining table are pretty for sims to see when eating a meal. Very nice music nook for sims to enjoy sitting relaxing on the sofa listening to piano music after a meal The stone texture of the kitchen wall gives a great look to the room. Very nice furnishing of the butler annexe areas! Very nice golden and black colour scheme of the room areas.
    It is such a very grand and detailed home! :)
  • Simming_SpoonieSimming_Spoonie Posts: 1,904 Member
    @masajo - You already know how much I adore your latest creation, Wedgewood. Such amazing architecture, landscaping and interior design, you have put so much thought into this build, I am in total awe of your skill.
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  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Dear @rosemow you are always so very kind and thoughtful and say the most wonderful words which always bring great happiness. A very big thank you for all your fantastic support for which I will always be very grateful :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Wow @FaithofKaela your words are very generous, means a lot coming from such a great builder as yourself, many, many thanks :)
  • yanti68yanti68 Posts: 19,017 Member
    Escencia, Wedgewood and Cobblestones are gorgeous! My favourite has to be Escencia and Wedgewood! Gorgeous, eye catching design and interiors! Will be adding all of them to my favourites. <3<3<3
  • commeuneplumecommeuneplume Posts: 1,494 Member
    Bookmarking! Beautiful builds!!! <3
    Avid TS3/TS4 player, wannabe storyteller, novice builder.
    Looking forward to seeing you around!
  • emereemere Posts: 1,583 Member

    Ok, I'm a fan of Wedgewood <3<3 Thanks for sharing the photos o:)
  • TheDismalSimmerTheDismalSimmer Posts: 656 Member
    Very stately looking mansion! I especially love the castle style turret, it looks so interesting!
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,215 Member
    Congrats on your Maxis fave! Wedgewood is beautifully grand! I love the exterior and the roofing, very fitting a regal couple :blush: The landscaping and outdoor areas I just adore, and the insides match it well :smile:
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  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Dear @rosemow thank you very much for letting me know, I can't tell you how excited and happy I am! Fantastic news, this really is the most wonderful highlight of my day :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member
    Many thanks @yanti68 for all your wonderful kindness and support, really pleased you like the builds :)
    Thank you very much @commeuneplume very kind of you, really appreciate all your support :)
    Really glad you like Wedgewood @emere thank you very much for your kind and wonderful words :)
    Very kind of you @Nejioranaid thank you so much for all your beautiful support :)
    Big thank you @The_Dismal_Scientist for your wonderful words, very much appreciated :)
    Many thanks @Laebeth for your beautiful words and support, really appreciate your kindness :)
  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,129 Member

    This was a fun challenge to myself to use basegame and City Living packs only and was meant to be a starter but alas the budget got a little out of hand! Fiddlesticks is an affordable family bungalow, being under 50K and comprises three bedrooms, one bathroom, open plan kitchen, living and dining areas. Outdoors there is a swimming pool, patio and sun terrace with bin storage from the side entrance :)

    Download here
    More pics here





  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,453 Member
    The layout of Fiddlesticks is very nice! :) It is great that you only used base game and City Living pack items. The large glass windows walls creates a very nice light filled home. Very nice outdoors living and pool front patio area. Sims will enjoy swimming in the pool or relaxing in the sunshine on the loungers. Nice umbrella covered table area for sims to enjoy dining or reading outdoors . The large planters and shrubs look nice either sides of the front area of the home. The wooden strips on the front exterior of the home looks very effective ! Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home. The colour scheme looks very nice. Very nice layout of the interior! It looks great the way that the living areas are an open plan design , with dining, kitchen and living room nooks . Very nice dining area nook! Sims wil enjoy looking out through the windows whilst eating a meal. The alternating coloured chaise is a nice touch. The patter ned floor rug , the wall lights and the plants either sides of the sofa in the living room, look very nice. Sims will enjoy watching tv there. The patterned stools look great in the room. Very nice furnishing of the bedrooms! The blue colour and white confetti print on the kids bedroom walls and the coloured circle floor prints looks very nice! The dinosaur themed picture on the walls look great! The hanging robes on the bedhead walls in the double bedrooms looks nice. The butterflies picture and the wall shelves with the candles on them look pretty and calming.
    It is a very nice bungalow home! :)
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