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Build-n-Share Challenge #134 - Hawthorne Project: The Ravenwoods ** Due 29th February **


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    There is some major awesomeness going on right now. :o Amazing entries so far everyone! :smiley:
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 352 Member
    Will a pastel goth theme work?
  • withlovejulienwithlovejulien Posts: 548 Member
    @SyddyB206 Does a pastel goth theme ever not work? :smile:

    Great looks!

    @popettypop2012 Love your wall treatments and the lovely deep colors on the exterior! And the little flower beds around the trees.

    @folala Love how you handled the little second floor overhang by turning it into a side door with a sitting nook. Great flower borders and the car is a great touch!

    @meaganjo What a large kitchen! Lovely country feel and wonderful backyard! Terrain paint looks great!
  • popettypop2012popettypop2012 Posts: 1,318 Member
    Thank you @MeaganJo and @withlovejulien your entries are really lovely.

    I had so much trouble trying to make the front of the house into something I'm happy with. I wish I could add more windows:)
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    Thank you @withlovejulien and @popettypop2012 . Good luck everyone~!
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 1,976 Member
    All these entries are lovely. <3 Time just flew past me this week, so I won't submit a house as I intended to. :( Will be lurking at the next challenge. :)
  • folalafolala Posts: 307 Member
    CHALLENGE #: 68 - Pastel Equinox Designer Showdown
    FORUM ID: LizGoBucks
    ORIGIN ID: Liz_GoBucks
    LEVEL: Intermediate
    LOT: Sentimental Blue https://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/139627B0336011E78E543423E325F46A
    LOT COST: 2,500
    BUILD COST: 145,428
    TOTAL COST: 147,928
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: http://imgur.com/a/0ilrP

    Great modern home @LizGoBucks
    Thanks @withlovejulien :blush: your home is so Grand looking inside & out. Love the stone wall treatment.
    Thanks @MeaganJo :smile: love the homey, country feel of your home
    @popettypop2012 Wonderful decor, love the front porch
    @FoundMarbles love the pretty seatin area in the garden & the soft blue decor
    @SyddyB206 goth pastel sounds amazing! I can't wait to see :)
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    Thank you @folala !

    I keep coming back to see if there are any new goodies to check out.
  • Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    And done!

    CHALLENGE #: 68 - Pastel Equinox Designer Showdown
    FORUM ID: JasonAnthonySterling
    ORIGIN ID: TonySterling
    LEVEL: Expert
    LOT: House of the Rising Sun Gallery Link: https://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/5C3E121F35E311E789CCC26B009BB2A4?category=lots&searchtype=item_name&sortby=newest&time=all&searchquery=&max=50&maxis=false
    LOT COST: 2500
    BUILD COST: 182,652
    TOTAL COST: 185152
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MyWorldofSims/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1270516293063792

    ENTRY DETAILS: I wanted to do something different- so I went with the traditional floorplan stylings of an ancient Roman villa but designed for a more modern empire. I used the pastel sun to represent the rising sun that the owner of this home feels their empire to be experiencing but I also leaned heavily on deeper orange throughout the decor to represent the setting sun as most Empires are already in decline when they perceive themselves to be at their height. In traditional Roman villas doorways were often just covered with curtains rather than true doors and that is the tact I have taken here as well- so yes, the curtain hung doorways are on purpose, lol. The fourth bedroom in this build is for a live in servant and is in the basement attached to the kitchen- it has an ensuite bath. There are more notes with the pictures on Facebook.

    SIM: NA

    ROOM: NA




  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,342 Member
    @JasonAnthonySterling Wow your build is really something else. Beautiful work.
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 352 Member
    I don't have time to fill put the form tonight. I will do it tomorrow morning, will that count?
  • Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
    @MeaganJo Thanks- I really wanted to do something different since there weren't a lot of specs this time and plenty of money- I didn't even spend it all! LOL!

  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,272 Member
    I managed to take a few pictures, but since most of it is still unfinished, I will not be entering this time. It was great fun while it lasted. That'll teach me to start late. I look forward to seeing what the next challenge will be. :blush:

    Origin ID: Rawla
    Gallery hashtag: #RawlaCreations

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    edited May 2017
    OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM (please copy and paste into your entry post)

    CHALLENGE #: 68 - Pastel Equinox Designer Showdown
    FORUM ID: e1990r
    ORIGIN ID: e1990r
    LEVEL: Starting Out
    LOT: BnS68 Spring Challenge
    LOT COST: 2500
    BUILD COST: 198816
    TOTAL COST: 201316
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: BnS68 Spring Challenge
    ENTRY DETAILS: This is a wonderfully, cute, and charming traditional home with a semi-detached single car garage that has access to a basement with loads of storage. It includes 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and a powder room upstairs. Downstairs is a formal entertainment room, a study, a tv room, a dining room, and a kitchen. Outside the kitchen is a covered patio that leads to a small garden with a wedding arch and a pool. The Master Bedroom has its own large, partially covered balcony that sports a hot tube, a small table, and a yoga area. This home is perfect for a small family and can be extended if you need more space. This home has Good Schools, Natural Light, and Penny Pixies. It even features 3 of the pixies that have been seen in this home before by wonderful paintings of each.

    CREDIT FOR CC/RECOLORS: Mutske, SimFabulous, Pralinesims, SIMcredible, AdeLana, Fovv, Severinka,Kansascityrose, NynaeveDesign, Ann.W, MadHox, Pilar, Angela, KariAngelova, kurdofe, Lulu, Plasticbox, BuffSumm, Spacesims, Soloriya, AdonisPluto, Devirose


  • FoundMarblesFoundMarbles Posts: 447 Member

    @JasonAnthonySterling :smiley: Absolutely Breathtaking! I am so glad you do these challenges because I am inspired every time you post one. I have learned a lot from you already and I will continue to study your works. You are amazing!
    "Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now." Jack Kerouac
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    Morning all, Challenge #68 - Pastel Equinox Designer Showdown is now officially closed!
  • SyddyB206SyddyB206 Posts: 352 Member
    edited May 2017
    CHALLENGE #: 68 - Pastel Equinox Designer Showdown
    FORUM ID: SyddyB206
    ORIGIN ID: SyddyB206
    LEVEL: Established
    LOT: Goth Pastel House
    LOT COST: 5,500
    BUILD COST: 146,549
    TOTAL COST: 152049
    LINK TO ENTRY SLIDESHOW: imgur.com/a/9dJyP
    ENTRY DETAILS: I had a really hard time doing this. Originally I was going to make it a very traditional bright pastel. Then I thought about Pastel Goth. It had 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

  • withlovejulienwithlovejulien Posts: 548 Member
    @JasonAnthonySterling Love all the columns and the frieze!

    @e1990r great garage! Lovely CC!

    @SyddyB206 The darker colors complement the pastels nicely! Love the black and white look of the front!

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    #BnS69 - Mr Boddy's Mansion

    You stare at your current client in confusion.

    "I'm sorry. I must have misheard you. The person who wants me to build them a house is...deceased?"

    Michael Ryunoten, attorney and happy client, nods a bit ruefully.

    "I know this seems a little odd. And normally, its not a case I would handle. However Mr. Boddy was my very first client when I was starting out in law and I continued to handle his transactions even after I transitioned to business law. When we made out his will, he was very specific about what he wanted. And very insistent."

    "Ok. And what exactly is it he wanted?" you inquire, feeling more than a little hesitant about this.

    "He wants a mansion built to some unusual specifications." He pulls out a document. "Mr. Boddy demands that his mansion be at least 2 stories. The first floor is to contain an entrance hall, leading to a central foyer. Off of this central foyer he requires a kitchen, dining room, lounge, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room, library and study. All of these are to be separate rooms. There is to be a fireplace in each of these rooms except the kitchen and conservatory. The conservatory must contain a pool. It doesn't have to be big, it simply has to be there and useable. The kitchen must have low end appliances."

    You lower your pen in astonishment and disappointment. "Michael that doesn't make any sense!" you protest. "Why low end appliances?"

    He gives you a regretful smile, "I am not at liberty to explain. I'm truly sorry."

    He clears his throat and resumes reading. "Upstairs there are to be no less than 6 bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, to be outfitted accordingly. However there is to be only 1 single bed in 2 of the rooms."

    Suspicious now, you ask "Really Mike. You're pulling my leg now. You cant be serious."

    "I'm very serious." He hands you the pertinent section of the will so you can read it for yourself.

    "Each bedroom is to be decorated in one of 6 colors: red, purple, blue, green, yellow, white."

    "It doesn't mention here what kind of style he wants the house built in," you observe.

    "He didn't care." Mike response, leaning back in his chair a little. "You have free reign. The total budget for the house is 300k."

    "Nice." You say, dubiously. Such a strange list of requirements is more than a little...disconcerting.

    "And of course there's your fee." Mike gives you a number that makes your jaw drop. The amount of money being offered would pretty much leave you debt free for the next five years, and pay for that trip to Al Simhara you've been wanting! Even if you are suspicious, its hard to say no to that kind of freedom.



    Budget: 300k
    Any architectural style you wish
    6 bedrooms, with baths
    Each bedroom decorated in either red, blue, purple, white, yellow or green
    2 story mansion
    Kitchen with low end appliances
    Entrance Hall
    Billiards Room
    Conservatory with pool
    All rooms must have doors
    All first floor rooms must have fireplaces except the conservatory and the kitchen
    Bonus points for additional methods of potential death from the other expansions.

    Room Challenge
    Create any of the rooms listed on the brief in whichever style you wish. You have $16,000 to play with.

    Sim Challege

    Play clue with Mr. Boddy's guests!

    Mr. Boddy is a vengeful ghost out to get the sims he feels had a hand in his death. So he invites them to the newly built mansion. Rules are simple: First determine order of play. Miss Scarlett always goes first. Then roll a dice to determine who goes next. Once order of play is established, roll for the room Miss Scarlett is sent to. All doors are to be locked between dice rolls. No wandering sims. You have 8 sim hours to kill the sim in that room with the rooms method of death. Example: Miss 🌺🌺🌺🌺 gets sent to the observatory. You have 8 hours to drown her in the pool. After the 8 hours, you can let her out of the pool but she must stay in the observatory until her next turn.

    After the 8 hours of potential death are up, each sim can amuse themselves or fill whatever needs are available to fill in that room. They may not leave the room till their next turn though. You may have turns concurrently. Example: Miss 🌺🌺🌺🌺 has to drown, so you lock her in the pool. You can then roll for the next sim and send them to the room of their potential death. You may have multiple sims in the same room, attempting to die the same way. If you wish to drag out the game play, you can insert a bonus round and give 1 sim the chance to recover their needs to keep them going longer.

    The winner and inheritor of the estate is the last surviving Sim. They just have to live with the ghost of the murderous Mr. Boddy for the rest of their lives.
  • WiggleyTuffWiggleyTuff Posts: 594 Member
    Great challenge, saw this one in the other forum and took a guess that itll come tou the sims 4 so I got mine started already haha.

    My questions is does sims 4 have a billiard table, cuz I couldn't find one, and does the low quality appliances have to be THE worst or pretty bad?
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,346 Member
    @WiggleyTuff - Glad you are happy that we bought this challenge over, it looked so fun!! All I can say is be creative with the billiards table ;) And as for the appliances, we'll leave that up to you.....
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,346 Member
    edited May 2017
    Made a change to the brief, the budget has been increased by $50,000 :tongue:
  • WiggleyTuffWiggleyTuff Posts: 594 Member
    Hahah that increase feels better cuz my exterior cost around 100k-150k xD
  • WiggleyTuffWiggleyTuff Posts: 594 Member
    So here I am asking a new question, does the whole bedroom be in one color or should the majority, for example, be white?
  • BuildnShareBuildnShare Posts: 3,346 Member
    So here I am asking a new question, does the whole bedroom be in one color or should the majority, for example, be white?
    Again, totally up to you @WiggleyTuff.

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