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Brainstorm: Eco-Living Theme

A bunch of us have been putting together pictures of hair/clothing/furniture we'd like to see. But I'd like to zoom out and consider the theme as a whole.

Challenges and choice: Being environmentally conscious is a choice, so I think this pack should come with choices to make. Do they want conveniences (less Eco) or are sims willing to go the extra mile in order to be Eco? Hand washing/using a clothesline takes longer than setting a machine and walking away. Cheap washers aren't going to be as Eco as expensive ones -unless you can upgrade them, and they would still be less efficient than the top model.

Innovative home technology and price: Solar panels are an excellent way to make your own power and reduce bills - but they are generally expensive to buy. Should each panel cost upwards of $10-15k? Such technology, while saving money in the long run, is usually a little cost prohibitive upfront to implement. Additionally, there may be a super efficient washer that is very expensive, but when upgraded fully, it could use less water than hand washing.

Which means sims starting out (sans motherlode) will have a goal to work towards. Their starter homes won't be maxed out and Eco-living is something they must actively pursue and implement in stages by installing piece by piece.

Formula for bills: Home technology maybe cost prohibitive, but there are usually tax breaks for implementing energy efficient appliances. So if home technology (like solar panels) were to be expensive, I would propose that they either be excluded from the household bill formula or receive a dramatic reduction in their "taxable" amount.

What are your thoughts? What would you add to the playability?


  • alexandreaalexandrea Posts: 2,432 Member
  • MeganW97MeganW97 Posts: 11 New Member
    Maybe having a compost bin where you can put old food and use it to fertilise plants with.
  • Meepy!!Meepy!! Posts: 260 Member
    I think sims that use Eco-friendly devices in their homes should be tagged in some way, not exactly a trait but in a way that it affects their interactions with other sims and how how other sims react to them.
  • SimsLovingMama1991SimsLovingMama1991 Posts: 8 New Member
    I would love for some tiny house designs like loft beds you can put desks, tvs, and couches or chairs and other objects under as well as bunk beds, a compact vanity space and minimalist like objects. Like a combined washer and a dryer unit that uses steam thus eco friendly. Smaller ovens, like 2-3 burners, things that can go into the wall... i would also love to see recycling and like a +happy for using eco friendly objects. Also maybe some eco friendly traits? Like "minimalist" or "tree hugger". Maybe let sims actually hug trees?
  • SimsLovingMama1991SimsLovingMama1991 Posts: 8 New Member
    Eco friendly appliances, composting, light airy clothing like fishnet sweaters or off shoulder shirts and blouses, hippie shirts, tanks and longsleeves, sandals... maybe a minimalist trait or eco friendly trait? Composting for sure, maybe add organic gardening with adding compost to the soil? Organic food costs more. But adds a extra +happy +healthy? Really excited about this pack as I was wanting to go this route with my sims. Really really hoping for loft and bunk beds as well as the composting and eco friendly appliances!
  • Nia101Nia101 Posts: 1 New Member
    There could be a new aspiration as well
  • leo3487leo3487 Posts: 4,046 Member
    edited April 2017
    Would be not a great gameplay thing, but what about a small device (at alarms section) maybe sized like srpinkles control, than if installed at a lot, the default behavior for all lights be automatic (even new lights than you buy later for that lot)
  • kayt45kayt45 Posts: 432 Member
    I think it would be cool to have an eco friendly trait and those sims get good moodlets when they do something/use something that's eco friendly. I.E proud of themselves for using a clothes line or recycling.
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