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  • IceyJIceyJ Posts: 4,180 Member
    I think this is why we can age our sims when we want, with aging off we bake a cake and they blow out the candles and age up. so we can choose the right time for each individual sim.

    We've always had birthday cake, even in previous games. But in Sims 3 we *still* had custom aging options. Aging a single sim is not the same as universal aging.
  • iheartsimsforeveiheartsimsforeve Posts: 82 Member
    I agree.
  • PixieMnkyPixieMnky Posts: 73 Member
    I agree with having the TS3-style sliders. I would like to have a set time for each life stage and not have to worry about turning aging off and keeping track of how old everyone is. I also don't have any mods or like to have any. One can hope :)
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,589 Member
    Well, in S3 I could use sliders and make babies 2 days, toddlers 10 days, kids 20 days, teens 30 days, YA/A 45 days, and elders 13 days.

    Can we do this is S4 without mods? (not sure they have a mod for this as I don't use mods yet)

    I think this is what the OP means? If not, I am not sure what I signed up for :D

    Oh, Do you want that I remove you?

    If you are talking about the way it was in S3, set it individually, then I am signed!

    If this is not the way you want it, then what do you want?

    *confused now*

    No, like in TS3. So it's right. :smile:
  • RetinaStormRetinaStorm Posts: 185 Member
    if its the age with the sliders count me in
  • juncedajunceda Posts: 2,614 Member

    Signed for sure I really miss that slider!

    I can play at last TS2 TS3 and TS4 So great that toddlers are here!!!
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,929 Member
    Actually we can do exactly that by simply turning aging off and aging sims up when we please. That results in the same thing.
    You do that for the entire town?

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