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Cumulative effect buffs possible?

Is it possible to create buffs that change with cumulative actions - for example, giving a sim a 'caffeinated' buff after one coffee, a 'more caffeinated' buff after two coffees, 'super caffeinated' after three?

I tried using blacklisting but it didn't work. In buff 1 I blacklisted buffs 2 and 3 (so you couldn't receive buff 1 if you had 2 or 3), in buff 2 I blacklisted buff 3 and whitelisted buff 1 (so you could only receive buff 2 if you already had 1), and so on, but no dice. I'm not sure if it's my coding or if the game isn't set up to add and remove/replace a buff in this way.

I can see other buffs are altered over time - pregnancy, garlic sickness, etc - but I believe those tie into traits and proximity respectively. Does anyone know if this kind of cumulative effect from interactions is possible with buffs? Just want to know if I'm totally barking up the wrong tree.


  • RexZhengRexZheng Posts: 201 Member
    You can use a statistic (commodity) file to do this I think
  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
    It sounds like you're on the right track, but you might be missing a piece or two. Were you able to get the first buff working upon drinking a coffee?

    I'd advise looking at the files on pregnancy and see how it's done for that. Might be able to copy the general scheme of it.
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  • Hadron1776Hadron1776 Posts: 330 Member
    You could also test for each buff individually
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