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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • faerydreams13faerydreams13 Posts: 94 Member
    I finally logged in to play with my main legacy today after having a couple days off.. went to deal with a Butler issue I was having, came out of CAS.. and my Heir's (Cassie) husband's exwife is upstairs in the house yelling at him... I just.. how did she get there? She's never been to the house! And yelling in front of the baby!?

    They're yelling at the table, their kiddo (who lives with him and Cassie) is there at the dollhouse and Cassie is coming up the stairs. Lol
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  • bionicdessertsbionicdesserts Posts: 320 Member
    I've been playing since release and for the first time ever one of my sims had triplets. *crying*
    Look at all their little "z"s.
  • Nomiko13Nomiko13 Posts: 1,497 Member
    My "enemies with benefits" and bf/gf sims, Matvei and Nila, got engaged.
    And they're on child # 2. Nila's in her 2nd trimester (however, I keep cheating back into her first trimester since the longer pregnancy length mod I tried downloading hasn't been updated since the latest 2016 patch, so it didn't work). So, who knows how long she'll be pregnant?

    Also, after completing the 8 boyfriend/girlfriend wish from the Serial Romantic aspiration, she asked to be friends with one of her side sims.

    Lastly, Nila asked for a small loan and a large loan from an old flame, who couldn't resist her charm. She got them for 2,500 simoleons ;)
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  • taspastarstriketaspastarstrike Posts: 61 Member
    The Nash family had to move to forgotten hollow due to Aarons work.(that's how I justified the move anyway) they are now getting used to Their new surroundings autumn Nash is getting broody again after having the twins but Aarons not having any of it . Little does he know that autumn met a charming young man today and they hit it of. Will she cheat on Aaron? Why does the charming young man only appear at night who can tell lol
  • florathornsflorathorns Posts: 41 Member
    My sim gave birth to twins (which was COMPLETELY unexpected), and today I had to deal with them as toddlers. I'm so used to having supersims with all their perks and vampire powers that all of the two's needs overwhelmed me, so I hired a nanny and made her deal with them.

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  • taspastarstriketaspastarstrike Posts: 61 Member
    My sim gave birth to twins (which was COMPLETELY unexpected), and today I had to deal with them as toddlers. I'm so used to having supersims with all their perks and vampire powers that all of the two's needs overwhelmed me, so I hired a nanny and made her deal with them.

    I tend to kidnap the nanny and not let them leave till they grow up lol makes it so much easier
  • BambooramBambooram Posts: 222 Member
    I've been playing on my legacy family. The heir got engaged and is currently living with her single mom and her fiancé.
    I wanted to wait with marriage 'till a day when i had more time to plan a big and pretty wedding... but due to the MCCC mod, my simmers had different plans and eloped autonomously. :D

    They're a nice couple though. I really love this couple and I'm really attached to them... can't wait for them to get to the adult life stage, so they can have some children.
    Wish I could post a picture - but I guess I have to comment a bit more before I can post that. Rofl.
  • simmerlilly87simmerlilly87 Posts: 195 Member
    I'm working on my legacy challenge atm and lots of stuff has happened today. All of Generation 1's children aged up to young adults. The triplets Avery(girl), Augustus(boy), and Abel(boy) moved out and got an apartment. The eldest of the 4 children, Adalind, who is starting gen 2, got married to Ricky(her high school sweetheart) and is now expecting a child/children. :) The founder, Hayleigh, and her husband, Ezra are about to age into Elders anytime now. I am so not ready for them to be gone. :(

    Also drug up quite a bit of drama in my game today without even knowing it until it happened. I had no clue that Avery and Augustus liked the same boy until they both got very flirty with him and that caused quite a bit of ruckus. Then Augustus decided he wanted to take a nap in the tub and drowned.... had to plead to the reaper for him to be brought back. Never a dull moment in a house with completely different sims lol.
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  • PoKiTauru5PoKiTauru5 Posts: 105 Member
    A sim of mine had her crush come over for lunch. Her mother, who has the Insane trait, was feeling flirty and started flirting with him.
    She was at the Elder stage and he was a YA :|
    The daughter than yelled at her and they starting insulting each other until the mother threw a drink at her daughter.
    Her crush was embarrassed for the next few hours lol.
  • CroxycookCroxycook Posts: 239 Member
    Today my legacy family was just busy little bees. Founder, Astrid, and her husband, Salim, both got promotions and then retired. Salim completed his second aspiration the next day.

    Their son, Altair, also completed his second aspiration and got to work on his third. He's still a young adult and now has the Long Lived trait, so he may end up completing like seven before he dies.

    Altair's wife, Elsa, completed her first aspirstion and took up a second.

    Altair and Elsa's twins, Baham and Baten Kaitos, both started getting Bs. They're also both on the final milestone of their childhood aspirations.

    Their youngest son, Beid, and only daughter, Bellatrix, both had birthdays and are now a child and toddler, respectively.

    I also got the first end of days notice for both Astrid and Altair.

    Playing full families is hectic.
  • SanguiniRebornSanguiniReborn Posts: 26 Member
    I'm glad I found this thread I just really need to vent.
    So my sim is really poor and she's a vampire. I've been spending all my time getting her to Grand Master (TIP: Just read the Ultimate Vampire Compendium until you level. I didn't know that for my self till the last minute.)
    I've been really bothered by her powers and her weaknesses. It is driving me crazy so I decided to make the Drought of Reconfiguration.

    Well I don't live in Forgotten Hollow so I had to stake out there for days on my off days from work just to get the plants needed and the Plasma fruit takes longer than the garlic and Wolfsbane. THEN! I had to make enough money (between everything breaking and bills I didn't want to use 1000 simoleons and only have like 500 left. What if I needed more money for an emergency.)

    So I got the last ingredients and I had been waiting the time out at the Vatore household and they had a bar that I could mix the drink at. So I was so excited and as soon as I placed the drink down Lilith and Caleb zoomed in with vampire speed. Lilith snatched the drink up and ran back into the living room and drank it.

    O.O I am so angry right now. I think I may kill Lilith and make off with her brother. Like, really? All that time for that drink and this happens. Frustrated.

    ((Can't post pictures yet, sorry.))
  • LoriTSpLoriTSp Posts: 449 Member
    edited March 2017
    Sorry to hear about your woes SanguiniReborn, I also had a frustrating time with my vampire the other day. I gathered all the ingredients to make a vampire cure (took days), made the cure and had my guy drink it ... it Reconfigured his points. Thinking maybe I had screwed up and made the wrong drink, I tried again ... same result. Now I use MCC, so I tried to turn him into a regular Sim that way, well that didn't work either. Poor guy couldn't eat without throwing up and couldn't sleep/nap on a regular bed.
  • B_E2009B_E2009 Posts: 131 Member
    In my current legacy, Delbert (4th gen) and his vampire wife Ursa are expecting their third child. Their daughter Evalena is a teenager now and has inherited her mother's vampirism, whilst her kid brother, Edmond is a human but already completed all the child aspirations and maxed the charisma skill. I like him a lot, especially because he was my first top notch toddler. I'm hoping to marry Evalena off to Vlad soon so they and their children (which I will definitely edit because of Vlad's eh, unique, nose)can keep Ursa company when Delbert eventually dies of old age.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 26,672 Member
    Today, I played my newlyweds and on day three after their wedding I let them try for baby. (To me, each Sim day is about three months). I also added two new siblings for this couple, one from each family. He now has another toddler sister, and she a toddler brother. While I had each family in CAS, I took a moment to age up one each of the older children. For a time, his family had two toddlers, although they weren't twins, just about a year apart in age. Also, just moments ago, my young bride gave birth to a son. This is momentous for me, because the last time I tried to influence the gender of a baby, it led to a near catastrophe. Some of you may have seen the thread: Oh, Baby, Oh Baby,Times Two! The mom of the groom had twins. She was only supposed to have his baby sister, but had twin girls, instead. I attempted to age them up so I could take them into CAS, but when I got into CAS they still showed as babies. Long and the short of it, it took three tries before I could get them into CAS and remove three of the tots. Mom was in perpetual labor. :open_mouth: I finally had to roll back that game save, and delete the one that was obviously corrupted.

    So, you can imagine my relief that my Sim gave birth to only one son, as planned. Since her first two sons in RL were about 19 months apart, she'll be getting preggars again here, shortly.

    Yeah, about that … today, I went to pick up where I'd left off. My Sim is well into her second pregnancy. But, when I powered up my game, I had only one arrow. That was foreboding. It was as if I'd reset my entire game Folder. :open_mouth: I know I didn't do it. Went into the game, and it took me to CAS immediately. I clicked on the X and exited the game. Then I took a look at my Saves file through the Documents path. There was only one 'save' in there. Really? After I poked around in my computer trash can and had a good look through each folder inside the Sims 4 Game Folder and found nothing, I decided I'd just start all over. I do that, sometimes. But, at least it's my choice to do so. I wasn't too upset. Angry, but resigned. I thought to myself, it won't be so bad. I made a point of saving the two primary families after I'd created them. So, I'm thinking, no worries, they're in the library. All I have to do, really, is place them. WRONG.

    Thankfully, my original couple was still in my library. But, I had to go through the tedium of creating parents from my main Sims and then their siblings. That took what was left of my afternoon. I did get to play the first household for all of two Sim days. (I plan on playing each household for four consecutive Sim days, before I switch.) I saved and left the game squished until I got back from retrieving my grandson from school. I'm too tired to play now, plus I have to fix dinner, very soon. I'm almost afraid to exit the game, though. I would hate to have to go through this all again come the next time I play! Oi!
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  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,351 Member
    A party was had.
  • PerunaPeruna Posts: 101 Member
    One of my families has an alien baby, and I should be aging her up (I'm playing with aging off) but she's just so dang cute that I kind of don't want to? I'm sure she'll be adorable as a toddler too, not to mention it'll be more interesting when she can do more than just lie there and cry occasionally, but I'm just so attached to her current baby self! Every sim evening I tell myself "tomorrow for sure I'll do it" and then I never do. I'm so bad at this hahahafdsdfjh
  • SylvanGlad3SylvanGlad3 Posts: 6 New Member
    My sim finally got married to her fiance after her previous marriage failed! ? The wedding ended up getting crashed by Vladislaus Straud but other than that it was a really cute ceremony!
  • taspastarstriketaspastarstrike Posts: 61 Member
    The Nash family have well and truly settled in Forgotten Hollow the twins have grown up and Cyrus Nash had married a vampire they had twins chya is human while Johan is a vampire . Chya really wants to visit the city so once she has become a young adult she will be leaving forgotten hollow to follow her dreams. I think Johan will be staying home to train from his mother.
  • tinahjalmartinahjalmar Posts: 1,595 Member
    I started up my own Broke family, I created them last night. But haven't played them yet cause I'm really into anther family I made them. My first family, the Davenport family is expecting their second child. I finally took the Long Lifespan off.
  • SimmerellaSimmerella Posts: 67 Member
    edited March 2017
    Today I decided to do a rotational gameplay and I started with the Bheeda family since they had a baby on the way and I really wanted to be around when Jesminder gave birth. The first day that I played with them the Rasoya family came over to welcome them to the neighborhood. They all became friends fast and Geeta told Jesminder and Arun that she would love to babysit when the baby has arrived. A few days later Jesminder gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they named Anaya. She is now a toddler and just the cutest little thing I have seen. She also has the angelic trait.
    You can find their familytree here:
  • SimmeringBreeSimmeringBree Posts: 266 Member
    Jasminder Bheeda had 3 girls all twins.
  • simmerlilly87simmerlilly87 Posts: 195 Member
    I played my legacy family(Hastings Legacy) a bit today and the founder and her husband just aged up to seniors a bit ago and I have a feeling that they won't be alive much longer :( They also now have a total of 4 children and 19 grandchildren. The 2nd gen heir now has 4 children of her own and two of them just aged up to teens. I am loving this legacy family so much cause they are sooo nice to all. They are always interacting with each other. The heir's siblings always come over to spend time with the family. I think I am going to need a bigger house cause there are always about 15 to 20 people in the house cause of the family and friends.

    Here is a pic of the founder(Hayleigh) and her her husband Ezra as seniors.
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  • simmerlilly87simmerlilly87 Posts: 195 Member
    edited March 2017
    Well..... Ezra and Hayleigh just died of over exertion(Woohooing). Oh goodness the family is a complete mess! Well all but the Gen 2 Heir... She is Happy? What the heck?
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  • dollfaedollfae Posts: 66 Member
    today in my game i started a new legacy challange!!

    this is faye melrose and she's going to go great places:
    and some things that happened on my first play session under the cut:
    i ran into the grim reaper AGAIN he just keeps showing up everywhere i stg
    found some dust sprites (I converted granite falls into a residentual world so im living where the national park was)
    went fishing and caught some dinner
  • ToreshinboToreshinbo Posts: 561 Member
    edited March 2017
    I took a break from my main family (long), and went to play with another save where the life span is set on short.
    After having a twin I wanted a third child. When the baby aged up to a toddler, he turned out to be a vampire!
    (Both parents are normal sims)
    ...ofcourse I had the lot trait on a dark ley line... :D
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