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Any recommendations for HQ mods?

Ello' Simmers! i'm looking for some HQ good high quality mods for my game!


  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 32,207 Member
    Ello' Simmers! i'm looking for some HQ good high quality mods for my game!

    To do what kinds of things?
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  • Rebeccaliam1974Rebeccaliam1974 Posts: 162 Member
    Well i'm probably going to be taking screenshots of sims and stuff! not so much gameplay if you get what i mean? :smiley:
  • toby_rodger1022toby_rodger1022 Posts: 1 New Member
    my sims game updated and wont allow me to turn mods back on. does anyone know how?
  • rosenero10rosenero10 Posts: 477 Member

    For The Sims 4, you should be looking at ALf-Si's HQ Mod.
    It is resource hungry so only a powerful PC will handle it well. I would never recommend it to 98% of Laptop users.
    Really, it is only good for Desktops with SSD and big, powerful video cards.

    Standard EA Ultra Settings for The Sims 4:

    Alf-Si HQ Mod for The Sims 4:

    Same Sim. Same Custom Content except for Skin Tone CC, eyes, lipstick.
    Completely different result.
  • rosenero10rosenero10 Posts: 477 Member
    edited August 2019

    A lot of time has passed since I posted about this topic. And since then a lot more HQ content has been produced.
    I still think it's not for every computer specification out there, but it will suit more powerful.

    I posted this picture elsewhere on the topic of showing off your Sims, but it is very relevant to this thread topic as this is what is capable today with the Alf-si HQ Mod and 4K UHD graphics.
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