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Celebrating the Sims 17th Anniversary (story time!)

TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
I made a video related to the anniversary of the sims. Link is in my signature if you want to watch it.

I also wanted to knuckle down and write some words though. Please share your own: Consider this a thread where you can go back and talk about your Sims experience over the years.

For me, my story begins with an old, old game called Sim City 2000. I played it back when I was at that age where just having a video game to play was a fascinating in itself. And I can still remember, vaguely, the experience of spending hours working on this elaborate city and then having it destroyed by natural disasters... or sometimes, purposefully destroying it with natural disasters. There was a kind of childish joy in it. I was never vindictive about it. I think in a way it was like a kid putting together blocks and then knocking them down, only to build them back up again.

Flash forward to over ten years later. I hadn't touched another sims game since, though not for any lack of interest; it just had never occurred to me to seriously try. I got back into it with The Sims 4, sometime in 2014-2015. About an hour into the game, I was so enthralled I wrote half of an article entitled, "How The Sims 4 Renewed My Love for Games" and though I procrastinated and never finished the article, I meant every word of it. I'd been playing a lot of grindy MMOs in the years leading up to it and entering into The Sims 4 was like this breath of fresh air and a reminder that games can be fun and free and wild; that they can be as much about discovery as they can about accomplishing goals.

It was overwhelming how amazing it was and though there were bugs back then that chipped at my enjoyment, it was staggeringly easy to lose myself in anything from hours in Live mode, to making characters in CAS, to creating home lots. I've never thought of myself as someone interested in home design, but I got into it in The Sims 4, sometimes creating things that could barely be called homes and were probably, as my siblings and I used to say in Lego-building, "not structurally sound." But it was fun and it gave me this outlet where I could play a game, while feeling like I was doing something creative and productive.

Slowly, mostly due to performance issues from my outdated machine at the time, I pulled away from The Sims 4 for a while. I didn't know it then, but I think my graphics card was already struggling. I played some online games, tried a lot of different games, and was mostly trying to find a consistent game that wasn't going to destroy my computer. In late 2016, my graphics card gave me some strange lines that I couldn't get rid of, or demonstrate were unrelated to the card itself. I'd been wanting to upgrade my computer for a while, so I got that done and found myself with a machine far more robust.

The game I was playing at the time was a game I was enjoying, but it was, to make a long story short, being run rather shoddily and though it hurt to leave, I had to do it for my own self-respect. I wandered the gaming sphere for a bit and then somewhere along the line, it occurred to me to reinstall The Sims 4 again and see what had changed. I bought some packs and got back into the game with City Living, taking the energy that I had been putting into the other game and funneling it all into this one. For a long time I've used forums as a way to supplement my meager social life and when I started posting after I came back, I thought that's what it would be. The odd post here and there to help maintain my Social Need.

What I never saw coming was the way I would act, the sources of inspiration I would encounter, and the general kindness of this community overall. The Sims 4 is an irreplaceable game in my heart, but it wouldn't be the same experience without the community. The sheer number of gestures, of people being kind, giving, and supportive is not something I had encountered in a game community before. I make no illusions about the community being perfect or nice all the time, but if I had to choose between this community and any number of the ones I had enveloped myself in before, I'd choose this one without hesitation.

So thank you to the Sims team for creating a wonderful game and doing your best to be wonderful people, thank you to the community for being wonderful people so often, and I hope to see you around, if the turbulent waters of life allow, for a long time.
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  • Jaline33Jaline33 Posts: 1,168 Member
    I really enjoyed reading your story! My first Sims experience was with the original Sim City - the one where you had to put floppy disks in and there were 3 different "environments" to play - the regular one, and Oriental one, and futuristic one. By the time I played several rounds of the first two, the next iteration of SimCity came out and I was there, too.

    In another thread I mentioned that the original Sims came across my path because I was looking for a software program where I could build houses with rooms and show placements of furniture. The clerk said they didn't have anything like that but a game had just hit the store where a big feature of the game was building and even landscaping as well as furnishing the rooms and then "testing" them out with little Sim people.

    I was totally captivated and have been a huge fan ever since. :smiley:
  • brackencat31brackencat31 Posts: 318 Member
    My first sims experience was with sim city 2000 too, on my dads computer because I did nt have my own yet. Years later I got my own laptop and decided to give the sims a go, it was towards the end of its life so I bought all the expansions in one go and loved it. I could nt wait for sims 2 though and when I played it for the first time I thought I was in heaven, the toddlers, teenagers, aging, I loved all of it, I could nt imagine how they would ever top the sims 2. I was just as excited for sims 3 but although I liked it, I never enjoyed it as much as Ts2, still played tho and bought all the expansions but my heart was nt in it as much. Did nt have much hope for sims 4 to be honest and did nt play it much when it first came out but I loved spa day as it reminded me of the sims 2 doing yoga, and ever since then I ve been hooked. Ts2 will always be my favourite sims game but Ts4 is a close second, for me anyway.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    I remember being newly separated in 2000 and finding Sims1 in a bin. It was Mega Deluxe or something with 2 "expansions". I didn't know what that meant. I just took it home and played it as if it was the full game. I never, ever, even knew there was an online community for it or that there was more to buy for it. lol....that was my sims game!

    Same with 2. I forget when I got was well after 2 was on the market and I only knew about new product because it was included in the ads inside the cases so I would occasionally go out and find it. Still never even knew about an online community, or mods or anything. I can't remember how I found out about cc.

    I didn't start 3 until 2012 and that was only because my sister told me that sims could actually drive in the new game. (And I still didn't know about online communities or forums for it!) I tried it. I kept buying things waiting for it to get better like 2, or 1, but for me, it didn't. The only way I found the forum for it was because I had to keep looking up how to fix something. I found the store because they gave free points with some expansions :p but that was the extent of my involvement with it. I never posted or joined the community until 4 was announced and the sims 3 site had a small section at the bottom for sims 4.

    From that point on, I was super-excited for 4. And that hasn't changed since 2014.

    Like I said in another thread, I can't believe this game has kept me entranced for so long. It's the game itself that has kept me playing over the years and not so much the community or using it for social. I do, however, like this community very much because there is always help and information no matter what you are doing in the game. And I now can enjoy sharing my game with this community too!

    There is no other game like this one. I don't play anything else. Why would I? It's all I need and want in a game. <3
  • Jaline33Jaline33 Posts: 1,168 Member
    MrMonty96 wrote: »

    Just read your thread, MrMonty - and it's a good one! I can't believe there are so many posts there and hardly anyone is venting about any of the 4 games in the series - a refreshing change. :smiley:

    I wonder why it was moved to the Off Topic Chat section. Seems pretty on-topic to me :wink:
  • SimFan298SimFan298 Posts: 1,079 Member
    My first Sims experience was in the early 2000's, when I was like 4 or 5. My brother's friend had brought The Sims Bustin' Out for Game Boy Advance. He let me play it, and I was just BLOWN AWAY because you could do whatever you wanted to in the game. Flash forward to 2008, I got The Sims for PC, The Sims 2, and then in 2012, I got The Sims 3, got the expansions (most, anyway) for it, and in 2015, I got The Sims 4, and I'm still loving the game!
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    The Sims has always been an important part of my life, and may it continue to be so! Long live Sims!

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  • jude72plajude72pla Posts: 784 Member
    My first time playing the Sims was 2001. Back then I was still in my twenties. My youngest child was 5. Then found "the game" to play. The game helped me get through my husband's military career. The teenage years three times, those same teens are now adults. The deaths of family members. The birth of grandchildren. I have played Sims on six different computers and three game consoles.
  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
    Jaline33 wrote: »
    I really enjoyed reading your story!
    Thanks! It's great to hear where other people got started, yours included. :smile:
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  • LunaNovaLunaNova Posts: 1,239 Member
    edited February 2017
    YAY! I love story time. Because the day I discovered the sims was an awesome day. This may get long.

    Our story begins in the summer of 2001, with a young Luna on her yearly picnic.

    Every year me, my mum and my sister would go on a picnic with one of the families across the street. There was a girl my sisters age and a girl one year older than me. It was a hot summers day (well as hot as summers in England get!) and me and the older walked in the shade if the trees whilst our younger siblings went searching for food for the local fairies.

    Being a bit older (and both into computer games) we where chatting about the Petz games and whether GameCube or PlayStation was better. She then mentioned she'd been playing this game called 'The Sims' where you could build houses and have families. My interest was peaked. We must have spoken about it for ages and I could feel that excited feeling you get when you discover something new and the desperate feeling of wanting to try it yourself.

    When we got back to our mums the girl asked if I could come over and play for a bit. We walked home and went straight to her old clunky pc and she launched the game. I still remember the excitement of hearing the music and seeing the intro. We played for ages and I was hooked. She had the livin it large expansion pack as well, I remember laughing at the tragic clown and being excited about the genie.

    I went home and literally begged my mum to go out there and then to buy the base game. Honestly, I pestered her right up till the start of school in September. In my house we always got told we had to work for things. My mum set up a reward track chart and told me if I hit certain targets and helped around the house she would buy me the base game.

    I worked my tiny lil bum off. I was not a well-behaved child by any means but if I wanted something I could be a saint. By the time September finished I;d hit my goals and my mum said she would take me out to find the game. I remember going to the shop and sprinting down to the pc Isle to see the sims box sitting there next to the expansion pack. Being the cheeky bugger I was I asked for the expansion as well! But my mum said I could have it for Christmas. I'm not going to lie, I had a moment of sulking but I didn't want her to not get the game at all so i accepted it and we took the base game home!

    I remember sitting at my family pc nearly wetting myself with excitement waiting for the game to install. It was a good day. I discovered something that has continued to make a huge impact on my life.

    Its made such a huge impact on my relationship with my sister.

    me and my sister would fight allot as kids. We never got on that well. I was naughty and she was well behaved. But she started to grow intrested in what I was doing. We would sit on my dads massive pc chair together and she would watch me play. After a while i;d swap off and she would have a go herself. I have some of the best memories from my sister playing sims together. We always bring up the time I miss said glacial glass (making magic) and it sounded like glass but without the g at the start and we snort laughed for 10 minutes.

    When sims 2 came out I got it for my birthday. My sister was hooked by then. I took pleasant view as my town and let my sister take strange town. We split Verornaville down the middle! We would each get packs brought on birthdays and Christmas. But would mostly play together. Eventually, we got our own laptops but we would still sit together and play.

    By the time sims 3 came out we were a bit older and school was getting harder. But we would still always talk about the sims. By then our relationship was strong and we would send CC to each other and share stories.

    Sims 4 was released some time after I left home and my sister was studying at uni. She never got the sims 4 but still played sims 3 all the time (not that she hasn't played sims 4 on my laptop. She was just very dedicated to sims 3 and was planning on travelling so wouldnt have much time to play now anyway)

    Now days she reads my stories and as an English major (and me being pretty dyslexic, thank you spell check) she's offered to read and edit my stories before I post them online XD Shes currently miles away in Canada working as a ski instructor but she always makes time to catch up on my stories and help me out when I struggle. Honestly, without our joint love of sims I wonder if we would have become so close.

    I have so many more stories about the sims (i posted one before about how it helped me cope with the death of a school friend by being able to create her in the game and seeing her live life in my game helped me come to terms with the loss) but this post is so long people have probably already scrolled past it XD
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  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 5,405 Member
    Being a player since the first hour, TS has always been my refugium and dream world. A game of incredible freedom and creativity that surpasses every other video game. But also a game of frustrating bugs and lag. Perhaps TS8 will finally be playable. I will definitely stick with the series in all eternity.
  • To7mTo7m Posts: 5,467 Member
    I got started with Makin' Magic. Made the rookie mistake of not purchasing the base game along with that EP and couldn't play the game, so bugged my mum for the delux version and it went from there. 15+ years later and here I am :)

  • AshtontoAshton22AshtontoAshton22 Posts: 1,797 Member
    I wish I had as cool a story as you guys. I just jumped on the bandwagon 2 years ago.
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,628 Member
    edited February 2017
    I wish I had as cool a story as you guys. I just jumped on the bandwagon 2 years ago.

    It's never too late to discover an awesome thing :)

    I discovered The Sims like I did other games before it - because someone else got it and I just took it over and forgot what time it was. I'd taken over Civilization and Sim City from my husband (oh, hello! It's 3:30 a.m. and I have a seminar in the morning?!), and took over The Sims from my own children, who we got it for shortly after it came out and my eldest saw it played at a friend's house. My husband moved on to first-person-shooter console games, my kids are more into strategy and RPGs (one mods very nerdy history games; the next seems to always be thieving, which makes you wonder; the third is into D&D and would like to be a game designer). I still play Sims. Sometimes I wish I could get away with as little sleep as I could 17+ years ago, so I could play more! I need it more, not less, as I get older.
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  • TrowiciaTrowicia Posts: 2,027 Member
    edited February 2017
    I'll keep my story short and simple.

    Back in March 2000, I watched my older brother play The Sims without me knowing what the game was actually called. He prohibited from playing it and I went and played it behind his back anyway. He was quite upset and I didn't care, I just knew I had to play more and eventually I did, months later when the Livin' Large expansion pack released. My love for Sims grew exponentially after that point and it eventually became a major thing in my spare time which I had plenty of since I was only 8 years old and a loner kid.

    If it wasn't for that particular moment I got lost in time playing The Sims it's highly likely I wouldn't be here, nor would I have met any of you.
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  • LadyTachunkaLadyTachunka Posts: 1,454 Member
    Me mine started after Christmas of 2010

    i bought fun with pets thinking that i didn't need anything to play with it but i was sooooo wrong. i didn't know i needed sims 2 in order to play the game. so the next time we went to wal mart my parents got me the double deluxe one for it. i could not stop playing the game >w< i had fallen in love with the sims. my next sims memory i had of the sims 2 is having my twins taken away. it was the first time i had twins and i didn't know how to take care of him :#

    next is Easter of 2011

    i had gotten the sims 3 deluxe which had the base game and then ambitions and loved that as well. i loved getting every pack that was given to us and adding to my game. my favourite memory is going down to the laundry room in my apartment building with my parents and me having late night had vampires. i had a very cute fair skinned electric blue eyes blonde with blue streak hair baby boy toddler and he created my father out. i was really funny to me.

    i had gotten the sims 4 a few weeks after that it came out and had gotten nearly every pack there is there. i love the sims. my favourite life state is vampires or aliens
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  • To7mTo7m Posts: 5,467 Member
    I wish I had as cool a story as you guys. I just jumped on the bandwagon 2 years ago.

    No problem with that, welcome to the madness :naughty: everyone has got to start somewhere, right?

  • To7mTo7m Posts: 5,467 Member
    I wish I had as cool a story as you guys. I just jumped on the bandwagon 2 years ago.

    It's never too late to discover an awesome thing :)

    I discovered The Sims like I did other games before it - because someone else got it and I just took it over and forgot what time it was. I'd taken over Civilization and Sim City from my husband (oh, hello! It's 3:30 a.m. and I have a seminar in the morning?!), and took over The Sims from my own children, who we got it for shortly after it came out and my eldest saw it played at a friend's house. My husband moved on to first-person-shooter console games, my kids are more into strategy and RPGs (one mods very nerdy history games; the next seems to always be thieving, which makes you wonder; the third is into D&D and would like to be a game designer). I still play Sims. Sometimes I wish I could get away with as little sleep as I could 17+ years ago, so I could play more! I need it more, not less, as I get older.

    Haha Luth you're too funny! You're first sentence cracked me up. Although I can think of a few games I've, um, hijacked from friends and family :blush:

  • LadyJesterLadyJester Posts: 606 Member
    The first ever sims game that I played was the sims 2 on ps2. I remember I would rent it all the time at a place called video warehouse. I loved playing it for hours. Even though I had no idea what I was doing. I remember there was a story mode to it and I don't think I got that far. I remember there being a boat and a restaurant. I think there was also a crashed alien ship you could get to but I was never able to get that far in the game. The draw backs to the game though was that you couldn't have kids and you couldn't visit your neighbors. I also don't think you could die from hunger or anything. I think I made my sim stand around and waited for them to die but it never happened. I think the only way to kill them was to electrocute them or something. The great thing was you could control their ghost and have a fiddling contest with the reaper to come back alive. Also the game was different from other sims game because you could control your sims. Like you could walk them around. I remember the day I finally got my own copy of the game at Walmart the guy who was getting it out of the case was like "Oh you don't want that game." and I told him "Yeah I do!"

    I also played the sims 2 pets on ps2. I loved breeding all of the animals together and seeing what the kitten or puppy turned out to look like. I thought it was cute how when they had kittens or puppies a basket would float down near the dog house. The kitten or puppy was stuck in that basket though. They wouldn't get out and run around. You could play with them and stuff. I remember there being only one place to go. you could only go to the pet park that they had. I remember trying to live there one time and it didn't go great. i think they kicked me out. In the park there was a place where you could get your animals clean, dress them up, and even adopt a new pet. I also remember you had to take your simolions and turn them into like these pet points or whatever to pay for anything that was in that park.

    I played the sims 2 castaway again on ps2. The game actually kind of scared me a little as a kid because if you stayed too long in a certain place earthquakes would happen and also the monkeys also scared me a little bit too but I stilled played the game for hours for some reason lol. I never escaped off of the islands and I think I did make it to the finale island but I didn't get far on that island.

    I played the Mysims series. Almost every game. I loved it I thought it was great even if it was for smaller children. I was so confused when I played MySims the first one because you didn't have any needs to take care of. I feel in love with the characters though. I thought they were all adorable. I think my top two favorites were Buddy and Gothboy.

    I had gotten the sims 3 on my WII. It was ok I guess. To be honest with you it's probably my least favorite sims game on console. I don't remember there being a lot to do other than work and maybe start a family. When you wen't to the hospital to have your baby you would name it and then you would go back home and the weird thing was is that there was no baby or toddler life state in the game. Like you gave birth to just a kid and you couldn't even change the kids clothing. It would grow up to an adult though but still you couldn't change their clothing even then. The game was somewhat open world. It was also like the sims 2 for ps2 as to where you could run around as your sim. I think the goal of the game was to live as your sim for a certain amount of time. I don't even think death was in the game. If your main sim died then it was game over I think. I also had this weird bug for after playing for so long all the refrigerators would stop working and all the sims in the world would die. Like I would walk outside and see gravestones on the sidewalks.

    Anyways sorry if this was super long. :D

  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 988 Member
    I was in 7th grade when my best friend told me about the sims. After playing at her house for about an hour I was hooked and my mom bought me the sims and the sims hot date. I would eventually buy all the expansion packs. We would end up moving when I was in 8th-grade states away from where I grew up and away from all the kids I had known since Kindergarten. Moving turned out to be hard on me (I was painfully shy and more of an introvert and making friends was hard almost impossible). The sims kept me going. I would play for hours and my best friend and I would call each other and talk about what our sims were doing in our games (she still lived in my hometown).

    When I found out about the sims 2 I was ecstatic. I loved how the sims looked and now they could have toddlers and teens. Their kids would look like them. It was hard waiting for the sims 2 to come out when I was already making plans for my future sims. This would also be the first time that I started looking into mods (I had cc for the sims 1 but not mods).

    I was also excited for the sims 3 (mostly because of the open world and I liked the fact that other sims lives would go on around me and I didn't have to play them). I probably didn't put in as much time in this game as the other two because I graduated high school the year before, was going to college, and would end up having my own children. This was also the first sims game that I didn't buy all the expansion and stuff packs for. I still play the sims 3 from time to time, though.

    I was the least excited for the sims 4 and refused to buy it at first (It was missing so much stuff and I didn't feel that it was worth it for the price it was.) I would end up getting it as a gift about a year after it came out. I was pleasantly surprised that there were things I really enjoyed about the game. Yes, it was missing a lot at that point (toddlers still had not made a return at this point), but I loved CAS and some of the building aspects of the game. It was different but not in a bad way. I felt like it had a lot of potential (still do). I love that we have toddlers now and I'm really enjoying the game. I'm also really excited to see what's in store for the sims this year.

    The sims have always been my go-to game when I've been stressed out, upset, or just need something to do to vent. I play other games, but this game has always been my favorite even after all these years, and someday when my kids are older I'm sure they will be sims fans too. :)
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  • cameronw209cameronw209 Posts: 1,497 Member
    Short and sharp because I'm on my phone.

    SimCity 2000 -> SimEarth -> The Sims

    I thought The Sims sounded like a ridiculous game at first until I saw my friend recreate Buffy the Vampire Slayer and made her a castle :D then I was hooked.

    I use to borrow my friend's base game until I bought Hot Date when it came out, and then I was able to play using my own disk (though I had to be careful not to reinstall because I had no base game for a while!).

    17 years later and I'm still a mad Simmer. My play style has changed a lot as I've gotten older. My Sims have gone from having the last name "poop" or "fart" with a home made entirely of the same colour carpet and no wall coverings to actually climbing those career ladders and buying a respectable house :blush:

  • TriplisTriplis Posts: 3,048 Member
    LunaNova wrote: »

    Its made such a huge impact on my relationship with my sister.
    I found this really touching. It really is amazing the way things can bring us together.
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  • Jaline33Jaline33 Posts: 1,168 Member
    I have really enjoyed reading everyone's stories here. I want more!

    Happy Anniversary, Sims and Simmers wherever you are! And thank you (and Happy Anniversary) to the Teams (from conception to now) who made all of this fun possible!
  • staravia81staravia81 Posts: 369 Member
    In the spring of 2000, I was a first year in college. A friend told me about a PC game where you could create people and a house and live day-to-day life. The Sims (TS1) sounded awesome so I bought it.

    I was really, really into a particular guy while in college, for quite a few years but was totally friendzoned (yes girls can get friendzoned too). Funny thing is that the guy was into the girl that introduced me to the Sims. Anyway, the game helped me to act out my resentments and cope with my negative feelings and self-esteem issues due to my unrequited feelings.

    I was most into the TS2, which came out around the time I started grad school. It was an escape for me while I was struggling to adjust to the social environment, living in a different city, and it especially helped to distract me at times after my father died in 2006.

    My life is a lot different at this point - I'm out of school, married, and don't have the need to act out my feelings. So my playstyle is different now, but I play TS4 and still enjoy the franchise. There are very few hobbies I have continued to enjoy for 17 years - the Sims is pretty special :-).
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  • JodainJodain Posts: 95 Member
    When I was in elementary (at least I think), my parents would frequently go on date nights and my grandma would take my siblings and I out to eat and to Blockbuster to pick out a movie or game or something. One day I finally decided to look at the games and saw Sims 2 Pets for ps2 (when I was at this age, I mostly wanted to play animal-related games -- I was playing a lot of nintendogs and pet vet) and got it. I would get it over and over, and eventually my parents got me the game (and my own ps2!). I also rented Sims 2 and Sims for ps2, though I didn't play them and enjoy them as much as Sims 2 Pets. Eventually, my parents got a laptop and I got Sims 2 Double Deluxe and that is what truly got me into Sims. Then Christmas 2010, I asked for Sims 3 and got it, along with my own laptop! Thank god; I was really unaware of computer specs then and the laptop could barely handle what I had, let alone Sims 3 as well.

    I could probably say I've been playing Sims for at LEAST 10 years, though I'd bet it on a little longer.
  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 7,103 Member
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    I went into a game store to buy a gameboy for son and was just browsing games including the pc ones and I saw this one called sims. I picked it up and read the back and it looked fun, but I didn't have a computer and no money to buy one. Back then computers weren't cheap for those who never owned one. It was around 2000. Fast forward a year hubby left me and my son, and I decided I wanted a computer to buy that game I remembered and had thought about from time to time and had wished for. I took my tax refund to buy a computer and bought the sims 1 and all expansions as they came out except making magic that didn't interest me at the time. My son played it with me and I think it helped both of us cope at that hard time. Then I saw sims2 and knew as much as I loved sims 1 had to get that as now they were going to be able to be played up close and were bigger. I have been hooked ever since. I of course really ended up loving sims 3 and got all eps, and most stuff packs.

    When sims 4 came out I didn't buy it right away as it was missing too much but a few months after release I just decided I wanted to try it, so my son borrowed me money to buy it, and sadly I really felt like I had wasted my money. I rarely played it and went back to sims 3 knowing I would not invest any more in sims 4 and would have to resign myself for waiting for sims 5 if there ever was one.

    Fast forward to early 2016 around April I think when son who know longer plays offered to send me money to buy any pack I wanted. I was shocked. Then he told me he planned on buying me all the packs for the game to that date over time. I felt bad as I wasn't sure that would make me like the game any better. I did tell him that he shouldn't as I couldn't know if that would make me want to play the game. He said, "Mom I feel bad that you don't like sims 4, as I know how the sims has been such a big part of your life for so long. I want you to like it." A few weeks later to my surprise I had all of the packs that I thought I would be having to wait for a few months for lol. It got me to start playing the sims 4 again regular, but I still wasn't in love with it. I think not wanting to waste my son's money kept me plugging away trying to like it lol Then toddlers came out and now vamps which sadly are too glitched right now for me to enjoy those, but I love the décor and cas items, and I play sims 4 even over sims 3 which I loved the best out of all the sims games.

    The sims has gotten me through a lot of lonely times, hard times. I have never been very active in any of the forums, but started to get more involved in the sims 3 forums when it first launched. I am not as involved in this forum as a poster, but I do lurk lots and love reading all the posts about game ideas, and seeing how wonderfully helpful this community has been.

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