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The Simlish Dictionary

MrMonty96MrMonty96 Posts: 1,711 Member
edited January 2017 in Off Topic Chat
So for those of us who've been playing the sims for a while (not me) you pick up simlish vocabulary so I want to collate as many Simlish words as I can and their English translations. Please comment any words you know, I'm a simlish noob, I only know 2. :(

Nooboo - Baby
Chumcha - Pizza


  • MrMonty96MrMonty96 Posts: 1,711 Member
    Just remembered some more:
    Dag Dag - Goodbye
    Sul Sul - Hello!
  • TheSimerTheSimer Posts: 1,007 Member
    edited January 2017
    From the Get Together Trailer song:

    We're beautiful - Misbon abu
    We are beautiful - Mis bon abu
  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 5,428 Member
    I think if they wanted us to know what was being said they would've spoken in English.
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  • ChloeDeCookieChloeDeCookie Posts: 2,467 Member
    I wonder what it would say if u translated a simlish song
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  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,246 Member
    Dis wompf is fredische - this food is delicious. Theres online lists of simlish translations too:

    Sims 5. Please be great.

  • MettsenMettsen Posts: 185 Member
    There is a simlish word I have noticed my Sims use regularly. I haven't been able to figure out what it means and no google search has helped me either. It sounds like 'ferengi'. Does anyone know what it means?
  • snarklessnarkles Posts: 242 Member
    I always remembered this from TS1. "Dala" is something along the lines of "Wanna dance?" and "Gomansala" is like "Of course!" Followed by beautiful, self-made music.
  • mintycupcakemintycupcake Posts: 11,581 Member
    I think "mokey hokey" might be like "looking good!" Or something, cuz my Sims used to say that in 3 once they'd finished brushing their teeth, then they'd look in the mirror and give themselves finger guns.
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  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 1,017 Member
    There's hardly any repetition of Simlish across the series, so the words used vary widely from game to game. But anyway, here's a few more:

    "Gerbit": llama (since TS2 at least) - in TS3 University Life, the last few lines of the school cheer are "gerbits, gerbits, goooo gerbits!"

    "Yibs": could mean "yes", "yeah" and/or "awesome". I've heard my Sims in TS3 say it when they eat their favourite food, and when they get a text inviting them to a party.

    I think that, in TS3 at least, the voice you choose for your Sim in CAS affects their vocabulary in the game. For instance, when a Sim's way is blocked, they can say a lot of different things depending on which voice you picked for them. I've heard "Ugh! Rue! Teefahlurg! Huh?" and "Ugh! Sah? Kahwatee? Huh?" from male voice 1, "Bachooney!" from male voice 2, and "Eggeley!" from male voice 3.
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