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One of my favourite things in TS1 was the potions in Livin' Large that turned you into Frankenstein or messed with your experience/personality. I think there was something similar in TS2? The potions in TS4 aren't anywhere near as fun, and we only have a chemistry set for kids - no adult one! I'd love to see this reintroduced, and I'm kind of surprised that it wasn't in GTW. How can you have a mad scientist without a potions set?
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  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,211 Member
    Ikr, why did they get rid of the chemistry table? Why?????? They could honestly just allow adults to use the one for kids and add a couple of cool potions and voila, back on track
  • ExxCeeExxCee Posts: 240 Member
    I quite liked the magic bean tree in TS3 too... was that TS3? It's all mashed together in my memory now!
    Origin ID: ExxCee
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