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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    wickedjr89wickedjr89 Posts: 1,777 Member
    Wow this thread moves fast! My awesome clicking finger is going to wear out ;)
    Loving all the pictures and updates!
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    krabby_pattiesskrabby_pattiess Posts: 358 Member
    I'm posting pictures in a second but I had my baby mama break up with Jefferson so I can have the next children with some lady from the Capp family.
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    edited December 2016
    @lisasc360 , When talking about WoW everything sounds foreign, but that is just because I've only watched as of now, never played. I have bought the kids some books on WoW though maybe I should peruse those. I hate the horses with their legs on fire, it creeps me out! :o

    I let Matthew my son read what you wrote and he said you have a bunch of cool characters, he only has two level 107 characters. But he doesn't stick with games for too long. Gets bored or finishes...
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    @scillakees just gifted me 2 venues! ^_^
    "Al Fresco Street Market" and "Last Venue of Amore"! ^_^

    Now just to try and figure out how to place them in my current game... I don't really have room to set them up(all current commercial lots are filled and the landscape doesn't allow placing of more that aren't tiny).
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @MoonandStars83 , Ah Ha!!! Now I understand why you said my spelling of Kellie was wrong.... ;) (Read your info on the sims 3 site). :mrgreen:
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    Oh yeah, regarding my troubles with DV. The specialist they sent my case on to got ahold of me, said they had issued me a new code but she couldn't get it to work either, she had me set up a new store account and try it to see if the problem was with my account specifically. I did and that didn't get it working either so it is back to the drawingboard for them trying to solve it. Still no idea what is going on with it but at least I know they are trying.
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    mycami21mycami21 Posts: 752 Member
    edited December 2016
    @emorrill Your Sam keeps looking better and better and Evelyn is going to be a very pretty YA.

    I like what you did tot he fitness center. Instead of re-doing the premade buildings I'll make my own. I've gotten into the habit of adding a little dojo so that the town sims can learn martial arts as well.

    @Mikezumi Thank you and I am feeling better. It was my own fault. We had to goto the store yesterday before the storm hit and instead of listening to my body when we got home and take a nap, I was a stubborn girl and stayed up. (You would think that after having M.S. for over 6 years I would know better by now). After spending the evening on the couch and going to bed early I'm doing better today.

    @Karritz Glad to hear you colds better.

    @Charlottesmom I am interested to see what you get from Oreo and your unicorn. I wonder if the foal will always be a normal horse or maybe (fingers crossed) a little unicorn foal.

    Nice twist with Beau's daughter showing up. I am glad to see that Juno and Lotta are getting along.
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    What Happened in your game today? 1000 plus pages strong.

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    lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,466 Member
    @Charlottesmom, I was like that when the hubby first started playing just a few months after WoW came out. It took me quite sometime to understand some of what was being said once I started playing it but I still have times where I will see stuff being talked about in chat and I have to stop and think what the heck is that. One of the servers that I am on is a roll-playing server where sometimes I will see some of the players just standing around talking and doing roll-playing and such. I don't get into the rolling playing stuff with other players as I am more of a loner when it comes to playing the game. I just like to do the quests and exploring the world all by myself and not have to worry about others slowing me down. Sometimes I just like to take my time in certain areas while there are times that I just want to hurry up and get to the next EP.

    And tell your son that I said thank you for the comment. I can play either faction in the game whereas I know some people like my husband can only play the horde side as he dislikes the alliance side and just can't get into that side at all. When I get bored playing the horde, then I will switch over to the alliance and play then for a little bit. I do have 1 alliance who is in the 100 level but not quite level 110.

    One of the many things that I like about the game is that when real life holidays come around, then also have the holidays in the game. Like on Friday then just started their Feast of Winter Veil that last to the end of the year. During this time in the game they have a huge tree decorated up with presents underneath of them in the major cities of both factions and come Christmas day, you can open some of the presents depending on your character's level and get some pretty neat things that your character can either wear or add to their toy chest. I just when the different holidays come around in the game... :)
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    You're very welcome @Mikezumi :blush: Glad I could help you find the right mod.

    @Charlottesmom Beau's face at the end! CLASSIC! :lol:
    I'm thinking I need to add some drama in Sam's story too, but not sure what.
    mycami21 wrote: »
    @emorrill Your Sam keeps looking better and better and Evelyn is going to be a very pretty YA.

    I like what you did tot he fitness center. Instead of re-doing the premade buildings I'll make my own. I've gotten into the habit of adding a little dojo so that the town sims can learn martial arts as well.

    Thank you @mycami21 <3
    See, I'm not the greatest builder so...I redo the premade buildings. lol :lol:
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    victoriae350victoriae350 Posts: 342 Member
    I'll have updates up in a bit and shall respond to comments/everyone's updates as soon as possible. Today has been machinima day. Plus errands and such. From what i've seen, the updates look amazing :)
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    World Adventures... continued
    I tried out one of the lots I added to France.
    I sent my sims out on their first quest first.

    They found Jessica Talon outside the entrance.

    I guess she needed to do some soul searching after becoming human again.
    Travel should be good for her.

    Strangely Edna Mode was visiting France as well.
    In odd purple shoes that I did not give her. I wonder what Buffy is doing.

    They finished their quest and received Visa points.

    They were hungry, so I sent them to the Deliciously Indulgent bakery.
    I like the idea of them enjoying what the town has to offer after succeeding at a quest.

    It is a bit odd that there are no services sims, but this lot really adds to the town.

    I need to put in a French music speaker.

    The layout seems to be a bit of an overkill with the three sections selling similar baked goods.

    It's what's upstairs that got me excited.

    I've said this before that there should be more to France.
    One of the things I suggested was a cooking school. I can sort of do this with the baking stations.

    So my sims will be unlocking baked goods while in France.

    After the bakery, I sent them to the fusion lounge for some romantic drinks and dancing.
    I also discovered that I never gave Devon former wear to replace that random outfit the game gave her.

    I'm looking forward to trying the other lots I placed.
    My sims will adventure by day and enjoy the other places afterwards.
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    CK213 wrote: »
    World Adventures... continued

    After the bakery, I sent them to the fusion lounge for some romantic drinks and dancing.
    I also discovered that I never gave Devon former wear to replace that random outfit the game gave her.

    I kinda like that dress, rather pretty, though a bit odd.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    @CK213 I love what you're doing with France. Your Sims look like they are having a good time.

    When I take my Sims to France I make them chase insects at night - if one of them has the collection helper. Lots of interesting insects that can only be found at night make it worthwhile for me.
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    victoriae350victoriae350 Posts: 342 Member
    Comment Replies

    @emorrill Haha! Totally didn't notice that xD It is accurate, isn't it? x'D
    We'll have to see! Kinda wish i had the patience to write a screenshot story with good length and everything but, ya know, short stories are hard enough lol
    @Mikezumi We'll have to see ;D And thank you! Still a ton of work to be done :)
    @king_of_simcity7 Thank you :)
    @TadOlson Nice! :D CC is simply fantastic! Where would all of us be without it? xD Thank you! :)
    @CravenLestat LOOL! That was awesome! I'm so sorry xD I have a cliffhanger problem!

    I apologize if I missed anyone! The forums doesn't always alert me when i've been mentioned! Next is an update, and then I'll respond to everyone else's updates :)
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    victoriae350victoriae350 Posts: 342 Member
    Update time! Today's is very short and boring.

    First day of last term! :D


    A little stressed in between classes! So Aisling plays chess (also taking this opportunity to practice my over-the-shoulder shots ;D)


    Her stress is down enough...Aisling is ready to study! But, she's still a little confused academically and emotionally...of course. Who wouldn't be?


    You'd think Aisling would be use to consistent study and a ton of classes. Her load is much lighter this time around. Nope. She's exhausted at the end of the day.


    Winter is finally here and the snow (much like right now!) has fallen to the ground. It's piled high! Aisling heads to lecture.


    Because no one can get their lazy butts to school themselves. At least Aisling's nice enough to give her roommates a ride (there's six of 'em). I'd have left them in the snow...


    *dramatic stretch*


    Taking notes in the class MIGHT help...


    And of course, she asks a reasonable question...


    ...and receives a lovely response (<- note the sarcasm)


    Last class before exams! Time to study anatomy in the snow!


    Now it's Friday, time to take exams! Doesn't Aisling look SO happy! :P


    But it pays off! She receives her report card the next day... (i wish i got my college report card as fast as Aisling! And look, another over the shoulder shot :D)


    ...and she got a A average!



    She's finally graduated! Aisling can go home and freak out over her toddlers. Then she'll get a job and be on her way to supporting her family :D


    Of course, now she'll have to figure out what's going on with Chance (What's his deal man?) and Ben. Don't expect another update until I figure it out. I have NO clue xD

    Next, on to Machinima update actor things...loool!

    Did some skin and eye tweaking with some CC. Changed up a few features to make everyone different from each other.


    (I can't decide which to go with for this guy)



    ...and more tweaking...



    ...and of course, I forgot to get a screenshot of the mc ._.

    But, trying out a backdrop...



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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    @CravenLestat That recent update of yours was quite simply the most HILARIOUS I think I've ever seen you post!! :lol: It was pure awesome!

    @victoriae350 Yay for Aisling! The screenshots you captured were perfect! :smiley:
    In this comment:

    @emorrill Haha! Totally didn't notice that xD It is accurate, isn't it? x'D
    What exactly were you referring to? Sam's dimple chin? Sorry, I'm slow sometimes... :tongue:

    @CK213 Loved your update! France (Champs Les Sims) looks and seems much better in your game now. :)
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    TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    @RedDestiny92 -Hi there!Thanks for your comment.Great update!That playable adoption is a great way to have sims give up babies they can't afford to raise.
    @blazerntq -Great pictures!
    @PalmArrow -Great update!
    @CravenLestat -I've got NPC social workers disabled by one of my hundreds of Mods and I have to use playable sims as default replacement social workers.Deloris Miller would only show up in my game if she was made into a playable sim or saved to CAS and I downloaded that.She'd still get to be a social worker only she'd be playable and not cause save corruption from deleting sims.Great pictures!
    @king_of_simcity7 -It's the town hall though the hosptial rabbit hole rug will go in the basement along with the science center rug and the city hall combo rug.Great pictures!
    @Moonand Stars83 -Thanks for your comment.It might come to you needing to replace your ITTF copy with another one and reinstalling from the new one.I had copy of Supernatural that borked up saving my game so it would hang on save a lot and it was from a defective disk.I bought a replacement disk to reinstall it.
    @cwaddell -I hope our family's next move is into a house we had custom built for us and that we own.I'll have one more move after that to get out on my own and won't be staying where I grew up because the weather's going to the dogs here.Thanks for your comment.Great updates!I had issues a lot with fake Firefox updates when I had it set to update autmatically using a background service.I disabled that and set Firefox to not update because I found it easier and safer to just upgrade my install with a full installer.
    @Charlottesmom -Great update!I wish I had a crowbar to break up an ice wall on our driveway because nothing else will work.Great update!
    @SheepishWitch -Hi there and welcome!I would have my playable social workers remove those children and place them in care in the playable orphanage.
    @lisasc360 -Thanks for your comment.Great update!
    @junceda -Great pictures!
    @Xorzhaan -You'll need a Mods framework and to have MC's base Mod to make cheats work.I would download almost everything you need for your EP's and SP's.
    @emorrill -Thanks!Great pictures!
    @MamaSimTee -Hi there!It's too bad about your loss.
    @Mikezumi -Thanks for the comment.Great update!I love seeing family pictures.
    @krabby_pattiess -It's too bad you forgot to plug your computer in.Great update!
    @CK213 -Great update!
    @mycami21 -Thanks for your comment.
    @Karritz -I hope to get over being sick soon.
    @victoriae350 -I use CC that lets my sims buy cheaper baby cots and laptops.Great update!
    Notchcliffs Under Construction.
    The town hall got a kitchen and eating areas added along with toddler gear and toyboxes.
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    wendyyi1wendyyi1 Posts: 579 Member
    edited December 2016
    Great updates! <3

    For a change of scene, I'm doing a Big Brother Challenge. (it doesn't take long but is usually lots of fun as long as your 'contestants' have a good mix of traits)

    Starting at the left, the contestants are:
    Olivia- Unstable, Excitable, Perceptive, Computer Whiz and Neurotic. (Originally she had Hates the Outdoors but because of the Unstable trait, I later got a notification that it had changed to Neurotic)
    Drew- Family Oriented, Photographers Eye, Eco Friendly, Loves the Cold and Nurturing.
    Bryan- Unflirty, Genius, Family Oriented, Hopeless Romantic and Artistic.
    Lyle- Over Emotional, Star Quality, Dramatic, Genius and Diva.
    Grant- Neurotic, Unlucky, Avant Garde, Artistic and Proper.
    Sunshine- Brave, Irresistible, Bot Fan, Friendly, and Born Saleswoman.
    Greta- Disciplined, Party Animal, Excitable, Commitment Issues and Loves the Cold.
    Charity- Flirty, Insane, Irresistible, Hopeless Romantic and Grumpy.

    The first day was a free day for the contestants to get to know one another. Lyle quickly set about making himself unpopular by accusing everyone else of being a Diva ...
    and boasting about his many accomplishments.

    The house has 6 single beds and 1 double bed. This means that whoever is last going to bed usually ends up crashing on the couch, unless they are friends with the sim already asleep in the double bed. On the first night, Greta drew the short straw.
    Even though Greta was only napping on the couch, she slept through a burglar coming in the front door and sneaking into the bathroom. (intending to steal the new washer and dryer, no doubt) :#
    Fortunately, Sunshine woke up and beat the beeswax out of the burglar
    The burglar, whose name is Rimpi Bahl, then left ... in a taxi. :o

    The next day, the first round of challenges started; Painting. However some contestants were plainly more interested in socializing.

    Charity deserved to be the sim napping on the couch that night, as she was the only one that hadn't achieved at least 1 skill point in Painting.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member

    @Karritz Glad you're feeling better :)

    @Charlottesmom I love when sims look at their wedding rings :) Oreo's markings are lovely! What a surprise! I didn't know Beau had a daughter! Sounds like Beau's life is gonna be turned upside down with his daughter and ex in the picture. Totally love the expression on his face in the last picture :D

    @Cadh20000 Congrats on the gifting of two venues! :)
    I hope your DV problems are sorted soon.

    @mycami21 I think most of us don't listen to our bodies when things need to be done. Glad you're doing better :)

    @CK213 Great update! Champs Les Sims won't know what hit it :p

    @victoriae350 Congrats on Aisling's graduation! She worked hard and deserves it :)
    Your sims for the machinima are coming along nicely :)

    @TadOlson Thanks :) Family pics is what I live for :) Nice update. It's good to see you think of providing fun for the little ones in the town hall :)

    @wendyyi1 Good luck with your Big Brother Challenge.

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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Sent my simself to the bowling alley because she had some bowling related wishes. They have a bowling alley in the basement but, being a friendly sim, I thought she could do with company other than the family. She must have finished her game because when I checked on her she was dancing with Cain, Briar's husband.
    I had to take a close-up of Cain's face. He's so much like his dad, Wogan Hemlock (whom I adore), except he has his mother's strong jaw.
    Spike just can't help himself LOL I have to admit that Knox didn't look too shabby in a towel at the dinner table ;)
    Several attempts at a family pic. I couldn't get a decent pic of Knox but that is not unusual as I always have trouble with sims holding toddlers.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,851 Member
    Went about with likes and awesomes the best part of this thread being so active is giving me a chance to update more than once without spamming heh.
    How the little one entertains herself alone.
    It wasn't too hard to order a quick delivery from the local store to have things for her new little roommate though she knew she should call Dante at least she was used to baby sitting she could take care of one baby though she was a fairy.
    He of course came as quickly as he could hearing that something was wrong, she was glad to see him..more than she thought she would be.

    'Sorry to call you so early Dante.'

    'It's fine, I was awake anyways, what's the matter?'

    'Someone dropped a baby on my doorstep this morning though there is something else.'

    He was surprised, that sort of thing never happened here.
    'What would that be?'

    'She has wings.'

    'Lovely pink ones I see.'

    'Right.' she said realizing she had come out of her new room.

    'A fairy child...have you been in the Arboretem recently?'

    'We have one of those?' she asked, not like she explored the town just yet he chuckled.

    'I"ll take that as a no, sometimes the fae can leave a little present so to speak when they smile on someone but without going there perhaps someone else simply didn't want the gift, what's her name?'

    'I've been calling her Natasha.'

    'It suits her, you were right to call me, the history passed down in my family spoke quite a lot of the fae I'm surprised you aren't more worried.'

    'I've read about them before raised in a home in which I'm told not to say things simply don't exist because I haven't seen them.'

    'A wise lesson.'
    As they chatted a bit more Natasha crawled back into her room to retrieve a toy finally notice Dante she giggled.

    'Daddy<3' I just love her little face there.

    'It appears she's imprinting already, she must not have been with the person who dropped her off very long fairy children cling to whoever is best.'

    'Whoever is best?' she only asked because of his tone, questioning almost.

    'Well I'm not the most perfect father figure you could find but I do have money and the ability to come here often.'

    'Oh I didn't call you for that, she's not your responsibility.'

    'The same could be said to you but you took her anyways and why?'

    'I couldn't abandon her too I'm not like that...'

    'Well we're on the same page then, don't worry about a thing I'll make sure you have what you need for her.'

    'Thank you but I think I have everything you guys deliver things quickly here in Sunset Valley I'd be waiting a month for supplies.'
    'Do you always move about randomly when you're nervous?'

    'I'm a naturally nervous person, I just wonder if they would come looking for her since I'm not supposed to have her...what would happen then raise her in the dark without a family? That won't work.'

    He smiled slightly she was a very caring woman, his Kathryn always had been she knew when to stop...that she couldn't take care of everyone but one well behaved little girl would be no trouble for her.
    I stopped playing for a moment just watching them Natasha returned to her toy chest while Dante took care of his thirst and this little 'catch me if you can' pose just makes me laugh I don't remember seeing them play chase with their pets like that. Though I hate that random stretching they do so I probably never had many pets before in this game. As far as I remember anyways.
    When Oscar was satisfied, as he'd been yowling he doesn't like Dante very much it seems, going by his thought bubbles, vampire bats then a trash The baby sitter arrived, she didn't know anything about a random baby drop off confirming that it wasn't least on not the fae's schedule anyways. Though she was in a safe home so she wasn't going to say anything she was sent out and meant to be with a human so she might as well stay all things considered. After they were introduced Kathryn went to work however Dante stayed behind.
    'Master Morganthe does she know anything, about the world around her?' asking clearly not if she was prepared but what other supernatural workings she understood. Being she was already free from fae control she was used to Dante really the only vampire she knew in town, they talked on their own after all.

    'It's possible, though we didn't talk on it that much I will discuss things with her when she comes back, now earn your way and tend to the child.'

    'Yes sir.'
    'Oh well look at you, aren't you're lucky when I was your age I was ugly as all get out I broke mirrors just looking at them.'

    Natasha laughed as though she understood.
    'Oh for the love of...this is why I stayed, Nicky you mind telling me what it is about the fae and toys that don't belong to them?'

    'They're....uh fun to play with, Master Morganthe what do you want me to do when the baby isn't crying or in need of something? Just ignore a box of toys?'

    'I suppose that would be silly wouldn't it?'

    'Quite silly sir, oh but I think I hear a cry I will give her a bottle.' which she did.
    Had to add him to the household to get the right screen shots, Nicky left and he got Natasha ready for bed.

    'Come it's time to sleep.'

    'I'm...tiurd daddy..' she mumbled, he smiled slightly, being fond of children in general he'd always wanted a family though he had never heard of a fairy child imprinting on a vampire they were usually afraid of them.
    When Kathryn returned she found him asleep or rather dozing off.

    'I didn't think you would need to sleep since you came during the day.'

    'Oh Kathryn...welcome home...what was that?'

    She only smiled briefly.
    'Oh so it's like that, you knew what I was?'

    'Of course, I was sure you were trying to control my mind and I know better than to stay and let that happen though when I was able to leave I thought to give you a better chance than that. Grandmother always said that not every vampire is cut from the same fang.'

    'That is true, I won't act as though some or even most of my kind are decent but I think my intimidating ways are the worst of me.'

    'I'd say so, that's why I called you, how was everything?'

    'Just fine.'

    'So you stayed the whole time?'

    'Of course, I know Nicky, she's not a bad fairy she's a typical one I knew she could care for one of her own but would be distracted all the same.'

    'Well at least it worked out...I suppose you need some blood for the favor?'

    'I don't I chose to help.'

    She smiled slightly he really was different from what she expected.
    'Okay how about as a parting gift instead? You look exhausted I'm surprised you weren't asleep when I called.'

    'It is hard to sleep with a wolf in the house.'

    'You live with a werewolf?'

    'And he's a pain in the backside, but a friend you should meet him one of these days.'

    'I should I've always wanted to, now about that blood?'
    Well he wasn't one to turn down a willing offer, though it did nothing but confirm his thoughts, even the blood was the same it was late and now that he'd taken her blood he wouldn't trouble her tonight but they would need to talk he still wore his wedding ring always remembering her if she could do the same it would simply feel different for them to raise Natasha together. As they said good night and they returned home he hoped he hadn't spoiled himself, the plasma juice was good enough and he could hardly turn his beloved wife into a meal source.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @CravenLestat, @CK213, @wendyyi1, @Mikezumi and @RedDestiny92 Great pictures :smiley:

    @victoriae350 Thanks for the comment and nice pictures :smile:

    @TadOlson Thanks for the reply and nice update :smile:
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    Well, like Patty before her Hilda became Prom Queen at her first Prom, Daren was lucky enough to get Prom King both times however.

    Here is the lovely Queen just home from the dance and still in her finery, though as you can see Daren and Patty lost no time in getting out of their finery upon arriving home.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    edited December 2016
    @emorrill I spent the day at my sister's but when I came back I tried the chin cleft slider and it is great! Now I just need to think about which of my sims actually needs it because I don't want to go overboard and have every man, woman and child sporting them ;) Thanks again for the link :)

    @Cadh20000 Congrats on Hilda becoming Prom Queen :) I only just installed Gens recently and I was very excited when my first sim became Prom Queen. Now it's pretty much a foregone conclusion since my sims have so many friends by the time they get to Prom and I read somewhere that is a deciding factor.

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