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Her name is Edith Cho, and I love her so. (( Share your best loved sim!!!))

Achoo89Achoo89 Posts: 608 Member
I feel the title captures my sentiments!

I just haven't ever made a sim I adore this much <3


I'd love to see you most treasured sim!!! Feel free to share my lovely simmers o:)
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  • Sunfisher0Sunfisher0 Posts: 209 Member
    I like Edith's style! Especially the dark lipstick and the lip ring :)

    As for Sims I'm attached to, this is Naomi Nita from Lucky Palms, after a makeover. I didn't change her face structure at all, except for reducing the eye scale. She was the first Sim I ever played in Lucky Palms, and I still have a copy of her saved in my Library for future towns.

  • Achoo89Achoo89 Posts: 608 Member
    I love Sugar @Rflong7. I wish I could remember the first sim I ever had but to be honestly it was that depressingly long ago!!! I adored that hair when I got the Nightlife EP!! ( I think it came with that!!!)

    @Sunfisher0 Naomi Nita is gorgeous, I don't have Lucky Palms unfortunatly, but I looked her up and she a pretty base sim!! Thank you, I thought I'd give her a little edge but she's an old soul at heart!
  • KayosCatalystKayosCatalyst Posts: 313 Member
    I love them both! I'll pop back to this thread when I'm a member because I can't resist a chance to show off my Rainer <3
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 19,168 Member
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    That's what makes the game so enjoyable to play.
    What is it about Edith that is making it all enjoyable for you?

    I have a ton of sims that I adore. These are my latest sims.
    This is Matty Crewe. He's a Bridgeport townie that I made over.

    He has a sort of 50's Rockabilly thing going on.

    But he's very smart and has a love for designing and building plumbots.

    I had him use the SimFinder app to find his true love.
    Devon Hoff showed up at his door step.

    She was a pure generic Type-0 game spawn, so I felt compelled to do a total physical makeover since she had perfect traits for Matty.
    A 50's Hollywood style seems to be natural to her.

    But she also loves Steampunk.

    If I had to associate her with a Hollywood star of that era, I would say she's a Lena Horne type.

    They complement each other and work well together. I really like them.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,361 Member
    Thanks. :proud:
    It's base game hair. I liked it that she wasn't too pretty. And she wasn't my first Sim. This was my first Sim (I made her as an 'Alien' because we didn't have them in the base game). :)

  • Achoo89Achoo89 Posts: 608 Member
    You know what @CK213 I don't know what it is about her that I adore so much. I think when I went into CAS I was bored so I wasn't expecting much!
    Matty Crewe! He's never looked so good, Edith lives in Bridgeport but we haven't stumbled across him yet! He has a Buddy Holiday vibe about him!

    @Rflong7 I remember and sort of miss not having aliens I remember an old save I had and poor old Mortimer Goth got abducted and fertilized by one. Did not flow with the direction in which I wanted his family to go!
  • Achoo89Achoo89 Posts: 608 Member
    Oh and @KayosCatalyst please do come back and share pictures of Rainer!!!
  • KayosCatalystKayosCatalyst Posts: 313 Member
    @Achoo89 his ever growing family means there is a very real possibility of a new favourite before i get member o.O I even have a soft spot for their cat, Archimedes.
  • stepbot153stepbot153 Posts: 282 Member
    The sim in my profile pic :)
    My wishlist [x]
  • pandabear1836pandabear1836 Posts: 1,948 Member
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    Sybil <3 She's my avatar and in my signature. I love her so much!
    She was my 3rd generation heiress on my legacy.
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  • abeabe Posts: 79 Member
    One of my favorite Sims I technically didn't make - she was my adopted daughter who turned out to be surprisingly beautiful. I use her as a base now.


    ^ I changed absolutely 0 of her physical features, other than hairstyle (and she does have make-up on).

    @Sunfisher0 GORGEOUS!!!!! Absolutely beautiful.
    Check out my legacies and sims at windsorsims.tumblr.com/!
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