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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
    edited December 2016
    @lanlyn, thanks :) I am glad she inherited her Mom's purple hair!

    @lisasc360, no probs! Ha, Moonlight Falls seems an excellent world for the gang to live in!

    @TadOlson and @Mikezumi, thanks :)

    I've given out more awesomes too, just caught up now with all the new posts :)

    I had a family called Mayes move to Riverview. I think that they must be a game generated family. So I bought them a new house and while Iw as doing it up, a little cat wandered in and went to sleep on their settee!


    Poor kitty! I cheated to add him to the family because sometimes I have lost strays when they wandered off before my Sims could befriend them.

    Once he had a home, Allyson (the Mom) named him SlimJim. He is long and slinky; I think he must be an Oriental breed.

    SlimJim settled in straight away and began exploring. He wandered into Silvia's room (she is the teenage daughter) and admired her new poster.


    I have a few strays now :) The family also adopted a poodle called Woolbur and Cyrus and his family adopted Holly (a grey cat) and Tinker (a Beagle).
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    mycami21mycami21 Posts: 752 Member

    @lisasc360 Another great update. I had seen in another thread where the mysterious Mr. Gnomes would spawn baby gnomes so in a previous save I went into buy/debug and added about 30 of them. I thought they would spread out but most of the time they were having the same type of meetings your gnomes are.
    samsims wrote: »
    My sims was in a Earthquake and he just continue to play a game on his computer
    Must have been a pretty good game for your sim to not notice the earthquake.
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    All I will say about Knox is wow!!!!! What a looker!!!

    @Charlottesmom Great update. Love the pictures of your birds and bunny.
    I'm sorry to hear that Star lost her horn. :( She is still a beautiful horse though.

    @CK213 Nice to see that Buffy tries to cure some of the vampires instead of killing them all. I wonder how many will stay cured and how many might decide to be turned again???

    @Cadh20000 I've forgotten to save before and have lost progress the very same way. I hope your able to recoup most of the loss when you play again.

    I was typing my comments in wordpad so I could post them all at once. I had to go and do something else for a while and lost my place. I will try later to see if I can find it again I'm loving everyones updates so far.
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    mycami21 wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 I've forgotten to save before and have lost progress the very same way. I hope your able to recoup most of the loss when you play again.

    Thanks, I hope so too. About to start it up and try.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    edited December 2016
    @Charlottesmom I think you need help for your picture taking addiction ;) I used to take lots of pics when I first started and when I left America I had literally thousands saved to a stick to bring with me and, although it is nice to know that if I ever want to look back I have them somewhere around, I will probably never look at them again.
    Sorry about Star losing her unicorn status :( Is there any way of getting it back? She is a good looking horse, though :)
    Crying toddlers set all sims on edge LOL Cute pic :)
    Congrats on Vlad and Alex committing to each other!
    LOL at the pic of Beau's face sticking through Lotta's shoulder!
    Good luck with Opal and congrats on the engagement :)
    Not Blair! That girl has dead eyes :o
    Great update :D

    @Charlottesmom I want to share a pic of my little girl since you shared those lovely pics of your babies :D

    @plushtrap_107 Have fun with your new save. SlimJim is an adorable kitty :)

    @mycami21 Thanks :) With his two handsome dads, I don't think I ever doubted that he would be good looking ;)

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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »

    @Mikezumi That is the most HILARIOUS Sims picture I think I have EVER seen! :lol:
    Awwww! <3 Your kitty is adorable! I miss having cats...but I'm allergic so I can't have them anymore. :cry:

    @Charlottesmom I thoroughly enjoyed your update. :) You always make me laugh and you manage to capture the right face expressions to go along with your story. ;)
    So sad to hear of Star losing her unicorn status. :cry: That s*u*c*k*s*! But she is still, indeed, beautiful. <3
    Congrats to Vlad and Alex and I really hope Beau and Lotta can get Opal to become their daughter very soon. I always thought her child ghost, that drowned, was a super sad sight to see in SV too. :(

    Working on getting a Sam Beckett update up tonight. :smiley:

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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    Looks like I had only lost a few days of sim-time, the save file was part way through the school day the Friday before the Prom(which was scheduled for Monday night). Got those two something of a head start, I had them go on a date, watch a movie, and go dancing, bowling, playing pool, and table tennis(their basement has a bowling alley, table tennis table, pool table, and small dance floor so they had it easy. Get out of school, go straight to the theater for the movie, then home for the rest).
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    mycami21mycami21 Posts: 752 Member
    My latest installment of Apple Spicetree, Ariel Starstruck, and Braxton Rodgers.

    Apple had found a few artifacts and gems during her adventures in Egypt so, after returning home she sold the ones she didn't like and used the money she got to buy a baking oven. Surprisingly the first one to use it was Braxton. He didn't have any cooking skills what so ever. Even more surprising is the fact that it turned out nice.

    Things return to normal in the household. Apple makes the falafel her work had requested of her and earns a promotion. She only has few more levels to go until she reaches the top of her career. Ariel learns that some people took video of her singing and it went viral. Needless to say she also earned a promotion and is pretty close to the top with her career as well. Braxton has earned some promotions as well but is no where as advanced in his career as the girls are in theirs.

    One day while Apple is out, Ariel starts flirting with Braxton. He returns her advances in kind. I forget what caused them to stop. If it was because one of them had to go to work or if they decided to do something else. I do remember I let the romance drop for the moment.

    It's getting close to where I had to stop playing, So I will continue this later.
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    What Happened in your game today? 1000 plus pages strong.

    Pictures and descriptions of the Clue characters and of Boddy mansion I created can be found here

    Stephen and Sakura's Werewolf/building challenge

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    jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,600 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Quality Street. :D
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    edited January 2017
    Friends come and friends go

    Sam's first day on the job was just as he'd hoped it would be...and more! All the Science jargon and different experiments he worked on revived some of his memories of working on Project Quantum Leap and it felt...wonderful. Almost like he was back home...oh how he longed for it.

    The coolest thing of all, though, was his boss giving him a promotion right after his first day! Like THAT would ever happen back at home!
    Yup, Sam thought, standing proudly while popping his fingers, they knew they couldn't keep me at that entry level position after seeing how great I am at this!

    Then he face-palmed. Gosh that was vain, he chided himself, Sam Beckett you know better! Then he looked up into the sky and whispered, "I blame you Al!" Some of Al's prideful and womanizing personality had stayed with him since the one time he leaped into a young Al's body to correct a false accusation made against him. Sam sighed...thought about his best friend for a few moments and gazed back up into the sky again. I'd give anything to see him again God... Will that ever be a possibility?


    The next morning Sam woke up early again, unable to fall back asleep so he decided to kill some time and read the "Archie Archer" comic book he picked up the other day.
    (If any of you get the joke, give me a shout out and a super amount of Brownie Points has been rewarded to you! ;):lol: )

    As time passed, Sam's body jumped in surprise when he heard a knock on the window. He looked and saw Evelyn, nose pressed against the window, motioning for him to come outside.

    When Sam stepped out to greet her, Evelyn was eager to talk. "Sam!" she cried, "Word on the street is you saved a lady from dying over at Louis Falls! Did you happen to see a unicorn while you were there!?" She grinned brightly.
    Sam, on the other hand, stood there with a confused look on his face. "Uhh...I didn't save the lady from dying, I helped her not pass out from low blood sugar." Was Edelaine going around telling people THAT'S what happened? No. This must have been the result of word going through the grapevine.
    "Huh," Evelyn said, not really caring. "But you were there to see a unicorn right?"
    "Actually, I was. You got me curious."
    "So!? Did you see one!?"
    Sam really didn't want to crush her enthusiasm. "No," he replied sadly.
    Evelyn's face fell.
    "I'm so sorry Evelyn, but you know that was just one night. I'll look for the unicorn again. I promise." He patted her on the shoulder.
    "Ok," Evelyn said, feeling a little comforted and handed him his newspaper. "Oh yeah...I tried those musical tips you gave me and my band teacher was very impressed with my improvement!"

    "Alright!" Sam cheered, holding his hand up for her to high five.
    Evelyn smacked it hard. "Thanks Sam! At this rate, I'll make first chair in no time!"
    "No doubt about it!"
    Evelyn sighed, "Well, I have to get going. See you around Sam!"
    "Wait!" Sam cried, stopping her in her tracks. "Did you talk to your mom and dad yet?"
    Frowning, Evelyn replied. "No."
    "You promised, remember?" Sam said, giving her a bit of a stare. In a caring way.
    "Don't worry Sam...I never break a promise." And with that, she ran back to her bike and took off down the road.


    As a few days went by, Sam spent time after work going around and meeting some more of the townsfolk. He sure did encounter some juicy gossip, but decided not to believe it or form any opinions about anyone until he got to meet them personally. It was quite a pleasure to meet the "Prince" of the Vanderburg's, Sebastian, but little did Sam know what Sebastian really thought about upon meeting him...
    Look at this wimp! I feel like beating him up!


    "Mr. Vanderburg?" Sam asked again.
    Blinking, Sebastian answered, "Huh?"
    "You...froze up for a moment there," Sam said, "are you alright?"
    "Oh yes, of course! I just...thought I heard something. That's all."
    Sam looked upon him questionably.

    But no matter. Within a few minutes they were laughing hysterically over something Sam said.

    When Sebastian excused himself, Sam met another interesting local: Bert Alto. Bert somewhat bragged about just discovering a star and that got Sam going off on a tangent about them.
    (^^^There's a realistic Scott Bakula face expression right there! ;):love: )

    He felt that maybe he bored Bert because the man came up with a lame excuse on why he needed to go. What?! Sam thought, as Bert walked passed him, who doesn't like to hear about how a star goes supernova?


    Later that evening, Sam headed up to the Redwood Peak Viewing Area. Many of the locals raved about it and he had to see the beauty for himself.

    The view was...breathtaking.


    Oh little town of Hidden Springs, Sam thought, I don't know why I leaped into this place or what kind of wrongs I am supposed to make right, but...even if I never find out...even if I really never see Al again or leap home...I promise I won't do you wrong. I'll be the best citizen I can be. He sighed and leaned over the railing a little bit. Besides, if I really am stuck here for good, there are worse places I could be for the rest of my life. His eyes began to lightly well up with tears and...he just couldn't. He wiped at them and forced himself to think of something else. A big grin appeared on his face when he noticed a telescope just a few feet away from him. YES!

    Gazing up at the stars was a sure way to make him forget about all his troubles.


    The next evening, Sam got a phone call from a lady named Alisha Cho inviting him to her social event that night.

    "It would be an honor to have you there Mr. Beckett," she said to Sam.
    "Uh...yeah," Sam replied, "I'll be there." Then he hung up.
    This was strange indeed. Random women NEVER called him, let alone calling to invite him to their social gathering! She must have heard some of the rumors going around through the grapevine, Sam concluded. Besides, what exactly ARE people saying about me? He really wished he could find Edelaine again...

    ...but little did he know that she had been right under his nose in many instances when he was out and about:
    (Can you see her? ;) )

    Maybe he would find some answers at the party and be able to set a few things straight.

    Sorry, everyone I'm going to have to stop here for tonight. It's late... ;)

    To be continued...
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    ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 525 Member
    So yet again I created a new family. I sort of got the idea of doing a legacy but I didn't want it to be a normal legacy. There is a blog someone created for an eye color leacy she was doing. She chose orange eyes and I chose violet. Anyways here is the story. Raised in a strict religious upbringing Stella and Eloise Wiley couldn't wait to leave their large family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Like their sister and five brothers they had responsibilities and their lives planned out from the beginning. The girls in the family were raised to be homemakers, mothers, and teachers and sons were raised to be doctors, lawyers, and police officers. Wanting to break the cycle they left the day Eloise turned 18.
    Stella Jane Wiley left as a young single mom with a two year old son. She was 20 when they left meaning she got pregnant at 17 and found out on graduation day. From a young age she wanted to be in the military and planned to make that happen with her young son. Her son is two, his name is Matthias Peter. Eloise Marie Wiley has always had a nact for the spotlight. She starred in every play, musical and even a couple commercials in her town (approved by her parents of course). She moves out with her sister and they move to the young and glitzy life of Roaring Heights, New York. I always imagined that is where Roaring Heights would be, or based off of Chicago.

    Here are the stats on the Wiley family...
    Stella: Night Owl, Gatherer, Daredevil, Genius, Ambitious. Her favorites are pop music, potato and truffle torte, and the color grey. Her LTW is to be an astronaut.

    Eloise: Star Quality, Dramatic, Irresistible, Animal Lover, Proper. Her favorites are Songwriter music, Salmon and the color pink. Her LTW is to be a star actress.

    Matthias: Brave, Loves the Outdoors. His favorites are classical music, fruit parfait and the color black.

    Here is the link to the blog I was talking about.
    (Top left to bottom right)Edur Zahrah, Cinderella, Tiana, Pocahantas, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Emerson, Nicole, Traci, Addisyn
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    KarinLKarinL Posts: 3,989 Member
    I finally have time to gather some pictures for my story. (I take WAY too many pictures and then end up having to chose...)

    On Thursday of week 10 the teens go on a field trip to the police station.

    Ava gets sick from the jail food, and decides to buy some fresh fruit to get the bad taste out of her mouth. She also finds a new fruit, called 'pomegranate' which she brings home for Sveinn to plant in his greenhouse.

    While she's eating strawberries at the park, Sveinn has troubles of his own:

    But he soon discovers what's going on - and no, he does NOT want to sent this sweet baby back to her home planet. He decides to call her Astrid.

    Also, Sveinn notices that Ailmar is not listed as his child - possibly because he cloned him. MC soon fixes that. (I think clones from the science station aren't related to anyone, not even the person whose DNA was used...)

    Watching Ailmar make his homework with lightning speed, sending bats flying, makes Sveinn wish he could be a vampire again.

    So he sets about looking for the ingredients he needs to make another Potent Cure potion in case he changes his mind again. Then he finds one of his old bottles of Vampire Bite, and transforms himself back into what he used to be.
    (Nothing like a bit of vampire bite to give your skin that special glow!)

    In the meantime somebody from the home planet comes to check up on the baby - but nobody answers the door. They're all asleep.

    On Friday it's Beinir's birthday. Sveinn decides to try something new: a birthday party, with a cake.

    Beinir rolls the mean spirited trait. He was eccentric, athletic and green thumb already. And he looks just like Alfred now, so he decides to have his ears pierced, just to be different. (And for me to be able to tell them apart!)

    Alfred, Brunhyld and Clemens are all on the honor roll. Ava can't be bothered, and Beinir will have to start over, in highschool.
    But this Friday is a snow day, so after they all eat their slice of Beinir's cake, they go to the winter festival.

    Stupidly enough, Ailmar can't scate, because he's a vampire. So after running circles around the track for a while, he settles down at the side of the rink to glare at his brothers and sisters having fun.

    Alfred and Ailmar discuss the latest comics, while Beinir is trying out his new snowboard:

    That weekend, Sveinn starts on the landscaping he's been wanting to do. First, he wants to hide the house from prying eyes, so he plants lots of tall cypress trees around the lot.
    Next he decides to build another greenhouse. The kids fill the yard with snowmen, too...

    The kids spend Saturday at the winter festival, of course. And in the evening Astrid had her birthday.

    So week 10 is over, and now there are 94 babies to go.

    (Six babies in ten weeks... That's what? 160 weeks to go? Where's the "faint" emoji when you need it? :dizzy: )
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    CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    @Zinniavanilla Sorry have not got back in game till just now but here. <3 I released it on this base game top since I was not sure if you owned 70s 80s 90s stuff pack.

    Little crazy fact on this sim.I have been married to her more than any other sim in my game even Betty :( She is just so cute and when I start a new game and run into her in town she stares at me with those Doe eyes :blush: This is her Au Natural I love her default makeup.You all should know this sim because I took 1,000s of pics of her.


    Download link

    Even when I was in CAS dressing her for the screenshot she was giving me Doe eyes.No really :o


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    @emorrill Thanks :) Although I have gone for short stints between cats (I usually tell myself I can't go through the pain of losing another one), I always end up with another. Most times they find me but this last cat I got from the local cat shelter because my son wanted a kitten. Because I raised her she is mostly my cat but she has really been warming up to my son lately. Sorry about your allergies :(
    Congrats on Sam's fast promotion ... I love how easy it is to get those first couple of promotions :)
    He's missing Al so much :( I am thinking there is an Al in the works ;)
    Don't get the reference ... sorry :(
    Stunning view of the waterfall! <3
    Great update! Looking forward to seeing what is revealed at the social gathering :)

    @Cadh20000 Glad you didn't lose much and were able to get them together in time for a new prom :)

    @mycami21 Your sims are advancing nicely! I hate it when a flirt session is interrupted by something as menial as work LOL

    @ccarrig_95 Nice family! Sounds like a great back story :)

    @KarinL Congrats on the birth of Astrid :)
    MC is a godsend! Glad you got the family link in place.
    Happy Birthday Beinir! Great shots of the Winter Festival :)

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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    edited December 2016
    This elderly sim, it could be Beverly Castor but I can't be sure from the back and I forgot to take note at the time, picked on the wrong sim! Spike's evil trait is tempered with the friendly trait but Jason's evil does not have that buffer. This is one of the reasons I don't like to put Jason in my saves unless I play him as I hate getting all the negative SP messages :( Anyhow, I had left the boys at the bowling alley while I was checking on Knox and his girlfriend, now aged up and living with my family, at home and Briar who was visiting her boyfriend after school. When I saw that he was being harassed with her walking stick I quickly zoomed in.

    It's hard to believe that my beautiful Jason could pull such a face!
    I sent him home before it got out of hand as she is an old woman afterall :p
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,940 Member
    @charlottesmom it's sad about your unicorn becoming a horse. If you really want to turn it back into a unicorn there is an elixir that will do it. My witch made it. I'll have to check if it came with Supernatural. I have a mod that adds some extra elixirs but I think the unicorn elixir probably came with the EP.
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    ZinniavanillaZinniavanilla Posts: 11,872 Member
    @CravenLestat Ah, thank you! And I don't own that Stuff pack, perhaps when I start working and the farm again I can get more packs

    @mikezumi Aww. that's such a cute kitty :blush: I love kitties! She looks like a cat we had a loooong time ago
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    TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    @Cadh20000 -Great pictures!I don't tend to go hours without saving as at least a few times each simday.It's awful that your game crashed.
    @Mikezumi -Thanks for the comment.Great picture!Great update!
    @CravenLestat -Great pictures!It looks like two more sims I might grab to add to my social worker collection.
    @king_of_simcity7 -Thanks for the comment.I thought I could manage and I ended up being wrong so I decided to use that Mod to fix the schools.Great update!
    @PJAlexis -Thanks for your comment.
    @TheDarkRose -I got my laptop on sale very cheap and it would normally have cost over 1000$ back when I got it for 700$.I used my hairstylist money which I'd not spent for over a year to buy that computer.
    @KarinL -Thanks for your comment.Great update!
    @CK213 -Great update!I use a Mod to remove the curfew though I can still pretend there is one for kids.
    @lisasc360 -Great pictures!
    @Puddinroy -Thanks for the comment.
    @krabby_pattiess -Hi there!
    @pjeircksim -Great update!
    @lanlyn -It's really for the town's residents to have children and raise them to kids for this challenge and they can move out anytime after their ninth birthday in mine instead of having to wait to be young adults.
    @Zeldaboy180 -Hi there!That sounds like fun and I could make that a trait on a sim.
    @alexandrea -Hi there!You should see my Mod and CC collection because it's insane.I've got my game way overloaded with Mods and even added another one to just fix the overcrowded schools.Great pictures!I let babies be babies for about 60 days before aging them up.
    @Charlottesmom -Great update!I had a horse getting stuck in Garden Market in Winfield so I let MC fix that.
    @plushtrap_107 -Thanks!Great update!
    @mycami21 -Great update!
    @emorrill -Great update!
    @carrig_95 -Great pictures!Great back story!
    Storybrook County,Maine-Winter-1551.Outtake Picture.
    Here's a picture of my family getting ready for bed in a blizzard.
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    ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 556 Member
    Amazing updates, people!

    My Bridgeport couple, Justin and Britney, just became 3-star celebrities. Justin became one first, followed by Britney.


    They celebrated with a night on the town.


    But anyways, my models started a new campaign. It's called the Bubblegum Bees.

    Here they are...

    dmt9p2.jpg Matilda.











    ....and Sugar.....



    Mason decided to not join the campaign.
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    PJAlexisPJAlexis Posts: 38 Member
    @alexandrea Ah, the struggle!
    Also, wow, your sims are gorgeous! My Sim just had a baby too and despite me making her eat 3 watermelons, she still popped out a boy. :( And I think he has blue eyes even though his parents have green eyes and his grandparents have brown eyes... At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with blonde hair too- (even though there is 0% blonde anywhere in his family).

    @emorrill Love it!

    @king_of_simcity7 Looks beautiful!
    YES! I'm finally legit enough to have a signature. I'd like to thank God, my parents and EA for this opportunity.
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @TadOlson Thanks for the comment and good update :smile:

    @ilikethesims30 Great pictures and good looking Sims :smiley:

    @PJAlexis Thanks for the comment :smile:
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    Woke up to This! Kids even had a 2 hour delay. Love snow, actually love shoveling too.


    Feedback for all:

    @Buttersims , I'd love to see a picutre of your foal when you can post pictures, she sounds pretty. Your game continues to sound mighty interesting! :mrgreen:

    @Karritz , Your posts always inform (and keep my game safe!) I very much appreciate your knowledge! :)

    I'm going to check out your bakery!

    @Mikezumi , Sounds like lots of strange thing start happening when you get a little more seasoned in life...not looking forward to it! :weary:

    Zach, my now 20 year old had a great Birthday, he is low functioning sorta autistic (he has a chromosome issue that manifests as Autism, his neurologist says Zach is an honorary member of the Autistic community). We asked him where he wanted to go out to eat for his Birthday and he said Mc Donald's.. :) silly boy, so that is where we went! He got a Lego Christmas train set from us that he really wanted, the kid is a Lego freak! He loves building the sets, he built half of my Lego Elf kits that I collect.

    Synchronized bowling shousd be an olympic sport, you and Molly would be pretty darn great!

    @lanlyn , I gave up on trying to keep the unicorns fenced, they can go wherever they want now. I keep wanting to do the set something on fire with the unicorns, will do it today if I remember.

    I really like Lotta's coloring too, I didn't change anything on her at all except her wardrobe. She is as far as I'm concerned perfect. <3

    Love Emad's outtakes! :smiley:

    @msbeckycat , A ghost baby would be awesome!! ;)

    @Cadh20000 , Hope your dog is on the mend, I hate it when they get older! Leaf (great name!) is very cute, I'm loving those plant Sims. I don't like the alien noses either, usually always tweak them at least a bit.

    @lisasc360 , Craven is a trouble maker in my game too, I don't play with him, just let him wander aimlessly mostly just making enemies, he and Jared fighting is pretty funny though (as long as he behaves and leaves my Connor alone he can stay).

    That Sixam bird is pretty cool looking! Those gnomes really do look like they are up to no good.... :fearful:

    @king_of_simcity7 , Connor found a Falcon too, not sure where though, probably not France as my France has been glitchy for over a year.

    Kirsty and her kitty pictures are too cute!

    @emorrill , Yup the Vladimere I've got attached to Alex is my Avatar, I adore the crap out of him, he was a random Sim in CAS that I challenged myself to make into an evil vampire, I sent before and after pictures to my son Jake and his "holy *#*&" that he responded back was prefect! :wink:

    @GoldenBuffy , Horses (and unicorns) are very fun to play, I used to hate horses but they are a great addition to the game.

    @TadOlson , The gnomes allow/ban strays?? like pets? :grey_question:

    @CravenLestat , I have Way too many redheads roaming around my town (since I discovered Connor has a "thing" for redheads), and yeah that hair I always give Claire when making her over is overused in my game too.

    Will kidnap Pin Tin when I get back to Bridgeport....if I can find her!

    @carlymichelle , Cute babies! I like their names... :)

    @jillbg , Spoiler Alert!!! Skipping your update! Still reading your story, very slowly and am nowhere near part 2... :wink:

    @coco, I hope Saville accepts Sun for who she now is...such a sad update. I have hope for their future though. :smiley:

    @AlwaysTheSun , I assume that Andy's grandma is the one snuggling him, glad she stepped up when Andy's mom disappeared!

    @CK213 , I was going to write a novel about how my husband had been harping on me to get OneNote for awhile but he told me it was Evernote he wanted me to get. Will check out OneNote too though.

    @PJAlexis , Welcome old timer (glad you finally broke lurkdom) :wink:

    @TheDarkRose , Don was gay in my recent story, he loved the dudes! He has cruddy traits so they may be clashing with your founders.

    Will finish later, need coffee!!
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,554 Member
    Beau Merrick
    I could have sworn I saw Beau Merrick run in here for work one night.

    Buffy jet packed in trying to head him off to confirm that he worked here.

    Missed him, or he doesn't even work here.

    She practiced her magic, determined to wait him out, but even if the does, she probably can't stop him from returning home.

    So we tracked down where he lives by other means.


    Apparently Buffy does not have a reputation for being a deadly threat to vampires.
    Beau invites her up.


    He sleeps in this little cubby hole?

    She flamed him weeks ago.
    He still hasn't taken a shower.


    They had to go all the way back down to the lobby to interact.

    Let's not drag this out.
    Sunlight charm.

    Thirst curse.

    Bye bye, Beau.

    Were you one of his familiars?

    I actually like the reapers entrance and music.

    I am certainly experiencing it a lot with Buffy.


    "Consider yourself lucky that he didn't turn you."

    Wow, it's daylight out.

    I just realized that she didn't have a run in with the police for being out after curfew.
    Strange, perhaps the jet back helped, or I sent her out much later than I thought.

    Edna Mode is nearing the end of her makeover of Bridgeport. There are a few sims of interest. They may make an appearance at the town's dance club.

    This guy looks like he should be a bouncer at Plasma 501

    Morrigan Hemlock is here, grieving for Wogan.

    She needs something to help with her grief.

    How about a makeover?

    She's probably having an identity crisis now.

    Her work here is done, and it's probably a good idea to put some space between Buffy and Morrigan.

    Buffy is becoming a sort of monster herself with all these vampire slayings.

    I'll have her brew up some options.

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