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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,413 Member
    @plushtrap_107, thank you... :) I have a save with them living in Moonlight Falls that I haven't played in awhile... :)

    @lanlyn, thank you... :) I think every few seconds I see an interesting pop-up come up and have to go into window mode so I can use the snipping tool on them. Then I try to put names and such for a save name so that I can try to use them later. It is very interesting to see crazy things happening to my

    @wendyyi1, I'm using NRaas Story Progression and the add-ons that's listed on the NRaas SP page... :) I see some crazy things pop up that the Sims are doing around town. NRaas SP makes the game more interesting imo... :)
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    TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    @carlymichelle -Cute babies!
    @CravenLestat -I should save templates of some of those sims to use in making playable social workers to replace the ones removed with a Mod.
    @Zinniavanilla -Thanks for your comment.
    @Mikezumi -Great pictures!Thanks for the comment.
    @jillbg -I saw your pictures in the other thread and commented there.
    @lanlyn -Mine is one the whole town is a part of and the babies would be born to any residents of the town if they're to count even if they got given up to a local family for adoption because their parents couldn't raise them.
    @king_of_simcity7 -Great pictures!It looks like you could use help in finding a Mod to fix that school issue.I know of a few that might help.One stops automatic assignments to schools which lets you enroll kids manually.
    @coco -Great update!
    @AlwaysTheSun -Great update!
    @CK213 -That should work for you.Great update!
    @PJAlexis -Hi there!You should be able to post pictures once you're a full member.
    @lisasc360 -Thanks for your comment.Great update!
    @TheDarkRose -It sounds like pet skins were taking too long to load and it's happened to all of us at times.
    @pjericksim -Hi there!Your game sounds like fun.I so have TS2 and TS3 to enjoy.
    @samsims -That sounds like Ambitions and sims don't notice much.Mine never notice flies around the food they're eating.
    @Charlottesmom -Great update!
    @Puddinroy -Thanks for the comment.
    @plushtrap_107 -Great update!
    @Cynth220 -Hi there!That sounds like you've had some save get corrupted by social workers removing children from inactive families.I had a sim vanish after a social worker took my family's baby and the baby's grandma vainished.That save was very corrupted by then and the next load the UI failed to load.
    @emorrill -Thanks for your comment.
    @wendyyi1 -Hi there!Thanks for your comment.
    Here's my update below.
    Storybrook County,Maine-winter-1551.
    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up and ready for the day early that morning in late winter.
    They started working on paintings until it got light out as the blizzard continued on outside.
    They ended up having to tend to the chores in the storm which wasn't over.
    They decided to start writing on their laptops as the storm was still raging on outside with hurricane force winds.
    They eventually decided to take a dinner break to eat the leftover mac and cheese though they failed to notice it had gone bad.
    They both decided to have a snowball fight in the blizzard before doing more writing until it was bedtime.
    It was 7:30 in the evening when they had to start getting ready for bed.
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    jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,600 Member
    edited December 2016
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @Mikezumi Wow! Knox even looks good smiling! <3

    I hope you'll enjoy the update, @lanlyn ! :D

    @coco I believe Taïga will get to know the real meaning of "Grounded". Yep. With a capital...
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    edited December 2016
    NOOOO!!!! Forgot to save for a few hours, game crashed and I lost everything to sometime BEFORE Patty and Daren went to the Prom and hooked up with each other... DX

    Well, here are some screenshots from the time lost...

    Here is them from the "Memory" at the actual Prom:


    To clarify who they are and how they are related, he is an alien child resulting from an abduction and she is his Imaginary Friend turned "real" with the appropriate potion. Her original name was "Patterns".
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    Sorry peeps. I would have made my comments earlier but ended up spending the whole day at my sister's. Hope you all had a great day/night :)

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks :) Nice pictures :)

    @TheDarkRose Don Lothario is probably juggling to many women because of his LTW LOL Hope you can work out the pet problem.

    @pjericksim Sorry your game is boring :( Hope you can find some aspect of the game that is fun for you.

    @lisasc360 How nice that you are playing king_of_simcity7's sims :)

    @samsims Sims don't seem to react appropriately sometimes ;) LOL at your sim playing during an earthquake.

    @mycami21 Thanks :) For me, the actual university component of the game is not something I would want to do too often, but the EP brings some marvellous additions to the game. I am sure you will enjoy it :)

    @Charlottesmom Wonderful update! :) Great seeing Lotta wanting to get back to her roots by spending time with ghosts :) It is sad to see a child ghost, though :(
    Oh dear! Zelda would not have been my first choice either but you did a great job with her new look. The dark hair is definitely a better fit for her :)
    Loved seeing some of your pets :) Jasper is totally adorable <3

    @coco Thanks :) It will be a few more sim days before Briar grows up but I will definitely share a pic when she does :)
    Impressive that you keep track of your family tree. I used to do that a long time ago when I played many generations but I have only recently started playing again so my families are easy to keep track of.

    @CK213 Great update! Bridgeport looks beautiful in the winter :)

    @plushtrap_107 Great update :)

    @Cynth220 Sorry you lost those sims ... it is indeed a mystery :(

    @lanlyn Thanks :) Adorable pics of Opal as a ghost in your game :)

    @TadOlson Thanks :) Lovely snowy update :)

    @jillbg Thanks :) It is uncommon for sims to look good with a smile, but Knox pulls it off well :) I have had only a couple of sims who could do so :)

    @Cadh20000 Sorry about your crash :( Your prom pics are lovely :)

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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 Sorry about your crash :( Your prom pics are lovely :)

    Thanks.I wonder if those 2 will get to be Prom King and Queen again next time through?
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    ZinniavanillaZinniavanilla Posts: 11,872 Member
    edited December 2016
    @CravenLestat Aaah... That is so awesome! your great at making non-CC sims. and finding good Pre-made sims.
    That shirt is really cool, :tongue: I would probably wear it if I had it

    Also (kinda a random question) Why is it you like the pre-mades so much? or... i don't know the best phrasing for it...
    Its sound like I don't like them or something :neutral: I do like, them :lol: Thats not what I mean
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @lisasc360 The Sim that your Sim was talking to is named Ross. I have noticed that you have Janie's hair already installed in your game as that is also Store hair

    @lanlyn Thanks for the comment and nice pictures :smile:

    @TadOlson Thanks for the comment and nice pictures :smile: I can manage without a mod for the schools as I have found a work around :smiley:

    @Cadh20000 Nice pictures :smile:

    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comment :smile:

    @CravenLestat Great pictures :smiley:
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    CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    edited December 2016
    @CravenLestat Aaah... That is so awesome! your great at making non-CC sims. and finding good Pre-made sims.
    That shirt is really cool, :tongue: I would probably wear it if I had it

    Also (kinda a random question) Why is it you like the pre-mades so much? or... i don't know the best phrasing for it...
    Its sound like I don't like them or something :neutral: I do like, them :lol: Thats not what I mean

    Will put that shirt up for you later @Zinniavanilla So your sims can wear it. <3 And the reason I like premades is that there are so many perfect ones *ALOT* I never find myself having to create sims.They are not only made for me they are already in game no need to get them from the exchange no worry of getting bad CC attached etc,they all have stories already built in and biographies so no need to give them an identity.The world they come from determines the outfit they have on so nobody in my towns dress the same they all stand out and are unique

    for example: Gorgeous sim right?? Awesome outfit right ?? Will she look anything like any other townie clothing wise...nope and did I create her or touch her period?? nope that is her exactly as EA made her.And this works for all sims from different worlds they have their expansion/world identity so everyone in your town is awesome and unique looking.Zero work on my part and never will complain my sims need makeovers cause they will not be wearing base game TShirts or the same outfit and hair as Pearl Yang or anyone.If you are at the SV bookstore and look across the street at the spring festival and see a sim wearing pink pants and a white bikini top with a rose pattern over shirt 100 percent chance it is Kaele :p

    Kaele Kalani for those who want her in their games.


    Another example sim from Kaele's same world,Can gaurantee you that Jamie Jolina from SV and Odessa Winchester from MH will never ever wear this cute outfit because it is exclusive to townies from IP.Again awesome beautiful sim that stands out from everyone else looks nothing like anyone else and I did not have to make her or dress her or take her in CAS period.Plop my faves and play.

    Post edited by CravenLestat on
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    @CravenLestat I won't deny the premades you like look pretty good but, to be truthful, they do nothing for me and would probably be totally overlooked if I found them in-game. Nothing personal, but I just prefer males of my own making. The best part about this game is there is something for everyone and I am glad you have found your "something" :)
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
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    PJAlexisPJAlexis Posts: 38 Member
    @lanlyn Yeah, it feels great to finally take part! And thank you!

    @Puddinroy Thanks! I appreciate it! :)
    YES! I'm finally legit enough to have a signature. I'd like to thank God, my parents and EA for this opportunity.
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    PJAlexisPJAlexis Posts: 38 Member
    Oh and @TadOlson Yeah, I think you need about 30 posts to become a member and 50 points. So I ought to get active!

    Great updates everyone!
    YES! I'm finally legit enough to have a signature. I'd like to thank God, my parents and EA for this opportunity.
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    TheDarkRoseTheDarkRose Posts: 230 Member
    Turns out my pet problem is because this laptop probably shouldn't be playing the sims. Not that it's going to stop me. I might uninstall pets though. I've decided to teach myself how to edit videos so I got some footage of my sim self wandering around her apartment that I just built to use. If it works out well, i might make similar videos for my other projects.
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    KarinLKarinL Posts: 3,989 Member
    Oops - I've been gone for a few days and this thread just raced on...
    (On the bright side, I seem to have missed the brief period of 'new smilies'...)

    @CravenLestat - sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I do own the Store and didn't realise you were trying to gift me something. Sorry for putting you through all that work! :anguished:
    I absolutely love premades. Many of them clean up really well - especially in Riverview and Sunset Valley where all the make-up was applies before they had an 'opacity' slider. Sometimes just toning down the lipstick and blush will do wonders.

    @Mikezumi - Knox is a knock-out. :wink:

    Meanwhile, I do love everyone's stories, and I'm handing out Awesomes to everyone!
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,554 Member
    Buffy the Vampire Curer Slayer
    Spoiler tags are in effect. This is a long, but interesting one.

    Buffy is gifting her new friend, Lisa King, with a very nice wand.

    Because I made Lisa a witch.
    Buffy needs a dueling partner to advance those witchy skills.
    I can't have Lisa dueling with a low grade wand. I was pleased to see her using it.

    It certainly adds more variety.
    I was getting tired of Love and Luck Charms and Freeze and Flame spells.
    And I can just let them have at it.

    This is my Plumbot Emporium.
    I made it as a business for one of my past sims. Someone will buy and run it in a future save.

    Eventually Edna will move into a huge house across the bay.
    I think I will have a robot servant this time. Butlers are a bit annoying.
    I can turn a plumbot off.


    They are so shiny.


    This is the Savvy Sellers area.
    It makes this business feel a little like OFB, but only a little.

    I wonder if this Jet Pack could be useful to her.
    She hasn't had time to develop a Ninja Vanish potion. This little gem could be useful for getting away from the psychic police.
    Vampire slayers with a curfew kinda bites.

    Buffy doesn't have time for pets, but maybe she could handle this.

    She moves on to the consignment store next.

    She checks in to see if the store has anything unique, interesting, and useful.

    Well, she is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    What? Upset at a little vampire gnome abuse?
    The vampires already have you two enthralled?

    Buffy has to clean up this town before it's too late.

    I forgot that I put a spell book in here.
    She could use it to summon vampires here instead of searching around Bridgeport.

    She's already sunk time in learning spells.
    I'll do that as a last resort.

    We'll just go where they are supposed to hang out.

    No vampires.
    But Edna Mode does get in a few good makeovers.
    I really like the way Matty Crewe turned out.

    She gets lucky at Wayland's Haunt.

    Morrigan Hemlock, her old nemesis.
    Well, not really old. Buffy is just a teen, so she couldn't have been her nemesis for very long.



    Very impressive!
    Very impressive indeed, Morrigan.

    But Buffy doesn't scare easily.

    We have a new spell for you.

    How about some sunlight?

    Well, I expected a more dramatic reaction to that charm.

    But she is taking off.

    It must have weakened her in some way.

    Buffy isn't finished with you!

    There is Morrigan's car, but she didn't see Morrigan. Wogan Hemlock was outside, however.
    He's a bit toasty from a prior run-in with Buffy after she learned the Flame spell.

    How about some sunlight for you?

    Again, not much visible effect.
    But she does have another curse in mind for him.


    Holy... !!!
    Wha... ???
    I was so shocked, I didn't get a picture!
    He disintegrated into ashes. :o

    Buffy slew a vampire.

    So Sims can kill other sims directly.
    You just have to be a witch with elixir skills and Sunlight and Thirst curses.

    Turn a sim into a vampire and then use your wand on them.

    I do have NRaas mods though. It could be some mod voodoo magic going on.
    I do feel like the Simmer Noob. I did not know you could do this. I thought I would have to spend hours weakening them and starving them to death or something.

    I was about to send Buffy after Morrigan, but...

    Wow, I forgot about Belisama Hemlock.

    The Hemlocks have a child.

    There is no way I can have Buffy slay Morrigan Hemlock now.
    Even if she is evil.

    She does have a cure available.



    Well, your husband is gone,
    but on the bright side, you're still alive and free of the vampire curse.

    She's not happy at all.
    And I am sure Belisama is going to grow up with outright hatred for Buffy.
    That kid is an evil spawn to begin with.

    Oh this is so gonna be fuel for another scenario to play out.
    I take over Belisama and have her raise a vampire army. And then an older Buffy will train a crew of teen vampire hunters to restore the city again. It's Buffy: The Sequel.

    But that's later.
    There are more vampires out there.
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    Cadh20000 wrote: »

    To clarify who they are and how they are related, he is an alien child resulting from an abduction and she is his Imaginary Friend turned "real" with the appropriate potion. Her original name was "Patterns".

    Oh my gosh @Cadh20000 That is one of the cutest stories ever! <3
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    lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,413 Member
    @Mikezumi, thank you... :) Never really thought about adding other players Sims into my game except for about 1 household that I have ever downloaded and that was a house along with 2 Sims that was created to represent the Ghost Whisper show.

    @king_of_simcity7, yeah I had the one hairstyle already but not the ponytail and ribbon one but I do now... :) And thank you for telling me how that sim is. I should had known that as you have had him in your posts before... :p

    Just some random screenshots from the game last night. It is now Wintertime in my game and is now snowing... :)

    The gnomes is meeting yet again... :*

    The Golden Ticket Toy store... :)

    @CravenLestat at the main park and without his hat. Don't you think that your head will get cold there buddy?.... :#

    One of @king_of_simcity7 Sims and one of my simself Sims bf... :)

    Saw some wild horses at the park... :)

    A deer just walking along the road... :)

    This is at the military base named Rudolph's Farm... :)

    And just a few pics pf the pop-ups... :)

    Must be love between @CravenLestat and Kiwi Birdie. Isn't it so sweet... <3<3



    Josh must be a player... :p

    Some good news about Fred Jones and Daphne Blake... :)

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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Nice pictures :)

    @TheDarkRose I saw that your problem was your laptop in the thread you made. Such a pity but at least uninstalling Pets could mean you can still play :)

    @KarinL Thanks :) I am very happy with Knox and now I am looking forward to seeing his sister when she grows up. I did peek when she was born but she will look quite different this time around because I will take time to pick the right hair/makeup etc. for her.

    @CK213 You killed the wrong vampire! :o Wogan is a loner, genius sim who doesn't have the evil trait like the other vampires in town :( Morrigan, on the other hand, is evil and insane and would have been a better target. Their child is now going to be brought up by an evil looney :(
    Great pics as always :)

    @lisasc360 Nice snow pics :)
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    ZinniavanillaZinniavanilla Posts: 11,872 Member
    edited December 2016
    @Mikezumi Oh? are those Morrigan's traits? She was based off a Dragonage character, I thought she would have a similar personality to her
    Shame, Morrigan is such a cool character.
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    PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,451 Member
    @Puddinroy , They were not thrilled with my iPad! Sorry about the cruddy pictures, they come out way better in daylight.

    Tiny (one of the Kids):


    Snowy (the other kiddo):


    Rosie (mom on swing), Cloudy (dad on side of cage):


    And just kuz he's so stinking cute....Jasper!


    @Charlottesmom: so adorable.

    @PJAlexis: welcome to the forums

    @king_of_simscity7: awesome snow pictures

    @Karritz: awesome updates

    @lanlyn: awesome updates

    @emorrill: awesome updates

    @TadOlson: awesome updates

    @carlymichelle: Thanks for the link. Awesome pictures

    @Cadh20000: awesome updates

    @CravenLestat: awesome pictures and videos

    @lisasc360: awesome updates

    @all: Thanks for letting me read and comment. I love all the stories. I have been having a blast with my legacy family.
    :) Smile!

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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @lisasc360 Great pictures again :smiley: I see that Josh is living up to his traits as expected and nice to see that Nikki has brought a new kitten :smile:

    @Mikezumi Thanks for the feedback :smile:

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