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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    China wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 Well that honestly plum. Also did you recently install CC because that happen to me once and found out it was just a bad CC. I used the CC cleaner to find it. And boom my game was working again.

    Just official stuff from the store, not even anything from the Exchange.
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    ChinaChina Posts: 196 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Omg love the video and is that mariah Carey song??
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    ChinaChina Posts: 196 Member
    @Cadh20000 Hey did you try uninstalling the store object? And seeing maybe that's causing the game to crash. Because it can happen.

    Btw everytime my game crash I rewind. Meaning if I downloaded anything before my last gameplay I take it out of my game. Then I restart my laptop and try starting up the game again. Which always work.
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    cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member

    I accidentally had Andre kill Tiffany, one of the new housemates. In putting together this update I realized I only had 2 usable pictures of Tiffany since much of my picture taking while playing was of scenery.

    Kate in the foreground and Tiffany in the background. Kate is artistic and a self employed painter. Her LTW is to live in the lap of luxury but I may change it to becoming a level 10 actor when she gets enough points. Tiffany had a green thumb and loves the outdoors and her LTW was to have 8 perfect plants. She was a self-employed gardener.

    Tiffany meeting Kai at the library where she went to read gardening books. ( I had already provided skill bookshelves at the library.)

    Nicholas wished to learn fishing so I sent him to class. He then wanted to fish before 6 AM. So off he went but once he reached level 2 I had him work on his guitar skills to help with work and with his LTW. He played until the sun rose.

    Sunrise from their mansion.

    Andre in his work clothes

    How I killed one of the "menage a quatre" and now have a "manage a trois". My excuse is I have 2 new vampire mods that I am trying out for the first time.

    Andre wanted to go flirt with Tiffany who was out in the garden playing in the sprinkler. So I had him try the vampire teleport (like a regular teleport but he arrived in a cloud of bats). Once he was there I realized he was thirsty so decided to try the new charm interaction (basically a "drink" but the intended target does not have to be a friend). It didn't look like the command took (later I realized it was because of lag) so I had him charm her again. Tiffany dropped dead at his feet and he got the stuffed moodlet. He immediately started wailing and got the wish to resurrect her with ambrosia.


    Andre now has Tiffany's grave stone in his pack. All three members of the household went into mourning for 2 days and have a new immediate goal - to make ambrosia. At university Andre had a wish to learn gardening which I ignored but now he will be learning gardening and working on growing the life fruit. Nickolas has already started with fishing so he will be getting the death fish. And Kate will need to get to level 10 of cooking so she can learn and prepare the ambrosia.

    Kate had a wish to travel to China (actually so did Tifanny) so I sent all 3 there to advance their skills needed to make ambrosia.

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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    China wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 Hey did you try uninstalling the store object? And seeing maybe that's causing the game to crash. Because it can happen.

    Btw everytime my game crash I rewind. Meaning if I downloaded anything before my last gameplay I take it out of my game. Then I restart my laptop and try starting up the game again. Which always work.

    Thing is it was playing fine after installing them, the constant crashing didn't start until today. Oh-well, it could just be this computer, it likes to "act up" from time to time for no discernable reason.
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    mycami21mycami21 Posts: 752 Member
    @Charlottesmom Glad to see Beau was finally successful in making Lotta human again. I've had ghosts not show up for many sim weeks before. I think it's sweet he waited for her. They make a very cute couple.
    I also think that Lightning is adorable. I love the coloring on his mane and feet.

    @China Beautiful wedding photos. Poor Josiah..... getting abducted the night before his wedding and on his wedding night. Atleast your game's not dull.

    @Mikezumi great update.

    @lanlyn I'm so sorry to hear about your family drama. I hope the chicken soup did it's job and cheered you up.
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @mycami21 RE: baby swing. I got annoyed with sims turning the speed up to fast too, so I added a mod to stop that autonomous action. They can't do it on their own now.

    Funny thing is in my games the only ones that have sped up the swing so far has been the teenagers. I'm beginning to think they see it as a hazing ritual. lol

    @Cadh20000 Sorry to hear about your game problems tonight. I hope you get it back working soon.

    It's late here so I will continue the update on my game tomorrow
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    @mycami21 Thanks, so do I.

    Have a good night!
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    cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    edited December 2016
    Andre, Nick and Kate's China trip

    Kate at the meditation gardens where she had been reading the cooking book. I also had her meeting people so she would get her 25 acquaintances (which she did by the end of the trip).

    Andre harvested from Han's Orchard, worked out at the dojo and also practiced martial arts. Nickolas fished and jogged and worked out several times as part of the 2 celebrity opportunities he got. (Nick is a level 2 celeb from meeting and becoming friends with his musician coworkers. Kate got 2 stars also but lost one during the travel to China.)

    The first day and most of the second all three were mourning Tiffany whenever they got a break from the tasks I set for them.

    sunrise the second day




    sunset the second day


    Nickolas had a wish to visit the temple of the heavens. Kate a wish to visit the forbidden city. And of course Andre was still harvesting produce.

    Kate got back to base camp before the others so read her cooking book and then cooked.

    This is the first time I noticed they used chop sticks in China (I knew the locals did but not the tourists).

    The third day was more of the same. Andre reached level 6 of gardening, Nick level 5 of fishing and Kate level 5 of cooking.

    Back at base camp a little earlier than usual.





    Darkness was descending on the city when they got back.

    the next morning



    Nick got the wish to date Kate (go steady) the night before and since Andre had used his coffin Nick decided to sleep with Kate. He also decide to lock her bedroom door against him. Not sure how this will all play out since they have been pretty open in their relationships before this. It will also be interesting to see how things change when Tiffany is brought back.

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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    edited January 2017
    Hey everyone. So, it took me FOREVER to write and put this together today...with all the distractions of everyday life.
    So, I hope you all will read it and enjoy it. :) (Sorry my posts tend to be long so brace yourselves. ;) )

    A Man's gotta do, what a Man has gotta do

    That night, after taking that long bath; trying to figure out what to do next with his current life situation, Sam's brain finally settled down enough for him to fall into a deep sleep.

    Of course almost every time beauty sleep finds you...something has to mess it up:

    Thank goodness he had that burglar alarm installed. The siren literally jumped his body out of bed and he ran to meet the He was ready for a fight!

    Burglar: (In frustration) UGGGHHH!!
    Sam: Yeah! That's what you get for breaking into my house!
    (Police car drives up)

    That was one less burglar roaming the streets, but that didn't make Sam feel anymore secure... He couldn't fall back asleep.


    As the sun rose the next morning it was time to put his plan into action! He concluded that he obviously couldn't go back to school and earn all those 6 doctorates again. There just wasn't TIME for that! Plus, it was ludicrous. So, the only logical thing to do was to create some realistic looking diplomas on his computer (he was tech savvy after all) and make a few copies to display and include with his resume.

    Sam wasn't one to brag about his accomplishments, heck he even refused to display his diplomas and awards in his office where Project Quantum Leap was taking place, but... he needed to have proof of his educational background in this world. He felt silly doing it, but he needed to display the fake diplomas on his bedroom wall, just to make sure they looked legit.
    (Lol! :lol: )
    From a distance they did look real and professional. Sam was confident he would be ok in presenting these with his resume.

    Now the question was...which line of work should he get into? He had SO many options!

    While reading the newspaper a couple of days earlier he saw an article about the decline in healthcare and the lack of physicians needed to fill positions at the hospital.

    That tugged at his heart for a moment. He loved helping people and it was nice having all that knowledge about the human body and medicine. It sure came in handy many times during his leaps BUT...he wasn't sure if he could handle the rigors of being a full time doctor. Especially one that worked in a hospital. He decided to pray about it but for now his decision was No on becoming a physician.

    He did find a job opening (one he was more than qualified for) at the local science lab and it sounded good. Decent pay. Might even be fun. It required some gardening. He could do that. So he sent off his resume to them. Now it was just a waiting game.

    He decided to brush up on some of his science skills:


    "Sorry little cockroach," Sam said, "but I need your help in jogging my memory." He couldn't believe he was actually feeling sorry for the poor, annoying, disgusting creature. "You'll be ok. In you go..."
    It turned out the radiation treatment was too much for the bug. Sam sighed with disappointment...and sadness.

    After that he spent some time on the computer researching a few things. He happened upon a local chat room and thought, What the heck I'll see who's on. He threw out a friendly message to a "Natural*Healer*Woman." She sounded interesting.

    Within minutes she responded. Introductions followed and Sam had to ask what her Profile name was all about. That sure opened up a can of worms! This lady was anti-doctors, anti-Hospitals, anti-prescription meds and was all Na-tur-al about EVERYTHING! Sam was civil and respected her beliefs, but...what she claimed bothered him. There are many natural remedies that cure some ailments, yes, but there are even more ailments natural medicine can't cure and that's where modern medicine comes in. He believed many modern medical practices and medicines were inspired of God for the benefit of man, but of course...he couldn't convince everyone of that.

    Then this "Natural*Healer*Woman," who he found out was a Miss Emmaline Rhoen, offered some of her home "medical" services to him. He inquired about her services and some of them sounded...questionable. Odd. When she had to go and said goodbye, Sam left the chat room and researched all he could on the internet about this woman. He even found out where she lived...

    It was getting dark when he parked his car just a few feet from her house. He felt a little sick to his stomach spying on this woman, but at the same time his gut was telling him this lady was doing more harm to people than she'd like to admit. And darnit that's what he did during his leaps! He would put Right what once went Wrong! :star: He couldn't back out now!

    Stealthily he approached her home. Tiptoeing up the steps he made it to one of the front windows and peeked in. It appeared that she wasn't home and he couldn't see much through the sheer curtains...

    Darn, Sam thought, I'll find a way to get in there...even if I have to pretend I need treatment for something.


    The next morning, Sam stepped out the front door to head to his job interview (he heard back from the Science Lab in an email the evening before. He was ecstatic! :smiley: ) and inadvertently bumped into Evenlyn.

    Sam: Oh (looking behind him from locking his door) Evelyn. I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.
    Evelyn: (Frowning) So you too now huh?
    Sam: Of course not. I could never forget you. Why is she so negative like that?
    Evelyn: (*sighing*) Well, anyway, here's your newspaper Sam.
    Sam: (taking the paper) Thanks Evelyn. (Studying her face expression). You alright?
    Evelyn:'s just (hesitating)'s my parents. I don't think they care about me anymore...
    Sam: What!? (doubting)

    Sam really didn't have the time for this kind of conversation, though he wish he did. He glanced at his watch, Ok, I got a couple of minutes to spare. "I highly doubt that Evelyn," he said to her. "They're your parents. They love you."
    Evelyn: I dunno. They fight all the time. They don't even pay attention to me anymore. (looking away sadly)
    Sam: (Placing a hand on her shoulder) I'm so sorry Evelyn. I know it's hard to watch your parents fighting but...they're just so caught up in their own problems that they aren't realizing they're ignoring you. It's totally unintentional. I'm sure of it."
    Evelyn: (Blurts out unexpectedly) And my Dad says Unicorns aren't real!
    Sam: ???
    Evelyn: But I SAW one! With my friend Eddie! Over at Louis Falls one night.

    Evelyn: It was during the camp out our parents do every Summer. (Eyes growing wide) It was hiding behind the waterfall for a while, but when it came out it had a HORN! I SWEAR to you Sam, I SWEAR!!!
    Sam: Ok, ok calm down. (Soothing)
    Evelyn: And there was a rainbow glow over it's head! Mom and Dad said we were just seeing things, but I know what we saw Sam! Why won't they believe me!?

    Sam wasn't sure how to answer that because...he himself didn't believe in Unicorns. I mean, really? They were fictional, mystical creatures that just simply weren't real! this strange as it was, it might be possible that they do exist. Now his curiosity was piqued.

    Evelyn: Grown ups never believe me Sam. (Eyes filling up with tears) They just don't care about me! (looking down, sobbing)
    Sam: (Kneeling down to her level, holding her shoulders and looking her in the eye) Evelyn...that's not true. I care about you! Even if it feels like your parents don't, I promise you that they care.
    She sniffed as Sam wiped away a couple of her tears.
    Sam: I have to leave for an important job interview, but (pausing) will you promise me that you will share your feelings with your parents? When they aren't fighting? They need to know how you feel or nothing will ever be made right.
    Evelyn: (sniffing and nodding her head) I promise.
    Sam: (Relieved) Ok.
    Then Evelyn hugged him. "Thanks Sam," she said with a squeeze.
    Sam's heart melted.

    Now he HAD to go to the falls and see if he could spot a Unicorn. Not just for his own interest, but to validate Evelyn's story as well.


    The job interview was a breeze! The boss offered Sam the job on the spot. I knew it, he thought with a smile while waltzing out the door. He hated thinking like that because it just wasn't like him but, it couldn't be helped. He was looking forward to this new experience. :)

    That evening Sam would be headed to the falls! On his way out he noticed the beautiful wild horses he saw there a while back, standing right by his driveway! The one horse who was friendly to him before bolted and Sam rushed to see if he could make friends with the other one, which he assumed was the female/mother.

    Of course she flipped out:

    Sam: Woah there girl...I'm not going to hurt you.

    She sure was a beauty, but once again she didn't want Sam coming near her. Sam grew thoughtful as he observed her for a few minutes. If I happen to discover a Unicorn at the falls, I need to find a way to get these wild horses to warm up to me. Another thought caused him to smile even brightly. If I could tame a Unicorn...that would be so rad! In the middle of his deep thoughts he failed to notice the female horse staring at him from a distance. Bracing himself, Sam slowly walked over to her and decided to try this again.

    "Easy there girl," he said in a soft tone, coming closer. She didn't budge. That was good. "I'm not going to hurt you...just going to let you sniff me and see that I am friendly."

    The horse snorted at him for a second, but then lowered her nose toward his hand. "That's right," Sam said, "See, I'm not so bad after all am I?"

    But of course Murphy's Law being what it is, upon hearing that the female jumped up onto her hind legs in fright.
    Sam: (looking up at her) Well, gee, that didn't last long did it?


    Two long hours passed in the dark while Sam carefully studied the giant waterfall. He even investigated behind it a few minutes back, but got too wet so he returned to the bench. He rubbed himself for a while, trying to dry off his clothes. Now, he was finding himself starting to doze off.

    A rustling in the bushes off to the right caught his attention.

    He stood up and peered in that direction. He found which bush it had been, which adorned some stunning blue flowers, and figured it was a small animal, but there was something...Pink inside of it. Sam had to investigate.

    The closer he got, the less the bush and the Pink thing moved. When he came right up to it, he heard breathing. Then there was a breath of defeat. "Ugh. Fine. You caught me," a woman's voice said as she stood up.
    Sam had to do a double take because the mysterious woman was...Edelaine Porter! "Hey!" he greeted, happily. More so than he was expecting.
    Edelaine: Oh, it's you (brushing the leaves off her skirt). Beckett, right?
    Sam: (blushing since she remembered) Yes. Sam Beckett. (Pausing) So...what were you doing in there?
    Edelaine: (Rolling her eyes) I was expecting someone. (Picking up her camera)
    Sam: In the bushes?
    E: No! I was told...someone...would be here tonight and (hesitating) I was...trying to...
    Sam: Take pictures? (folding his arms) I get it. You're a Paparazzi. That's what you guys do around famous people like me.
    He shut his mouth abruptly. Oops!
    Edelaine: Me!? (she asked, questioning him. Then she chuckled) Don't flatter yourself. You weren't the one I was told who was coming here tonight.
    Sam: Whew, he thought. Is that so?
    E: Yes.
    Sam: Well then who exactly WERE you expecting? (Gazing into her eyes while grinning)
    E: (licking her lips) I'm not at liberty to say.

    Sam was about to say something else when he noticed her shivering. "You must be freezing," he said. "Where's your jacket?"
    E: Where's YOURS!? (she asked in an abrupt way).
    Sam: I...didn't bring it because it's not too cold out. For me...
    E: Oh well, good for you! (wiping at her forehead)

    It must have been his eyes adjusting to the dark better, but Edelaine now looked incredibly pale in the face with perspiration around her temples. She still continued to shiver. "Are you alright?" Sam asked her concernedly.

    E: (Taking a moment to respond) Well, now that you mention it...I don't know. I've been in that bush hiding since before sundown and I haven't had anything to eat.
    Sam: Do you feel faint?
    E: (Rubbing forehead) Yes, actually.

    Her feeble knees caused her to fall down on them. Sam knelt down to help her up. While gripping her hands he could feel her pulse throbbing. "We gotta get you back to your place," he said.
    "Can't..." Edelaine said breathlessly, "I live in the next town over, about an hour away."
    "Oh boy..." Sam muttered.
    "You see, I've been wondering for a while now if I have Hypoglycemia and...I was going to see my doctor, but then I started feeling fine going a few hours without food. Now...I'm pretty sure that I have it."
    "Yeah, I would say so."
    Sam had to come up with something quick. "I'll take you over to my place, it's just down the hill."
    Edelaine's body still shook. "Sam...I feel like I'm going to pass out!"
    In that moment, Sam picked her up and ran towards his car.

    He wouldn't be seeing any Unicorns tonight.

    To be continued...
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    CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    edited December 2016
    @Emorill :o Look at you including a awesome sim in your update <3 .Edelaine Porter was a clothing model in several of my videos and nobody noticed :( So many good sims out there.

    The sim modeling by the giant clock in this video is Edelaine.... And should be the title pic too.Take off her glasses and makeover is complete I kept her default in my video same hairstyle everything.

    @Charlottesmom Glad you like her she is so gorgeous and your suspender outfit is cute on her.

    Speaking of PERFECT Sims I throw this out to anyone wanting a amazing beautiful Sim wife and a challenge.Just like Charlottesmom you have to go through the trials of revival like growing life fruit and catching the deathfish and reaching leevel 10 in cooking.

    Not going to lie IMO the absolute best looking sim in all Sunset Valley is the ghost ANNABELLE OINKSLOPES Once you revive her take off her glasses it will all make sense.She has the cutest face always happy looking just perfection requires no makeover just give her any cute hairstyle.

    Who is up to the challenge :*
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @emorrill Thanks for the feedback :smile: That remix is slightly different to the original and I sped it up a bit. The mistletoe should be from Seasons I found it in a set in buy mode

    @lanlyn Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comment :smile: It is rare to have a white Xmas in the UK as well

    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the feedback :smile: I thought that song was the best fit. It is 22 years old this year

    @China Thanks for the feedback :smile: The song is Mariah Carey

    @cwaddell Beautiful pictures :smile:

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    AlwaysTheSunAlwaysTheSun Posts: 388 Member
    Sadly, I had to uninstall Paradise Island cause my game was lagging
















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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    *In my opinion writing out feedback here is more fun that writing out Christmas cards, so feedback wins! ;)

    @Buttersims , I would LOVE to see your calico raccoon ;) ! I've never tried a walk out basement house, we have one and I just skipped the whole basement when I Simmified our RL house. Hope to see your screenshots very soon. :)

    @Cadh20000 , If it takes a long time to get your Dragon Valley working you could wind up with Zillions of free points! But, a working game is good too....

    gee wiz, I hope you got your game working again, so many things can flurp out Sims 3!

    @wickedjr89 , A cat legacy sound pretty darn interesting! Please do post screenshots if you ever attempt that, I would love to see how that works out (I wuv kitties but we can't have them due to allergies, my son and to a lesser degree my husband). The pictures of Budge on your blog are so sweet! <3 He's a cutie.

    @MoonandStars83 , My HP is closing in on 5 years old (yup ancient) too, and as soon as my way too busy husband transfers all my files over to my new one this one will be a backup and probably a dedicated Minecraft laptop, I miss building in Minecraft. Tuck away the pennies, it builds up fast even if it's just change. :) I hope your problem is solved for good! I can never leave my Sims alone to age, well my favorites anyways, I turn off aging (I'm such a wimp :'( !).

    @Mikezumi , About aging, I still feel good in general but can't sleep! I haven't had a full nights sleep in months and have had trouble sleeping for about 2 years. I'm pretty much awake at 3:00 almost every morning, today the Gods had pity on me and let me sleep till 4:00! My husband is a big exercise freak and wants me to do "Insanity" with him every morning at 4:30...UGH!

    I read everything I could find about making/keeping ambrosia, and yup, it was mentioned that if you want to use the FR to pause and click on the bowl. I thought that was a nice tip.

    Poor Paul, arrested for ART! The heart on the guy's tushy was too funny, and the look on Paul's face...priceless! :D

    It was very sad that the guy died, I wonder if there are signs around to keep non-natives out when storms hit. Crocodiles IMO should be left alone, not many creatures really scare me but alligators and crocodiles freak me out, they are fast for such big animals.

    @China , I had never brought back a ghost either, it just seemed like soooo much work, it is (I kinda cheated on gardening with Beau as there was a life plant in the community garden), but well worth it. Now I have to do another one as I didn't actually get to see Lotta change back due to being away from my computer for all of 10 minutes!

    I want another Alien baby!!! I've only had one in the two years I've been playing. Oh so beautiful wedding, I love the pink, and the sunset...gorgeous! <3

    @junceda , Lovely Winter in Versailles pictures!

    @lanlyn , I wish I had known about the epitaph, I'll try that next time a ghost is resisting showing up for days on end. I have to change another ghost now since I missed her actual change, there are a bunch of male ghosts in Moonlight I may nab one today.

    @cwaddell , I love Kate's hair, that would be awesome for my Simself as my hair is almost exactly like that, it's longer but can't be too picky.

    Great pictures of Bridgeport, I love the bridge at night. Lovely China screenshots, you're making me miss China...Great update!

    @mycami21 , Thanks for the comments, I like Lightning too, he's a cutie, hopefully I'll have more time for the unicorns now that Lotta and Beau are together.

    @emorrill , Really enjoying Sam's story...poor little cockroach :'( , and poor Evelyn don't worry little one, I believe in Unicorns ;) ! I love the body language on the horses, those ears back like that, Watch it Sam she doesn't trust you. Great update! :smiley:

    @CravenLestat , I remember Annabelle, the cute kid in the SV cemetery, got some screenshots of her at one point, felt bad a child had died. :'( If Beau and Lotta ever move back to SV I'll have him resurrect Annabelle (as a child), they can "adopt" her.

    @king_of_simcity7 , Mariah is a great singer, love her voice, her version of Without You is great, one of my favorite videos on youtube.

    @AlwaysTheSun , Too bad you had to uninstall Paradise Island, such a cute island. Love you diving screenshots, very pretty. The butt shot made me laugh... :o:D

    Christmas card time...Bah Humbug! :p
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    wickedjr89wickedjr89 Posts: 1,777 Member
    @emorrill I love your pony Sims! I love My Little Pony too :)
    @Charlottesmom When I do a cat legacy you can bet there will be plenty of pics! ^_^ and thank you :)

    Also beautiful pictures and great updates everyone! This thread moves so fast! :)
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    Some Unicorn shots:

    They were scattered all over town, they can teleport, or at least the adults can, not sure about the babies. When I zoomed in on Lightning he was scared out of his mind from ironically, lightning, I forgot to turn off rain. Got them all back together for some pictures and may age all the babies up so they don't keep getting the ever annoying "where's my momma" moodlet, the babies go into orange and red very fast. :/


    Lightning right next to his mom, his favorite spot!


    Stormy and Star:


    Juniper and Lightning:


    The newest wild caught member, Candy. She will probably be moving over to Beau and Lotta's house to be a mate for Buttercup (yes he's a male...):


    Candy and Ryan:


    Mom, Dad and babies:


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    TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    @Mikezumi -I feel like I'm playing with my Mods more than the game sometimes.Thanks for the comment.I love playing the families in the town.Great ppictures!
    @king_of_simcity7 -Thanks for the comment.Great pictures!
    @ClosetPrince -Great pictures!
    @Buttersims -That raccoon in CAS is about as bad for corrupting a save as the social worker taking a child away.I've had social workers cause a few of my old saves to get corrupted.
    @wickedjr89 -It sounds like you've got a plan for your family.Thanks for your comment.
    @emorrill -Great pictures!I love family treasure myself.Great update!
    @mycami21 -I've been setting up my Mods to tune out the adultry that would happen with EA's bugfest.I don't want my couples breaking up over game glitches forcing them to cheat when most couples in those times wouldn't cheat.
    @Moonand Stars83 -It looks like you might need story progression to be greatly slowed down and to tune it like mine is for rotational play so you can manage your games.It's great that you might've found the problem and it might mean replacing Mod files that went bad.
    @Charlottesmom -Great update!
    @CravenLestat -Great picture!
    @China -Great update!I got a Mod to fix alien pregnancies so I can enable it for adults while blocking young adult from alien pregnancies.
    @junceda -THanks for your comment.Great pictures!
    @lanlyn -It was things to do with relationships and celebrities to disable celebrities and cheating in marriages.I also checked that jealousy was off.
    @Cadh20000 -It sounds like you got a bad save that's refusing to load or run properly.I hope you will start using save as and naming your files with different names to create slots for each game.It might also help to degragment your hard drive if it's not an SSD one.
    @AlwaysTheSun -Great pictures!I had to lower my graphics recently to install a new Mod because my resolution had to be higher.I would've looked into lowering settings and playing in other towns if it's the world causing the lag or look at emptied saves of that world.
    Here's my update below.
    Lee King was up early on that mid fall morning in Winfield and getting ready for the day as Spot was getting up to eat breakfast.
    Lee ate leftovers for breakfast and failed to notice the pancakes had gone bad.
    She played with Spot after tending her daily chores.She also ate leftover carbonara wihout noticing it was also bad.
    She started writing as Spot was searching out collectibles in the rain.
    Lee started working on an addition to her house before bedtime.
    They both went to bed at 8PM that night.
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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,331 Member
    @Charlottesmom , I loved the story about beau and Lotta's resurrection, even if we didn't see the moment it happened! She really is very pretty.

    @cwaddell , your pictures of the bridge in Bridgeport and of Shang Simla are so beautiful!
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    CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    edited December 2016
    @Charlottesmom I have not done a Annabelle photoshoot in a long time.Will hopefully get to go in game later and take some she is so cute.When revived default looks like the hottie Velma from the scooby doo movie but better.I actually made her a Velma outfit before.


    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    @Emorill :o Look at you including a awesome sim in your update <3 .Edelaine Porter was a clothing model in several of my videos and nobody noticed :( So many good sims out there.

    The sim modeling by the giant clock in this video is Edelaine.... And should be the title pic too.Take off her glasses and makeover is complete I kept her default in my video same hairstyle everything.

    @CravenLestat Oh wow...I had no idea she was one of your favorite, hottie premades. ;):tongue: She just showed up in public once and my Sam sim had the hots for her. I guess he has good taste. ;)

    My Sam Beckett story just got 20% cooler for you didn't it? ;););)


    Oh and this is for you as well. I'm sure you remember. :blush:

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    Cadh20000 wrote: »
    China wrote: »
    @Cadh20000 Well that honestly plum. Also did you recently install CC because that happen to me once and found out it was just a bad CC. I used the CC cleaner to find it. And boom my game was working again.

    Just official stuff from the store, not even anything from the Exchange.

    I don't know if you've fixed your problem yet. But if not I thought I'd let you know the Sims 3 folder can become corrupted. They folder becoming corrupted is the most likely cause of crashing. The fix is to move or rename the corrupted folder. Launch Sims 3. Then close the game and reinstall store content. Then you can move your saves into the new folder.

    If you have anything in your library that you've made and want to keep you can export them before renaming or moving the old broken Sims 3 folder out. You export them by sharing them. The are turned into Sims3Pack files and are then found in your Exports folder. Install them through downloads folder when setting up your new simsc3 folder.
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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,331 Member
    I went back to my Isla Paradiso household: Molly and Bruce, and their children William and Julius.

    William, who recently aged up to child, got his own room.

    He had two school days so far. Both times he missed the bus and had to ride his bicycle to school.


    Molly teaches little Julius to talk. You know your mum is a murder mystery writer when she teaches you how to say "tombstone"!

    Molly has rolled the wish for Julius to grow up to be a genius, which fits perfectly with my plans for him: I would like him to learn chemistry when he becomes a child and turn his imaginary friend real, and then go on to be a scientist!

    Bruce got a promotion at work for learning Sim Fu.

    He needs to write more reports, so he went to a sports bar to interrogate some townies. He started to talk to a pretty lifeguard called Morning, but didn't get the chance to question her because she was very hungry and wanted to order some food.

    It looks like the bartender wanted to poison her! Maybe Bruce could have prevented a crime from happening if he stayed there, but he was sleepy and had to go home.
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    Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 730 Member
    That is quite some expression she has there!
    My current Wishlist.
    My "Studio"

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    mycami21mycami21 Posts: 752 Member
    @mycami21 The group is SHINee The video is Winter Wonderland you can watch it on youtube.Pretty video too.

    Thanks for telling me. I watched their video and I agree it is beautiful. Normally I listen to groups out of Taiwan (My guy laughs at me because if I'm lucky I can understand a couple of words from the song and I have to ask him what they are singing about) I already knew about Twice and now I have another Korean group to add to my list.

    @king_of_simcity7 loved the video. That is one of my favorite christmas songs.

    @cwaddell Great update and beautiful photos.
    cwaddell wrote: »
    This is the first time I noticed they used chop sticks in China (I knew the locals did but not the tourists).
    I noticed that with my sims as well. I could swear that once they back home I would still see them using the chopsticks occasionally.

    @emorrill Love your update and I hope Sam gets to see his unicorn. Reading your updates is making me want to watch Quantum Leap again. lol

    @Charlottesmom your welcome, Love the unicorn picks. There's a lifetime achievement award for horses called fearless foals. I think it has to be given to the mother. With it the babies don't get the where's mama moodlet. I don't know if it will work for the little ones that are already here but maybe worth a try???

    @PalmArrow No matter how hungry I was I would think twice before accepting any type of food from someone with that look on their face
    Daily Deal Thread
    What Happened in your game today? 1000 plus pages strong.

    Pictures and descriptions of the Clue characters and of Boddy mansion I created can be found here

    Stephen and Sakura's Werewolf/building challenge

    My Studio
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    mycami21mycami21 Posts: 752 Member
    Yea!!!!! I finally made it to full member. :smiley: Now I can't wait t be able to play my game again to share some pics with all of you. Only a few more weeks!
    Daily Deal Thread
    What Happened in your game today? 1000 plus pages strong.

    Pictures and descriptions of the Clue characters and of Boddy mansion I created can be found here

    Stephen and Sakura's Werewolf/building challenge

    My Studio

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