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The Evermore Super Legacy~Starting with Amazon Challenge 1.5 (10/30)

Niemalyn97Niemalyn97 Posts: 76 Member
Hello! I am super excited to finally get to present my first story! :smiley:
This will follow the "Evermore" family through the generations. As in, when I stop with one legacy or challenge, I will begin another one... with the same family lines.
I think it'll be a fun thing to try, anyway. :smiley:

So first up is the Amazon Challenge.
Click here for rules.
And click here for the Amazon Challenge Resource created by @pammiechick. It's a great resource for more challenge stories and downloads.

Generation One: Khione
1.1 A Fresh Start
1.2 Building Up
1.3 New Members
1.4 Unwelcome Visitor
1.5 Punishment

P.S. If you have any women or men that I could add in as other characters and tribes, that would be great. :smile: And if there's more tribal-looking outfits and items, I would love that, too.
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