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[S4]Modded Gameplay Stories, Hostess: egwarhammer, AKA The MC/Mods Cheerleader


  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member
    Here's Dennis, accompanied by Miracle, on his way into the Hospital to have his alien baby.


    And here is the first picture of my game's first alien baby, Raven Kim. I got tired of clicking Random. LOL!


    Raven's family tree, best way I've found outside the relationship cheat to get a look at the PT's lineage.


    And here's a MH view of the happy family, still waiting for Dennis and Miracle's son to join them. That's probably coming soon, she wasn't too far behind Dennis, in fact she got pregnant first. (Nerd note, I think he was on active lots more than she was, that's probably what stalled her timer.)


    Extra picture, I actually ditched out of this abduction by switching to one of the pregnant households... with Terra already alien-pregnant, Ingrid wouldn't have been a valid choice anyway. But I still thought this was a very cool picture.


    Last but definitely not least, here's Eliza (I like her) and Bob, about to go meet their new son.


    And here he is... I couldn't think of a name, clicked through random a bunch of times.

    Hubby's off today, he suggested "Eaton"... that amused me, so, here's your first look at Eaton Pancakes. :D LOLOL!!


    That's where I left things. More babies incoming, the day I'm on has been pretty much me wandering around households between the "it's go time" labor notices. Love it!

    More later. So far, so good!
  • imhappyimhappy Posts: 1,666 Member
    Thanks to the Mod we aren't supposed to mention, Daniel Pleasant is in a relationship, with Jennifer Burb. In a very Cerci/Jamie Game of Thrones Way. Jennifer has been killed off by Nancy Landgraab via a cowplant. She's now an insane, sad ghost clown.

    Wolfgang Munch is also dating Jennifer. Which I'm hoping is a better match. Even though he's a bit, umm, younger. They are both equally creepy right now.

    Angela Pleasant keeps sneaking off with Elsa's dad from Winnenburg (can't remember his name). It also seemed creepy, but hey, he invited her out for a party one night and they seemed to hit it off.

    This is tough talking about my game, since I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say on a public forum. If I stop posting, you'll know why :-)
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member
    Today's picture worth sharing came from an idea that hit me out of the blue. (Little bit of a ramble, first.) :blush:

    Sometimes, since game lore mentions Lydia Kim, Alice's mom, I'll roll her up as part of the family. Sometimes I've married her and Dennis, sometimes not. I hadn't made her in this game, I found Miracle for Dennis instead.

    I spent a little time earlier rearranging who lives where, in some cases. Like I said, I want unplayeds in NC, but MC doesn't know that. LOL!

    Changing the time speed sent me backwards so I'm going through some alarms again. No big deal, but I'm still kind of sorting out who got married last time and it's almost time for another one, and a move in alarm (that's next!), etc.

    First, though, Alice needs to have her 2nd daughter. She's standing there on pause waiting for me to write this.

    My hospital's a little bugged (so is everybody elses, though, apparently?), although the time thing may be affecting it a little, too. Surgery table glitched, and I've had babies being shot through wormholes straight home, skipping by the post-birth snuggle/baby winks out & so does crib scenario. Moms zone home still in the hospital gown. General weirdness.

    It works, though, baby and parents and birth certificate all make it home safely. It's just MESSY. Finding the table led me on a merry chase into enabling Debug in Build/Buy, too. And Freebuild. And Unlocks, which I keep on all the time anyway. Deleted my cache file between restarts, and just now replaced the table.

    And looked at Alice's RelPanel. I have one elder female sim, Harley, who is now (from the last MC marriage run) married to my also-female NPC Fisher, Melany. (Hence the aqua hair. :p )

    Harley is insane.

    It started off as a soap opera "we changed actresses" thought, because I DO have a clear Lydia picture in my head when I add her to the game, and this isn't that, it's a totally new idea. But, what if Lydia had some kind of a breakdown, and later assumed a new identity? I looked at her traits, she and Alice have Childish in common, and from there, through MC's Relationships menu, I had it done and the picture taken in not even 5 minutes. Neat thing! ;)

    Anyway, I'm going with it, and it did give me a pretty interesting family tree picture to share.

    Dennis gets around, doesn't he? Haha!!


  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member
    Story Stuff, MC-Style...

    I've mentioned that Newcrest is my NPC-only (ish) town. "Ish" because MC likes to move people around in the Saturday alarm. I had to do a LITTLE rearranging of Playeds after the last one ran, but not too much. Since then, I only have enough houses for the sims I want living there, right now. And a spa.

    I put another spa in the empty lot of Magnolia Promenade, and one in Oasis Springs... I have all 3 of them (from Maxis) placed, but I've only visited Perfect Balance in OS, so far. I have a restaurant (Sunny Side Up, Brunch) in WC, and the Bistro (Experimental) in WB, I've been to the bistro a couple of times, now. I'll probably add one or two to Newcrest sometime, there's no rush. I haven't tried to buy any, yet, this game. Still getting things rolling, really.

    I've extended my age spans (Long aging) a little with MC, and set my Relative time speed to 35. Little whiplash from going through a couple of the same alarms (I went from 30 to 35, so twice) a couple of times (I got shot backwards about a day and a half total, I think). But from then, it's been really nice having more time to do things.

    Interesting settings (to me), affairs enabled, jealousy disabled, no strings woohoo enabled. Teens can marry, but not get pregnant or cause pregnancy, thanks to MC. Hence affairs. ;)

    I reattached Johnny Zest to the Landgraab family tree, and he's married to Luna Villareal, a teen. They all live in Oasis Springs. He's a Detective in my game (not my idea, but when the game did it when I put Don in the career and Johnny was unplayed at the time, I left it alone). Johnny has a "work wife" too, Cindy (adult, another Detective), they have one baby together (Nancy's first granddaughter!), and another on the way. They all (Johnny, Luna, Cindy and baby Joyce) live together... at least for now.

    Malcolm (teen) is married (via MC) to an elder Detective, they live next door to Geoffrey, Nancy, and their new daughter Willow. Malcolm's marriage is probably the first of many business arrangements for him. B)

    Katrina Caliente is married to a Librarian, but she's pregnant by him, too. He'll be losing his job pretty soon, I plan to mark them played, so I can be notified by MC when she goes into labor. Just waiting till closer to time (Show Sim Info keeps track down to the minute). Nina's married to an alien, Chaz. She's pregnant, too, but just barely. Dina's married to Travis Scott.

    Teen Morgan Fyres is married to my other (female) Librarian, Jena. Jena is now pregnant by Jade's husband, my mailman, Camilo. >.< LOL! They're all unplayed, Jade (business) and Camilo are living with Mitchell (detective) and Eve (yoga instructor) Kalani in Newcrest.

    Tangled webs... I have more, but this is plenty for one post.

    I haven't even mentioned WC or my main sims yet. Post for later, RL things coming first. BBL!

  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,207 Member
    I just started a thread chronicling my modded NPC adventures...I'll post a link, I think it's on topic?
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member
    You could have just posted your stories here. I didn't mean for this to be an All About Me thread, it's just worked out that way so far because people are reading not posting.

    I mean, I guess they're reading... LOL!!

    I'm reading your posts, @Dendarii ... good stuff! My Candy married Paolo... and he took her name. ;) Candy and Paolo Behr just had a son... Teddy. Yeah, I did it... Teddy Behr. LMAO!

    In fact, aging him up to child is on my short list, I got the "almost Teddy's birthday!" notice this morning... 4 days away from his "real" age up, but then my age spans are modified, so that may just be a thing. Meh.

    I don't leave mine as babies the whole time I could. Usually I age them up when the 2 day New Baby buff goes away... but, I've been stringing them out, too, to shake up that "everybody was born on Tuesday and ages up on the same Friday" thing. It's annoying. So once the buff goes away, I'm aging up a baby (Using Show Sim Info to keep track of who's next in line), waiting a few game hours, and aging up another one later the same day. No more than 2 or 3 per day, though. So far I've stuck with 2.

    Slept the afternoon away (as usual), I haven't been awake long enough for creative writing. I'll try to post an update on my game later this evening.
  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 3,345 Member
    You could have just posted your stories here. I didn't mean for this to be an All About Me thread, it's just worked out that way so far because people are reading not posting.

    I mean, I guess they're reading... LOL!!

    I'm reading your posts, @Dendarii ... good stuff! My Candy married Paolo... and he took her name. ;) Candy and Paolo Behr just had a son... Teddy. Yeah, I did it... Teddy Behr. LMAO!

    In fact, aging him up to child is on my short list, I got the "almost Teddy's birthday!" notice this morning... 4 days away from his "real" age up, but then my age spans are modified, so that may just be a thing. Meh.

    I don't leave mine as babies the whole time I could. Usually I age them up when the 2 day New Baby buff goes away... but, I've been stringing them out, too, to shake up that "everybody was born on Tuesday and ages up on the same Friday" thing. It's annoying. So once the buff goes away, I'm aging up a baby (Using Show Sim Info to keep track of who's next in line), waiting a few game hours, and aging up another one later the same day. No more than 2 or 3 per day, though. So far I've stuck with 2.

    Slept the afternoon away (as usual), I haven't been awake long enough for creative writing. I'll try to post an update on my game later this evening.

    In one of my saves, Candy married my Sim whose surname was 'Cotton' - having Candy Cotton in my game made me happier than it perhaps should have :D

    I keep meaning to write in this thread - I have one save (my one and only rotational save) where very "interesting" things are happening thanks to MC... I will aim to do so tonight. I am up to my eyeballs with work at the moment... grrr
  • loubyloulouloubyloulou Posts: 3,345 Member
    edited September 2016
    So, I was going to tell you about one of my more "interesting" (thanks to MC) families in my rotational save. (Sorry, I don't have any pics on my work laptop where I am now - yes, I am procrastinating...)

    My Sim Bria moved into a big house with her live-in lover (do they still say that?!) whose name escapes me. Bria has an affair with Geoffrey Landgraab (what was she thinking?!) and thanks to The Module That Shall Not Be Named (henceforth: TMTSNBN) she had a little girl, Alise (who has, incidentally, grown up to be an astonishingly pretty teen despite her father's DNA).

    Bria then had a planned kid with the live-in lover. Said lover then had an affair and two kids with a townie (thanks TMTSNBN) and on one of the marriage alarms was married off to the townie, hoicked out of Bria's house, with their kid, to go live with the townie. So now Bria is left on her own with just Alise for company.

    So, feeling lonely, Bria has an affair with a townie herself (I can't remember who and he's since been culled anyway...) and again thanks to TMTSNBN she has a kid, or rather - TRIPLETS!!! Argh! I was not expecting that!

    I struggle She struggles on for a while, but in desperation and with funds low, calls up the ex-live-in lover, who comes over, all innocent like. Before you know it, Bria has dissed his wife, persuaded him to leave the man-stealer, and has moved him back in with her - although their kid has "decided" to stay with his step-mother... >:) His salary and extra pair of babysitting hands come in useful! And, as we stand at the moment, she is preggers again, with her 6th child!

    We're gonna need a bigger house... Love MC and all its drama!
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  • imhappyimhappy Posts: 1,666 Member
    Love the stories!

    Cassandra Goth has been in love with Darren Dreamer since she was a teen. After getting Darleen pregnant, he did the honorable thing and married her. But he's not too honorable, making out with Cass on his wedding day. Darleeen passed away. (Technically, Nancy Landgraab killed her, but that's a long story). And Cass finally married Darren! And Darleen the ghost and Dirk is living with them.

    Darleen hates Cass, and by extension the daughter, Ophelia. So, I aged her up to teen. And "hid" her at Olivia Specter's house. Becsuse of the mod that shouldn't be named, Dirk won't know he's half sibling with Ophelia and they can start dating soon.
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,207 Member
    You could have just posted your stories here. I didn't mean for this to be an All About Me thread, it's just worked out that way so far because people are reading not posting.

    Oh,okay! I didn't know there was already a thread like this, lol. I'll post my next update here!

    Wheanwhile, I playing another save where I'm experiamenting with the mod that must not be named (Is that what we call it here? lol), and I'm not keeping as close an eye on things, but so far, both the Bjergsen parents are preganat with other people's kids :-P Also Paolo married J, which is probably a pretty open marriage :-P, Luna married Jacque (she grew up to be a dance machine, so that makes sense), and Maiike got together with Sophia which I just think is adorable!
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,207 Member
    So, I don't have an update on the NPC lives I'd been talking about before cause I've been playing a different save, and I haven't been really keeping track of all of their schenanigins like I did with the other one, but I was looking over the unplayed households in management and omg there are so many babies lol!

    That's Marcus Flex and Jade Roda with their husbands and babies. Marcus' baby isn't his husband's by the way...it's actually Mr. Bjergsen's!

    We've got the Kalani's with their new baby18bcf8fc_o.pngThat's Elsa, as in Elsa Bjergsen, btw.

    Paolo and J Rocca 0db8da4a_o.png

    The Pancakes had a kid da04ba9f_o.png

    The Fyres had a new baby 01618361_o.png

    Nina Caliente had a baby 3b703e8b_o.png She's not with Candy, they're just roommates

    Dina and liberty both had babies (I...wasn't paying attention to who with...) a8270887_o.png 7ddc9a1c_o.png

    Luna married Jaoquin and had a kid (Sergio married the redhead, Salvator) c424e963_o.png

    Eric and Alice had a new baby (when he ages up I'll have to go into CAS and give him the proper Spencer-Kim-Lewis surname :-P)506bf832_o.png

    And the Goths, oh the Goths! 929f86c8_o.png Cassandra married Cole and had twin boys, Grant and Abdullah, right around the time her parents welcomed a new son of their own, Terrell. I'm thinking I'm gonna change their names when they age up, cause the names the game picked for them just aren't, well, Goth-y enough for me, lol. I mean...Grant? Come on! So if you have any Goth sounding boy name ideas, I need three of them, lol!
  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,207 Member
    edited October 2016
    OKay, the Goth kids have aged up! Bella and Mortimer (who's now an elder)'s son is name Gomez (he's on the right), and Cassandra's twins are Abner and Gregor. I didn't change their appearance at all, just spruced up the outfits to have a little bit more of the Goth aesthetic. I also gave Cassandra a bit more of a grown up look, just had her lose the schoolgirl skirt and pigtails really. 19c32650_o.png

    I also just noticed that Cassandra's husband Cole looks quite a bit like a blond Mortimer, lol 6c49beec_o.png

    Oh, and when I went to change Erik and Alice's son's last name, it turn out Spencer-Kim-Lewis is too long :-( It even wouldn't accept Olivia's last name anymore, so I just got out of CAS without saving. I am very displeased by this.
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  • imhappyimhappy Posts: 1,666 Member
    Thanks to the mod, I've replaced almost all the non-played townies with ones I created or downloaded! It was so funny to go the gym, and see Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the gym trainer! She was teaching Bob Pancake how to get fit, and he had a little heart bubble around him as he was falling off the treadmill.

  • thetinfoilgnomethetinfoilgnome Posts: 101 Member
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    Not sure whether or not some of you know this, but you can take screenshots in-game by using the "c" key. They get saved to the screenshot manager in camera options. If your sim takes a photo with their camera, that's also saved there too. Bonus: Guess what? if you take a screetshot, it automatically takes out the toolbar/interface, so it looks like you've just taken a photo.

    Another useful tip: You can get rid of their plumbob by using the cheat headlineeffects off. It's super handy!
  • BonxieBonxie Posts: 4,816 Member
    edited October 2016
    I don't know whether this counts as a story too, but maybe you like it...

    This are the Cartharsis Ruins, the secret remains of an old temple, somewhere deep in the southern Sim-Jungle....

    ...and there lives a very special fellow...

    ...who really doesn't like being disturbed by mere sims...

    ...but sometimes, he deigns to befriend somebody.

    And some more impressions:

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  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member

    Okay, I'll bite... how did you DO that with the Tiger?? Gorgeous pictures.

    Love your sim, those stockings are very cool. And her hair, but I've told you that before... or meant to.

    Thanks for the post, great stuff! :)

    Tiger reminded me of an old F2P game a friend and I checked out, but now I can't remember which one... might've been 9 Dragons, we played that and Two Moons for a while, and seems like there was one more...

    Whatever game it was, my friend was playing a new character (I was watching, I enjoy that, too), wandering around... "oh look, a tiger!" ... next thing we knew, pounce/MUNCH!!

    That level bajillion tiger had his newbie eaten in about 2 seconds. And we ROLLED laughing. So thanks for the memory, too. At the time, it was pretty funny.
  • BonxieBonxie Posts: 4,816 Member
    edited October 2016
    ...how did you DO that with the Tiger?...

    Oh, it's not so difficult, once you caught the Tiger :D

    The Tiger is a CC sculpture and can be used the same way as any other build mode object in the game. So first I built the scenery and set some spotlights. Then I took the Tiger and the sim with some poses for andrew's poseplayer and tried to compose a meanigful setting. The last step is to find a viewpoint for the virtual camera. You can be real close with a wide angle view or far away with the telephoto or any combination you may think of. Also pretty dramatic is to work with diffrent spotlight locations and light colors. I created 30 - 40 shots, varying lighting, poses and viewpoints and selected the best.

    Here is a 'behind the scenes' shot as an example:

    And as an encore:

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  • thetinfoilgnomethetinfoilgnome Posts: 101 Member
    Oh my gosh @Bonxie, those picture are incredible. They are going straight to the blog. Thanks so much for sharing them!
  • BonxieBonxie Posts: 4,816 Member
    @Rowlena_Lauchenbaum Thank you very much. I'm glad you like them.

    Do you need a higher picture resolution? I sized them down from original 1920x1200 to 1024x640 for download performance.
  • thetinfoilgnomethetinfoilgnome Posts: 101 Member
    @Bonxie I will make the actual update this evening. Usually I can just add them to the my rlinmotion folder and add them to the blog without the creator having to do anything. I'll let you know if there are any issues :)
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member
    I've been focusing on kids, mostly, in my game. This is one of my favorite pictures from last week:


    Desert Bloom, heavily edited, this is the family I've played the most, Syrtis. I may need a new av, Starla aged up to become the brown haired girl in the picture. In her human disguise, anyway. ;)

    Sometimes I go no-frills. These six girls, and also Olivia L and Elsa B, are members of Girls Club. It worked. Haha! (Olivia is playing chess waaaaaaay in the back.)

    From the left, there's Joyce Herndon, who needs explaining. Her dad is Johnny (ex-Zest) Villareal, who married teen Luna. (No babies happening that way here, so spouses need "outlets"... hello, affairs. >:) )

    Before any of this, I related Johnny back to the Landgraabs, since "canon" says they were family. Didn't want him and Nancy thinking about hooking up... ew. So anyway, Landgraabs and Villareals are connected. I had Johnny take Luna's last name because Villareal > Zest any day.

    Two dynasties intertwined. Joyce actually belongs to a detective Johnny works with. No Entertainer gig for this guy! (Actually, I had him unplayed, put Don Lothario in the career, and the game decided Johnny'd look good in a uniform too, I guess. And Gavin, and Ulrike, and Mitchell...)

    And Cindy Herndon, who has now given Johnny both Joyce, and a new baby boy, Jonah. They all live together (with Luna) in Oasis Springs. (I have jealousy disabled.)

    Back to the picture, next is Donna Syrtis, my simself Terra's outgoing child with Don Lothario (twins, active boy Danilo isn't pictured except in the family bar). Hey, it was Don Lothario. ;) No strings and a hot tub... <ahem>

    The next blonde is Willow Landgraab, Nancy and Geoffrey's daughter. It was supposed to be another boy... I cheated. Nancy needs a mini-me.

    The next two girls came from the Alien Pollinator... Raven Kim (by way of Dennis), and Starla Syrtis (from Terra). So they're half-sisters, but it isn't an obvious connection "other" people would make... they're BFFs, too. Both full aliens. Plenty of reasons to hang out together. I liked that.

    On the far right is Inari Lewis, Olivia's younger sister. I probably should've made her a boy, but I wanted Alice to have a creative girl, moreso than a goofball.

    I just really thought this was a cool picture, and it gave me a place to start.

    I have 7 pregnancies going. Can't seem to get below 5 at a time, like ever. LOL! I have my mod runs set up for once a week, marriage Friday, move in Saturday (hard coded), and pregnancy Sunday (it added two more pregnancies to what I already had), but, I'm dangerous with that Start Pregnancy Use Active button if I get an idea, too. :smiley:

    More to come!
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member

    More picture, less story, this time... here's Ingrid (my simself's alien scientist roommate/best friend) with her baby girl, Quinn.


    Quinn is the first full alien born from two in game aliens, not PT-engineered.

    Chaz Caliente married Nina, took her name. He's an alien, what difference does an earth last name make, really? ;)

    Dina and Katrina are both married, too, and Katrina's had a son, Troy, with hubby Spencer (ex-Librarian). (Dina married Travis Scott.)

    But this is not their story. I wanted to try an alien birth in game... again with no strings, I decided to have my only male alien (who is also insane, btw, interesting combo!) and Ingrid "perpetuate the species." So, she ended up pregnant.

    Apparently Ingrid is not too maternal. (May be an alien vs mod thing, a no strings vs alien thing... I dunno.) She seemed to have trouble developing feelings for the baby after she had it. Some of the other kids in the house liked the baby more than she did, seemed like.

    Quinn got a regular crib, I guess only the PT doles out the snazzy silvery ones. I wondered.

    I noticed Chaz had more points with Quinn than Ingrid did. So, I had Ingrid call and invite Chaz and Nina over, she's friends with both.


    Chaz is in the purple DOTD outfit, standing near Liberty. Nina is in the pink and green, I *love* that Romantic Garden hairstyle on her!!

    I had Ingrid show them both the baby, and then I aged Quinn up. Not many pictures yet, but, I decided after I edited her outfits to go for it...

    I moved Quinn in with Chaz, Nina, and their new baby boy, Apollo.


    Don also has a third child, a boy, with Ulrike Faust, his name is Rick Lothario. He's an art lover, and lives with his mom. Don's still doing the bachelor thing (never marry flag is awesome for noncommital sims... although MC's new "use traits" functions could help there, too...).

    Some of my family trees are getting epic already. Alice Lewis is connected to a BUNCH of people. I'll save that one for another day, though. I'm about out of time for this morning.

    One last thing, this is how my hood stats look now...

    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Sims: 156
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Female Sims: 88
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Male Sims: 68
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Grim Reapers: 0
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Babies - Female: 0, Male: 2
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Children - Female: 11, Male: 14
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Teens - Female: 13, Male: 4
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Young Adults - Female: 35, Male: 27
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Adults - Female: 24, Male: 15
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Elders - Female: 4, Male: 5
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Ghosts: 2
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Homeless Sims: 19
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Homed Sims: 135
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Married Sims: 80
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Pregnant Sims: 7
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Sims in Hidden Households: 6
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Aliens: 8
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Special Sims: 2
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Households: 63
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Homeless Households: 11
    [10/17/16 11:19:27]Total Homed Households: 52

    That's it from me, for now. Have a great day! :)
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member

    Yesterday I mentioned Alice Lewis having a pretty interesting family tree...


    You probably know she's married to Eric and has Olivia, when the game rolls. I love the "dreads" on Olivia, they fit her well, IMO.

    Their second daughter is Inari, creative. She's about 2 weeks behind Olivia, age-wise, I think. With relationship culling disabled for played sims, I've noticed that Olivia has FULL friendship bars with almost all 7 of her fellow club members. I wasn't watching HER, so I don't know how she did that. LOL!

    It's the upper tree branches that are the most interesting, though.

    You know how the game says Alice's parents are Dennis and Lydia? Sometimes I roll Lydia, but this time I'd already married Dennis to Miracle, so I went for a soap-opera (new actress playing the part) "what if she had a breakdown, and that's why they split up?" angle... I had an elder female, Harley, who has the childish trait, like Alice. So, I used MC to tie her in as Alice's mother. She also happens to be married to my NPC Gardener, another female, Melany.

    Dennis and Miracle have a son, Zentaro. And Dennis has an alien daughter, Raven, from the PT. Raven and my simself Terra's daughter Starla (another PT gift) are BFFs as well as being (not so obvious) half-sisters. I haven't really played the Kims a LOT, but I do check in on them occasionally. It's going to be fun watching the kids grow up. :)

    Tell me your story, I won't have much time to play mine, this week. I'd love to see more from you! :)

  • BonxieBonxie Posts: 4,816 Member
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    Once again, not really what you would consider as a real "story"....

    As I told you before, I'm one of those, you would call a 'Dollhouse"-player, who use the game more than a building and designing playground, rather than playing the way it was originally meant to be played. This is also the reason why I extensivly use mods and CC. The original game mechanics and content is by far not enough for what I want to do.


    One of my favourite movies is "Metropolis" from 1927, not only because of its rich art deco style and the dystopian theme, but also because it's a milestone and an original in entertainment history . And certainly one of the most exciting figures from this movie is the "Maschinenmensch", the human shaped robot, one of the first ever seen on screen.


    I was never very happy with the original "Alien" apperance in S4 and of course I tried to change the look, but my first experiments where not very satisfying. This time I think I'm on a better way, and surpisingly (and not on purpose) the result looks a bit like that robot from "Metropolis". so I want to share with you my first Sims 4 "Maschinenmensch".


    Hope, you like it.

  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,749 Member
    @Bonxie that's awesome. Looks like a World of Warcraft headpiece/outfit. Love it!

    Just posting a general "what's up" in my game. I don't have many pictures ready, but I have some time to kill before the school run. Game's stalled at 9pm Sunday. I might run it up to midnight (thru the MC alarm) later this morning, but for now, I'm done, I think.

    Ingrid is now carrying twin alien boys, thanks to the PT. It's been the weekend, no work for her (scientist) or my simself Terra (tech guru). I bounced between home, the library in willow creek, and desert bloom. Both venues are pretty heavily edited. I USE in-game lots, but I ADD bunches of activity things etc to them, too. And a mailbox, and a computer/slablet... cheats access FTW.

    I have some clubs tweaking to do, but that probably won't happen till after either the patch or the expansion. It's on the list... somewhere. It just isn't on TODAY's list. I wish they'd make that easier.

    In Willow Creek, Terra, Ingrid and Terra's 3 kids still live together. Quinn (Ingrid's alien baby with Chaz) moved in with the Calientes, Chaz, Nina and their hybrid baby Apollo, in Oasis Springs.

    Starla has a "Star Kids" club, 3 members, alien kids. Raven, Starla and Quinn, so far. Ingrid and Quinn became Good Friends just by hanging out and chatting together at the library. That was neat. (Ingrid has an Outworlders club for adult aliens.)

    Ingrid needs to get used to the idea of raising her own babies, with 2 incoming, and no "spare parent" to ship them off to. I won't send them to the homeworld, she's just going to have to raise these boys.

    That might be when I move her/them to another house, OR, I might move Danilo in with daddy Don, who lives across the street, for more room in my main house. Haven't decided yet, she's barely pregnant. A lot can happen between now and Go Time.

    They're the only house I've tried the Sugar Skull thing with. I need one more to finish it off, and get the 10th. Several duplicates. Too bad you can't Transform those with the SimRay.

    I did take a break from them, though, long enough to have Bella and Mortimer's third child, daughter Cordelia, born. I knew what I was naming her, when I found out she was a girl. Didn't even hit random once when she was born. LOL! Cassandra and hubby Bradley (shady past, he was one of my "criminals", the red-herring guy, when he first spawned) live next door to the Pancakes.

    My only unplayed house in WC is on the other side of Pancakes, that mom is a massage therapist at Perfect Balance. She zoned in with a teen and child, and is now mod-married to an ex-gym trainer (I bulldozed his "office" and the game hasn't seen fit to give him another job, yet. I haven't been many places.).

    I try to keep families together, but I moved the Lewises in across from the Goths (into an edited copy of their original home), the Kims (Dennis, Miracle, Raven and Zentaro) into Parkshore, and when Vivian married Frank (doctor), I put them in a house next door to Eric and Alice. Full lot. Meh.

    Most of what happens in WC comes from either the Crick Cabana area or the Goth area. I rarely use the twin lot for anything other than played sims I'm not really into, but want to keep their jobs. I've had Oakenstead as an insane asylum before, too.

    I don't care for Magnolia Blossom Park, I like Desert Bloom a LOT better, so usually I either leave MB alone or replace it. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    I took out the small gym and put down a restaurant. That's about all I've changed, venue-wise, in WC.

    And I think I'll quit here, other than mentioning I moved Ulrike and HER son with Don, Rick into another of the houses across from my sims (Liberty and Yuki live in Garden Essence, married), that's about all that's been going on in WC.

    I do have a picture of that map, I just am still struggling with importing them from onedrive into messages. Chrome thing, I think, if I was using Edge, it'd probably work better... I'll try that later, but for now, here's my Willow Creek.


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