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If you find that anyone else has disappeared, please let me know.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this list!

Be sure and also check out @rosemagwin's List of The Lost:

Ajoya Sims/B.Simth, Bazlou, Chisami, Daer0n, Delco Webney, Designs for Sims, juoo9082, Lunarrlakes, Meeyou, Miss Paraply, Mochi029, MySim4NY, Rachel's Sim Stuff, Tovisim, and many others Courtesy of WamBam/Robin F from Reddit

Monas at MTS retired CC archive whith many hard to find items :

Chicvibe retired CC :

Bag of Lost CC various deactivated simmers:

There are some creators who have had their paetron only CC archived and I don't feel comfortable sharing that link as the creators did not give permission. I also do not share links to Russian archive sites.

Ajeils blindfolds only:

Aleesha is now Honeysaps:

Alf-Si HQ Mod:
Alf-Si recently deleted their Tumblr but, the Mod is still available through the Wayback Machine: use the dowload link.
They still have their blogspot and TSR accounts for all other CC.
Simmer SimoVee has updated the Mod for Seasons and Laundry Day:

All About Style downloads still available:
Downloads hosted by @chicvibe They also have TS2 and TS4 downloads if you ask

Asyli is now Patchworksims2
Some of their S4S links still work also:

Aurthurlumierecc is now Grafity:

Vitiligo files:


Black-le is now Black Fascination: If you get the page with the Blog Naver logo that looks like a plane ticket, click on the second link (there are only two) on the top right of the page and it will go to the downloads. If you can translate the page it will say Blog in English. The My Blog link on the left of the page links to the Blog Naver sign up.

Contact @BMSO

Brittpinkie Sims some Mods are now being updated by Rex. please check his download file as he has updated more Mods than listed in the description. Also, check the folders provided above by WamBam, Monas, and Chicvibe for more CC:

Buttersim some of her downloads are still available here:

Devilicious at Pixel Shrine (not the same as Devilicious at TSR)
Monas has some curtains:
Some of their creations have been shared by Simmers at MTS4:

Domination Kid current site:
Otaku Paradise:
Older CC:

retired CC:

Ela Sims Angel/Fallen Angel Wings:
Ela is also known as May Sims but she requires that you become a paid member to download those items:

English Rose Sims is now Okuree:

Fallenstar119/HopelesslyDevotedSims: is now known as FireheartCC:

Floraltaeny 1 file

Froschquark may still available on Lana's CC Finds: froschquark

futurisims may still be available at Lana's CC Finds:

Genius66613 is now DeepSpace:
older CC:

Ghardenia/Taproot/Fairyfang/Plumbjam : Ghardenia Ghardenia taproot

Gohliad/Cupid Juice/Servobride/Imatater



Habsims hosted by Simblob

Hallow-Sim moved to LycaSims:
download masterlist (hosted by Simpliciaty)


hfugmusmnsrmn is now Jaderj1209

inakh/llenies/femme-jean is now Ina:
Ina's OneDrive:!AK7nKIxQz0dMMkA&id=73762F1E69433976!1022&cid=73762F1E69433976

Jellyfishandpancakes looksbooks are archived by Just Ashlee20

John-Sims/Giannisk13: credit to lunacressly/Apolune Sims



KiwiSims4 is now IndsutriSims:


Mac-cosimetics is now Vain and has Paetron only downloads


Magnasimblr is now Sims Trouble:

Mangobytecc I found a few files: mangobytecc -Base Sims


Missparaply has deactivated her Tumblr but you can find her on her new site: Norton flags it as an unsafe website. old CC

mkstudio684/Simplestudio404 for the download to work you need to cut and paste the simfilshare link. Example: cut and paste only the highlighted text.
ChicVibe's Archives:

M0M0ka is now roseum:

My Sims Life Fou is now Pixelunivairse:


Nolween by Nana is currently at this web address:

Pale Secret Site by PralineSims


Plumbjam is now Wild Honey Pie:

Primadonna/Lucas Sims is now Grimcookies:


Pxelmoon still available on the Wayback Machine

Rumoruka-Raizon is being collected by @rosemagwin here:
Borderland CC: Thanks to Reddit user plum

Salem 2342


ShellyWellyLove is now SavvySweet:


Sim-Ent aka SimsClub aka Gorilla Gorilla/Western Gorilla is now Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla:

SimMandy has a new Tumblr:

Simshini is now gofuork on an unsearchable Tumblr. They have deleted all their old content and will not provide download links if asked.


Spacey-Sims is now SimTrends:

Spectacled Chic
Shared by @plumbizzare[spectacledchic-sims4].rar

Starlord Sims is now SLYD

Sniffles Blush:

Sweet Taco Plumbobs hairs are being hosted at In A Bad Romance:
and at Sadness Simmer:

Tanitas8 lots available in Gallery

Tensemoodlet Hair Dump 1 Hair Dump 3 GoWan Hair

TheSimsFanaticMelon the blogspot is gone and the tumblr is still there but, doesn't have any download links. Some of the links still work here:

That Rayleen has changed their name to something not Teen rated.
For Teen rated links to their old CC

Old CC:

Unobservant Sims is now Wildly Miniature Sandwich:


v-vian is now Viviansims Studio:

Wildwackysimmersx is now: *music on site

WinglySimmer You can find some items here:



Younzoey a few meshes may be found at SulSulSims:; aka whimsims


Deactivated/CC no longer available:
Alamirra/SAGA (she still has her youtube account) *see Mona's retired CC above, she has a few links
Beyoncedelsims *see Mona's retired CC above, she has 1 link (not the socks though)
Brownies Wife Sims
Emma's Simposium and CC Graveyard
Exp3100 *see Mona's retired CC above, she has a few links
Granny Zaza
Jakea (still has some items on TSR)
Sims 4 Designs
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