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Don_Oello's showcase Update: Knitcraft Korner


  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Art of Brix
    Download Link
    Slideshow Link

    My art room for #QCRooms41
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Art of Brix is a very nice art room! @ :) Very nice design and furnishing of the room! It looks very nice the way the beams are used to border the wall decor and artwork! The way the paintings, photos , pictures and tapestries are placed on the feature wall looks very nice! Paula will enjoy sittting on the sofa, having a cup of coffee and resting whilst looking at the feature wall. The types of ceiling lights used looks very nice and suits well the art theme. Very nice windows art nook! Paula will enjoy painting on the easel there, and at the same time enjoy looking out through the windows at the outsoors views. The greenery there looks very nice! The plates wall decor are nice touches on the wall areas either sides of the nook. It is nice that easels have been placed both on the left and right hand sides in the windows nook. The voudcriiter print on the end wall looks great! The art decor items are nice touches in the room. The wall area with the cabinets looks very nice! It looks great how the cabinets frame the honeycomb shelf. The plants, Easter eggs and mysim are nice touches on the table. The patterned floor rug is a nice touch in the room
    The furnishing of the room is very nice! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Judge feedback for Art of Brix

    this is what the judges of QCRooms had to say about my room:
    Art of Brix - Paula loved walking into this room with the great industrial, light and airy feeling it gave. She thought the color scheme and style flowed really nicely and she loved how you broke up the room with the half wall. She loved the inspirational wall, especially that you included photos and made a rough industrial styled wall so beautiful. As Paula looked around the room she loved the splashes of color in the decoration and furniture, also to see other types of art in the room such as the decorative eggs and wood sculptures. She was so happy you included storage racks for her paintings and loved having two easels so she could work on two different paintings at the same time. She thought the sink and bin was a great idea to add in the room because she can be quite messy while painting. Overall Paula loved this room, well done.
    High Hedge sticking through the windows and a bit unrealistic placed on stone flooring
    Expresso Grind O Matic needs the Expresso Engine to be able to make coffee
    Painting and Pick a peck of pennies placed over window is bit strange and would of been better just to leave a wall section there.
    Storage rack for paintings slightly sticking into half wall trim
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Prefab Cottage
    Download Link
    Slideshow Link

    this is a little cozy starter home based on a floorplan for #startershowoff07

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Prefab Cottage is a very nice starter! :) It reflects well the floor plan. Very nice exterior design of the home.The roofing is very nice! Very nice roof covered front porch, and the flowers look very pretty in the nook area at the front of the home with the tree in the midst of it. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the home! The brown colour scheme of the living, kitchen and dining area looks very nice. The yellow flowers picture on the wall is sunny for sims to see when dining at the table. Nice sofa seats corner sitting nook for sims to rest on the sofa. The lamp is a nice touch placed in the corner between the sofas. The blue colour scheme of the bedrooms looks very nice. The shoes racks and clothes shelves in the master bedroom look homely. The dinosaur in the kids room looks cute! The school bag is a great home touch on the dresser. Sims will enjoy waking up to sunshine coming into the room through the bedroom windows.
    The cottage home is very nice! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member

    Overwatch is a modern starter for the latest BnS challenge

    Download link: Overwatch
    Slideshow link: http://imgur.com/a/G7VK4


    check all my creations at my gallery:Don_Oello

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Overwatch is a very nice starter home! :) The exterior design of the home looks great ! Very nice car port. The slanted roofing is very nice.
    Very nice furnishing and layout of the interior of the home! The wall patterning gives a nice look to the home. The brown colour scheme of the home looks nice. The patterned curtains are nice touches in the home.
    The home is a great starter for sims to begin their sims lives in :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Family Feast

    Download: Family Feast
    Showcase: http://imgur.com/a/O0rxd

    this is a room i decorated for qcrooms45 thanksgiving challenge. in the Netherlands we don't celebrate thanksgiving so it was a bit hard for me to come up with a great style. the end result is a beautiful family dining/lounge room. please leave comment to help me improve my style.

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Family Feast is a very nice room for Thanksgiving! :) Very nice furnishing and layout of the room! The different areas of the room look very nice!
    The wall paneling gives a nice look to the room. Very nice sofa seats sitting area, for sims to rest there and have a chat after their meals or enjoy reading a book. The pattrned floor rug is a nice touch there. The patterned stools are nice for sims to sit on also.
    Very nice dining area. The type of dining seats used looks nice, and their colour complements well with the walls and colour scheme of the room.
    The design of the kitchen cooking area looks great! The wall cabinets look nice how they are placed on the wall. The hanging pots, olive oil bottles wall shelf, wall knives, fruit bowl and teabags are great kitchen touches there.
    The cherry blossom picture on the bar counter wall is pretty for sims to see when sitting on the stools having a drink from the bar.
    Very nice chess nook area for sims to have fun playing chess at the chess table.
    Sims will enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving there :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    thank you @rosemow keep this layout for your future comments. it's a lot easier to read now B)
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Pepper Industries

    Pepper Industries was once a warehouse in the spices district of San Myshuno, now it's converted to a 2 bed/1 bath apartment with a boho vibe. some bits needs tlc though like some bits of wall and the balcony. Entry for BnS57, uploaded as a room for placement on 19 Culpepper in San Myshuno.

    Download: Pepper Industries
    Showcase: http://imgur.com/a/kUnqG


    Constructive critics please, it will help me keep building
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Pepper Industries is a great refurnishing of the apartment! :) The touches of bohemian style though the bulld looks nice. The patterned curtains add a very nice look to the home.
    Very nice dining area! The plant is a nice touch of green on the table top, and the wall tapestry complements well with the dining table and chairs.
    The steel wiired wall to separate off the kitchen looks great!
    Very nice bedrooms. The combination of the brown brick texture and the other wall pattern /panelling gives a great look to the rooms.
    The curtains and birds pictures on the master bedroom bedhead wall creates a great feature wall area in the room!
    Very nice living room and study area. Sims will enjoy resting on the sofa watching tv, or enjoy sitting at the desk table using the computer. The patterned floor rug there looks great! Very nice voidcritter themed feature wall! The voidcritter wall print and the voidcritters on the shelves look great!
    Very nice balcony area for sims to enjoy painting on the easel whilst looking out at the city views.
    The apartment is very nice! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QCRooms45 judge feedback on Family Feast

    when the results and feedback in QC or BnS are in, i will post the part about my entries here in my showcase thread

    Maryanne loved the open concept you created in the room. It gave her and her family a chance to mix and mingle no matter what part of the room they were in! Maryanne and her family particularly liked the bar area as it looked very pretty! The overall neutral theme to the room was nicely broken up with pops of color. Maryanne loved the openness of the kitchen with the bar stools on the other side so her family could chat with her while she prepared the feast. We had a little giggle at the Christmas wreath above the fire pace as many American’s can’t help but, decorating for Christmas even just a little before Thanksgiving is even over! *hehe* the addition of the keyboard and fireplace added nice atmosphere to the room as well. The clutter used was nice. This is a lovely room!
    The “Bridges of misshapen paths” painting is sticking into side table. There was no grinder for the espresso machine. Maryanne would have liked to have seen perhaps some curtains to give the room a more cosy feeling. While Maryanne and her family loved the openness of the room she felt like it could have been broken up a bit more with wall coverings, flooring, or even columns. Also and this is just a small thing the placement of the keyboard seemed odd and not as well thought out as it could have been.
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  • masajomasajo Posts: 5,130 Member
    Fantastic layout to your apartment, really love how you've divided the areas and the boho vibe is absolutely beautiful :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    BnS57 judge feedback on Pepper Industries

    @BuildnShare just posted the results of the established category in their winners thread, this is the judge feedback on my entry:

    Pepper Industries is a fabulous renovation into a spacious and well laid out apartment. Lovely to see you have created a great balance with the industrial and boho vibes, which complement each other beautifully. Love the way you've divided the kitchen from the dining area, looks very modern and stylish and the wall hangings around the dining table add lots of interest. The art nook fits in perfectly here. The living room looks wonderfully vibrant and lively with your choice of colourful furnishings and decor, love the curtains around the sofa.

    Suggestions: The master bedroom looks very beautiful, but I would have swapped the wardrobe and mirror around and perhaps angled the mirror in the corner. Also in this room, the wall texture with it's skirting board and coving looks a little odd next to the brickwork. I would have used a texture which covers floor to ceiling without the skirting and coving.
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Arts of Light

    for QCRooms46 apartment challenge
    Arts of Light replaces 920 Medina Studios in the arts district. it has a classy light color palette and is great for your arts inspired sims
    Download: Arts of Light
    Showcase: http://imgur.com/a/KyhB5

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Arts of Lights is a very nice refurnishing of the apartment! :) The colour scheme of the apartment looks nice. The wall paneling and colour gives a very nice look to the bulld.
    Very nice dining area! The alternating blue and yellow colour of the dining chairs, the patterned floor rug and the blue and yellow blinds look very great together! The weights are a nice touch on the table top.
    The design of the kitchen nook looks great! The cabinets look great how they are placed there to create the oven , fridge and sink nook! The island curved work bench is great for sims to prepare meals on. The fruit bowl, cookbooks and utensils are nice touches on the counter.
    Nice art area near the windows for sims to enjoy looking out at the views whilst painting. The pictures on the walls of the apartment add a nice touch to the apartment areas.
    Nice sofa seat sitting area for sims to relax and watch tv or read a book.
    The bedroom looks great! It is great that there is a side brick wall in the bedroom for sims to do street art on.
    It is a very nice apartment for living in the City :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QCRooms46 feedback on Arts of Lights

    @Cbear13 posted the results of QCRooms46, this is the feedback on my room:

    Frank loved how you made the apartment feel more classy and upscale in the main living areas. The bright white was a nice contrast to the pops of color added in the art work and soft furnishings. The apartment was nice and bright to show off the art work. The kitchen area is nicely done with the island. He really liked how colourful the dining area was. The DIY wall mural in the bedroom was a great addition of Sims to show off their artistic abilities on a larger scale. He also liked the activities you added for sims to use.
    Frank felt like part of the main living area felt really bare and thought the graffiti in the bedroom and bathroom didn’t flow well with the classy feeling the rest of the apartment had. He also found The "Puppeteer's wardrobe" is sticking into the counter and curtain in the bedroom. A few more activities could have been added to give sims a bit more to do. (Maybe even a small desk area? Would have been nice for sims who work from home.)
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Christmas in Blue

    showcase: http://imgur.com/a/1hQgf
    Download: Christmas in Blue

    Christmas in Blue is a family reading room/study where the family comes together to celebrate christmas
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,487 Member
    Christmas in Blue is a very elegant room for the sims family to enjoy celebrating Christmas! :smile: ) The blue and silver colour scheme of the room looks very nice! Very nice layout and furnishing of the room!
    The Christmas tree looks very pretty in the middle of the room! The sofa seats look nice how they are placed around the tree, and the presents are a nice touch in the corners between the sofas. Sims will enjoy sitting resting there having a read of a book. The smowman there looks cute!
    Very nice fireplace nook! The fireplace will keep them warm. The candles on the fireplace ledge, and the wreath and garland on the nook wall are nice festive touches there. The pictures look great placed diagonally there each side of the wreath. The nutcrackers look great placed each side of the fireplace nook.
    The kids nook is great! The teddy and unicorn look cute there! They will have fun playing with the toys from the toy box. The snowflakes look pretty on the wall.
    Nice Christmas present table. The crackers look great on the table. The koalas look cure sitting either sides of radio music player! Sims will enjoy listening to the radio music whilst in the room,
    It is a very nice Christmas themed family room! :)
  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QCRooms47 feedback on Christmas in Blue
    download: Christmas in Blue
    i got 2nd place in my category for this room, thank you @Cbear13

    Judge: What a charming room you’ve created. We loved the idea you had to put the train set around the tree. All the blue looks really lovely in the room. As does the Christmas decorations you’ve added around the room. The little play area you added was a great place for children to sit and play with their new toys. The table with gifts and Christmas crackers was a nice touch. We also thought it was great to see a radio in the room so sims can enjoy some holiday music. The fire place also looked very pretty with the grey brick behind it. We thought the window coverings you used worked well with the windows. Great job and Happy Holidays!
    While we adored the train set you created a few of the cars could have been placed slightly further away as some branches were sticking out of the tops of them. We would have liked to seen a bit more creativity used in breaking up the space. Such as with flooring walls and half walls.

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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    It is a gorgeous room @Don_Oello and the scores were super close, you did am amazing job.decorating it I loved the white christmas feel and all the touches of blue
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    Soul Chic

    Download: Soul Chic
    Showcase: http://imgur.com/a/cJfkJ

    Challenge: QCRooms48
    Soul Chic is a 1 bed/1 bath apartment for the music loving sims. this can be placed at 1312 21 Chic street in San Myshuno.
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  • Don_OelloDon_Oello Posts: 259 Member
    QCRooms 48 feedback on Soul Chic

    Harmony and Reed loved the layout you created in the apartment. It made it feel more spacious then it actually is. They loved the use of musical painting and décor around the apartment. The keyboard rug was a nice touch. Harmony was over joyed to see the karaoke machine. And, Reed was really excited about the huge TV! They thought the bathroom was bright and well designed and loved all the counter space (very important for a couple living together haha). They loved how big and the kitchen was and that it was open to the dining space for when they have guests over. Harmony and Reed thought the apartment you created for them was great!
    Harmony and Reed noticed that “the short of it” dresser is going into the curtains in the bedroom as is the “maumans ottoman” sticking into a curtain in the bedroom. They also noticed the self-storage unit with hangers” shelf is going into wall slightly. They would have liked to have seen the flooring in the kitchen broken up a bit (perhaps by using tiles in the kitchen or a rug to brighten things up a bit. While Harmony and Reed thinks the apartment you created is beautiful, it felt a bit to mature for this young and vibrant couple who likes to party hard. Perhaps some more vibrant wall covering would have better suited this couple.

    Thank you @Cbear13 @lisa17ann and the rest of the team for judging.
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  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,278 Member
    Your very welcome we loved your apartment, the scores were so close because everyone did such an amazing job. Your apartment was gorgeous and you did such a great job with the muso theme.
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