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Forum Problem.. Can anyone help?

Sorry to bug you all, But I've been having this problem for a few days.
When I'm on my Laptop, i can log in to the forum and view and reply, and everything is fine. But when i'm using my P.C I can get as far as the topic index, but when i got to view the post, it comes up with "an error has accured"! Is there a way i can fix this? I'm Missing something? It only started happerning Thursday night! Can you help?


  • AlrynnAlrynn Posts: 39 Member
    edited November 2009
    Do you use firefox when on PC? If yes, I have the exact same problem lately! So I just use Chrome for forum now... untill firefox updates I guess...
    Just try to use different browser! Should help =)
  • Molly360Molly360 Posts: 731 Member
    edited November 2009
    Haha.... i did work! I'm using goggle chrome now! Thank you :lol:
  • AlrynnAlrynn Posts: 39 Member
    edited November 2009
    :D Yay! You're very welcome! ^___^
  • XOX1XOX1 Posts: 2,643 New Member
    edited November 2009
    A lot of people have been having problems with the forums lately.

    A full discussion, containing comments, and possible solutions from a sim guru, can be found on this thread...


    Hope this helps!

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