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    So glad you like the build DatSubmarineYourLookingFor, enjoy it in Game. :)
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    I'm back. But with a different request this time. I would like two request two sims for a household.

    Sim/Household, Sims 4 Request Form
    Preferred creator* (If none, leave blank):
    Gender: a male and female
    Age: young adults
    Skin color: white
    Eye color: green for her and blue for him
    Hair color: black for the female and brown
    Aspiration​: both the soulmate
    ​Bonus Trait:
    Traits: for the female (Jenna) I would like romantic, music lover, cheerful

    For the male (Colin) I would like romantic, active, outgoing, loves outdoors
    Name desired (optional): Jenna Dewan and Colin Wayne
    Which EPs and SPs do you have? GT GTW EPs the SPs I have are movie hangout, backyard stuff
    I also have outdoor retreat, spa day and and Dine out GP
    Link to reference pics (optional): LGkNT6k.jpg



    Is communication required before the creator begins work? Sure if you need to ask anything
    Additional instructions?

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    @AuronoiChieftain Hi! I've noted your latest request with the current one so I can add it once the first is complete. We can only reserve one lot build per person in the Open Requests, so I'll add it to the Open Requests once the first one is claimed and complete. Thanks for understanding. :)
  • DNARequestTeamDNARequestTeam Posts: 5,230 Member
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    Our thread is up to date.
  • DNARequestTeamDNARequestTeam Posts: 5,230 Member
    Our August thread is now closed. Please join us on our September thread here.
    Happy Simming!

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    Guys can I ask if this thread also does tutorials on how to build?
    ✣*.:。✿*゚✣*.:。✿*゚i love starry skies✣*.:。✿*゚✣*.:。✿*゚
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