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MeteoricDragon Showcase


Hi everyone, I'm MeteoricDragon. Some of you who played TES3:Morrowind and TES4:Oblivion may recognize me better as Glassboy. I modded for those games, so I have creative experience and now I'm using it on The Sims 4.

This is my first time doing a showcase thread. So I'm trying it out.

I love hearing feedback.

Showcase Description:
  • I seldom use MOO (Move Objects On) cheat. Only use it in places where it kind of makes sense. For example, a flamingo lawn decoration should be place-able in a fountain square. Ground foliage at base of a bird bath. etc.
  • I don't use CC in my uploads, but I might make suggestions of CC to use. I use CC when I play, but remove & substitute when uploading. I reserve the right to change that in the future.
  • I lean towards story-driven creations. The rooms and lots I create are with a story I have in mind for my sims.
  • You can chop up my creations to use as parts of your lots pretty easily.
  • I sometimes like to make iterations and editions of lots. Meaning they are 'snapshots' of what my lot was like at a certain point in time, and how it is later on.
  • My Gallery Link is here: https://www.thesims.com/en_GB/gallery/browse?category=all&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=newest&time=all&searchquery=meteoricdragon&max=50&maxis=false

I'm going to reserve several posts after this one to make room for more content.


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