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What's the weather like where you are?


  • Ravager619Ravager619 Posts: 3,712 Member
    Way too hot for this time of year. Today it was 101. Tomorrow is supposed to be 104 or higher.
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  • TheoriesOfHappinessTheoriesOfHappiness Posts: 1,126 Member
    it's hitting high 90's in F for me on the mountain range; super humid recently too because a storm is moving in from over the mountains but it's mostly just heat lightning and no actual rain. my house gets twice as hot inside too, since it's a mobile home and our windows are currently busted. it's driving me insane, can't wait for some extra cash to get A/C.
  • plushtrap_107plushtrap_107 Posts: 1,435 Member
    Cloudy and looking like it may rain. It's pretty warm too but not unbearably hot.
  • JimedJimed Posts: 692 Member
    Sunny and going to be hot!
  • CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,547 Member
    Cloudy and muggy, It's the thighs getting stuck to chairs season.
  • MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 5,615 Member
    Pitch black with a cool summer breeze.
  • Alfie90Alfie90 Posts: 1,477 Member
    edited August 2016
    Sun just setting, nice and cool with a red sky :smiley:
  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    expecting a heatwave next week. Help!
    Gallery ID: babysquare
  • Alfie90Alfie90 Posts: 1,477 Member
    @BabySquare u must be from the UK aswell. You know what the weather's like here though, can always change lol :smile:
  • Hippie_SimmerHippie_Simmer Posts: 1,078 Member
    Cloudy, 80 degrees, and humid. We had some rain over the weekend. I'm struggling to stay awake because the cloudiness is making me want to sleep. I guess it's practice for winter. :p
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  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    I've been getting roasted in this oven that keeps getting turned on every day.Our weather is way too hot for me.
  • UniSimsUniSims Posts: 1,246 Member
    The weather has been particularly sunny for winter!

    Everything is more colourful in black and white
  • JimedJimed Posts: 692 Member
    Warm and it's been raining
  • TheDismalSimmerTheDismalSimmer Posts: 656 Member
    It is a pleasant 25°C, nice and dry with good amount of light.

    Ohhhh you mean outside? Yeah there's been flooding in my area lately. Such fun.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    Alternaitng between hail and sun.
    Yesterday was sunny, windy and 24C.
    It's supposed to be the tail end of winter.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    I've been roased by the oven which keeps getting turned on to make out weather way too hot.
  • dreamerz13dreamerz13 Posts: 9,883 Member
    It's 10c at the moment. It is almost midnight, but it's still usually warmer than that now. It's still supposed to go down too. ♥♥♥ My windows are wide open and I'm letting all the "cold" air in. Oh it feels so good.

    We have a frost advisory just outside the city. LOL, Canada doesn't understand summer sometimes. But I'm okay with that right now.
  • simlish1simlish1 Posts: 2,734 Member
    It's very overcast here today, and drizzly rain which is so nice as it's been so hot!
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  • Alfie90Alfie90 Posts: 1,477 Member
    Raining..thought we were doing well in England as its been really hot last couple of weeks but back to normal now :disappointed:
  • MeggChicMeggChic Posts: 55 Member
    Far too hot where I am. We've had heat indexes up to 110.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    The weather is bonkers.
    Rain, sun, hail... who knows what it will do next.
    Apparently it's 13C.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    The weather is insane though it should be better for the next few days because it's supposed to be cooler instead of so hot it's like an oven.
  • ClassicalSimClassicalSim Posts: 1,526 Member
    Severe thunderstorms and tornados!
  • Alfie90Alfie90 Posts: 1,477 Member
    Raining all day, typical British summer!
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