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    @pammiechick Already sent you the stuff so you're good to go, and you get back the 21st and the signups don't close until the 25th.
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    I'd love to join this, I'm always ready to learn new stuff :D
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    @Pebblycat Glad to have you on board! :smiley:
    Working on finishing the new comp thread now, but the internet is reaaaaaally slow right now. I can't get the revised judge headshot to upload for the life of me. :cry:

    Edit: As soon as I posted that it finally worked, and apparently uploaded it 4 times. :lol:
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    Tutorial 2: Assignment Terms and Requirements (Part 1)
    Level: Beginner
    If you are still having trouble with something in this tutorial, or need more help, please post here or contact me.
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    This tutorial is covering the assignment terms and requirements that you will commonly see around here. While some of these terms are probably exclusive to our community and wouldn’t make sense outside of it, there are some terms here that you will encounter in the real world as well, such as editorials and high fashion. If we add more terms, they will go here. Future and current hosts, please make sure to use the proper terms to not confuse yourself, or future and current members, to keep things running smoothly. For more info about modeling, hosting, and judging, please refer to the Modeling Guide, where we cover modeling terms as well.

    Part 1: Body Shot Types & Cropping
    Basic Dos and Don’ts:
    No matter which shot you take there are certain guidelines you should be following to ensure your photos are correct and appropriate for modeling, unless otherwise requested by the host.
    • Face Direction – The model's face should be facing the camera in some way, whether it be facing to the side, the front, or to the side during a back shot, unless the host requests for the model to face away from the camera. This is to ensure that yes, it is your sim, and because in normal modeling we want to see the face. When doing a body part or artistic shot (though we have never had a comp, or rarely an assignment, about body parts) you obviously would not be showing the models face, but these types of shots are rare and you are unlikely to encounter them.
    • Posing Direction – The direction you pose your model in, unless specifically requested by a host, is completely up to you. However, keep in mind that for certain assignments you want the model to face forward. Fashion competitions will want to see the outfits in detail so facing forward, or even slightly to the side, is recommended. Fantasy, writing, artistic, etc. competitions aren’t focused on modeling or fashion, so the direction generally doesn’t matter, but make sure to carefully choose the pose direction as sometimes a bad decision can lead to a loss of points.
    • Eye Contact – Very important and can make or break a photo. Even though getting eye contact in Sims 4 is difficult, it is important to try your best. Generally, you want to get eye contact when the model is directly facing forward, or whenever he/she is looking at the camera. If your eyes are off by a bit in either direction the eyes won’t look right and can lead to lower scores based on the judge, so make sure to study their face before taking a shot. Or you can try adding in eyes when editing later, either by drawing or merging with another screenshot. If direct eye contact is not required the alternative is to take a photo from the side, or with the sims' face angled properly.
    • Awkward Cropping - When taking pictures, avoid cropping at weird areas or cutting limbs off. You always want to avoid cropping at joints (ankles, knees, etc.) and instead cut off at a long bone or bone alignment. The specific areas to not cut are covered with each type of shot down below to make this less confusing. Just remember to be careful when taking pictures and make sure you get all of the expected area for the specific shot. This includes keeping all the limbs in the pic unless otherwise given permission: no cropping fingers/toes off, the arm or parts of it, the top of the head, etc. And yes, while some photos from professional photographers do result in the cutting of some areas, we generally avoid that here in the modeling community for numerous reasons, including following the common guidelines of photography.
    Face Shot
    Other Known Names: Close-Up; Face Portrait (Do not confuse this with the Head Shot Portrait)
    Incorrect Names: Head Shot
    This is a very close shot of the head to get a clear and detailed shot of the models face and skin. Usually used for skin care ads, some makeup or hair ads, and usually just a request from the host for applications or another type of assignment. Long hair is suited for this type of shot as a frame, it looks better and doesn’t leave an empty space behind the model’s head.
    Do cut-off:
    Most of the head and hair to get in really close, and the rest of the body.
    Do not cut-off:
    Try to avoid the chin and the rest of the face if possible.

    Head Shot
    Other Known Names: Portrait
    Incorrect Names: Face Shot
    Shot of the models head, starting under the clavicle or top of shoulders and up.
    Do cut-off:
    Everything under the clavicle/shoulders.
    Do not cut-off:
    The top of the head (including hair), the face, and tips of shoulder if you can help it. If the arms are above or around the head, do not cut them or the fingers off.

    Chest Shot
    Other Known Names: Top Shot; Bust Shot
    Incorrect Names: Head Shot
    Shot ending directly after the chest but above the belly by quite a bit. Rarely used.
    Do cut-off:
    Everything under the chest.
    Do not cut-off:
    The head, and arms and fingers if they are above the chest.

    Half Shot
    Other Known Names: 1/2 shot; Hips shot; Belly or Waist shot if moved
    Incorrect Names: Partial Shot; 3/4 Shot
    Shot ends at the hips when a 1/2 shot, but can be moved up to the waist or belly depending on what the host wants. The belly/waist shot is and can be its own crop, so make sure you understand what the host is saying when reading the requirements. Also, this can sometimes be a confusing shot due to misinformation, with people cutting off at the hips instead of the waist and vice versa. I’ve included a diagram of both males and females so you can familiarize yourself with the regions and avoid mistakes.
    Do cut-off:
    Everything under the hips.
    Do not cut-off:
    Arms and fingers if above the shot area, though if the fingers are only missing a few inches below the cutoff, move the camera further down to capture the rest of them. Do not cut off the head either.

    Partial (Body) Shot
    Other Known Names: 3/4 Shot
    Incorrect Names: Half Shot
    Known to be one of most confusing shots, but the second most common compared to full body shots. Ends right above or right below the knees, never directly on the knees! Can be cropped at mid-thigh as well. Also, do not cut off the body at the ankles, low shins/calves, toes, or feet! It is an awkward way to cut/crop the image, and wouldn’t be correct if you’re past the area directly below the knee.
    Do cut-off:
    Everything directly under the knee.
    Do not cut-off:
    Head, and arms and fingers.

    Full (Body) Shot
    Other Known Names: Body Shot; Full Length (Shot)
    Incorrect Names: ~
    The entire body is shown in one whole piece.
    Do cut-off:
    Do not cut-off:
    Everything! All limbs, toes, fingers, and the head must be present to fulfill the requirement. Anything cut, whether it partially be the toes, fingers, head, heel, etc. will result in loss of points.

    “Something” and Up Shot
    Other Known Names: Any Shot; Hips and Up; Partial and Up; Etc.
    Incorrect Names: ~
    When a host says something along the lines of “Partial and Up”, they mean that any form of shot is okay as long as it doesn’t go past the areas they mentioned. So for “Partial and Up” you can do a head shot, hips shot, partial shot, or chest shot.
    Do cut-off:
    The one you choose determines what you can cut-off.
    Do not cut-off:
    As usual the head, arms and fingers, and toes if a full body shot, etc.

    Back Shot
    Other Known Names: ~
    Incorrect Names: Side Shot
    A shot, of any type, that showcases the back of the model. Either for dresses or other clothes, showcasing a feature such as a backside or long hair, etc. This shot is usually accompanied by one of the above, so two shot types are to be featured.
    Do cut-off:
    Depends on what the host asks for.
    Do not cut-off:
    Again, depends on what is asked of you, but generally the usual depending on the shot type (head, toes, fingers, arms).

    Side Shot
    Other Known Names: ~
    Incorrect Names: Back Shot
    Showcases the side of the model for certain assignments. Usually a direct side shot, not slightly turned to the side. Just like the back shot this will be accompanied by a second body shot type.
    Do cut-off:
    Depends on what is asked for.
    Do not cut-off:
    Depends on what is asked for, but generally the usual (arms, fingers, toes, head).

    Feature Shot
    Other Known Names: Limb Shot; Body Part Shot
    Incorrect Names: ~
    Showcases a feature or body part of the model (eyes, butt, chest, hair, hips, legs, hands, etc.) or a limb (arms, legs) for a certain assignment. Can usually be difficult to find an appropriate cut off area without it looking weird.
    Do cut-off:
    Depends on the area of focus, but try to not make it weird to look at.
    Do not cut-off:
    Same as above, just depends on the area of focus.

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    Tutorial 2: Assignment Terms and Requirements (Part 2)
    Level: Beginner
    If you are still having trouble with something in this tutorial, or need more help, please post here or contact me.
    Click here for more tutorials

    Part 2: Themes
    These are some of the themes you may possibly encounter, with a quick explanation and tips to do well.

    Location assignments can be difficult because there are some locations that don’t have good pictures on Google. For example, lobby/hotel shots are one of the worst locations I’ve had to search for. All of the shots are angled too low or too high, or there is a table/chair in the middle of the shot. The one thing to keep in mind when searching for specific locations is to make it look interesting but believable, and to have enough balance in the photo. Locations you may encounter are a specific country, building, industrial, desert, forest, mountains, beach, city, or any general outdoors location. Remember that when any outdoors shot is required to make sure your shot looks outdoors and not like a warehouse, a set, or an abandoned building. Sometimes a host will request a set/fake environment, but it is rare.

    Exactly as it says, but keep in mind that seasonal shots can differ based on locations. The goal is to represent the idea of the season though, even if it doesn’t normally happen in your area. For instance, winter shots should have snow, light or heavy, and fall shots need the leaves turning colors and/or falling off. Sometimes you may be required to do seasonal fashion shots, where you dress your model for that expected season.

    These themes require your model to be on a modeling runway. Backgrounds can be quite difficult to find for this one, so I recommend saving any you come across that are usable, or take a day to make one, or download one, for the game. The goal for runway shots is to show off the themed clothes to the audience, aka the judges, in a creative and fashionable way. The poses and requirements can differ widely for this shot, as some hosts may require walking poses or just standing poses.

    These ones may or may not require font; make sure to pay attention to the rest of the requirements! Ads can be anything from makeup, clothes, accessories, hair product, to even objects! The point is to sell the product while at the same time making a good image. It’s a good idea to reach a balance for the model and the product they are selling, but usually with the product taking the main focus (the goal is to sell it, of course). However, I don’t mean for you to expand the product and have it front and center, the goal is to actually make it pop, or stand out. For example, lipstick should be the brightest thing on the model when doing lipstick ads, making it pop and attract the eyes, while the physical lipstick/gloss stick is to the side and not the focus. The other makeup on the model should not attract the eyes either (or at least first), only the lipstick should be the focus, and vice versa for the other makeup ads. Ads should also be making a statement or promise, something that encourages the people to buy their product besides the usual “beauty” or “sophistication” statement you get from just seeing the ad. Remember that lighting and color can have a hug impact on your ad, and the type of font you use does as well.

    It is important to choose the right pose for the right ad; each ad type has poses that work better for it than others. For jewelry ads, the jewels should be on full display, with the pose accentuating and showing the jewels off properly and fully (so they shouldn’t be hidden or obscured by something else like hair). For makeup, the pose should go with the type of makeup as well, don’t just choose something random to get the ad over with. Here are some suggestions: Blush does well with side or frontal shots for the cheeks to display the color; eyeshadows do well with lidded or closed eye poses; eyelashes/mascara do well with wide open eyes or a raised/lowered head shot to see the curls/length; lipstick/gloss does well with parted and/or pouty lips. Make sure the poses aren’t a boring or flat stare, they need some emotion to them, which is usually sexy, fierce, peaceful, or radiance (going back to the statement/promise topic). Hair ads should have gorgeous flowing and voluminous hair on display, and it should attract the eyes and make the person viewing want hair like that, so the model can go with any pose as long as it shows off the hair. For objects/accessories (like bags), the goal is to show it off creatively while still having it as a focus. For large products such as cars, the model should be interacting with it, or standing near it, and complimenting the object. This does not necessarily mean match the product, it just means the model should fit the type of person to buy the product, or entice the viewers to want the product (hence the sexy ads). For example, a fancy new car from Toyota will not have a bland dressed model accompanying the car, instead, a modern and sophisticated dressed model will be accompanying the car. Depending on the theme of the assignment though, this could change.

    Here are plenty of examples for each category. Take a moment to study them and you’ll see what I mean by each pose being carefully chosen to match the product being sold.
    Lipstick/Lip gloss
    Skin Care
    Hair Care
    Large Products

    The goal is to show off the models outfit and accessories and how well they work together. Keep in mind that nails do not count as accessories, they are part of your model. This means that you shouldn’t be dressing your model in any random outfit and then post it, you need to actually think about what they are wearing and if the pieces complement the overall look (via mood, colors, and shapes, etc.), or if there is a specific theme like boho. For the Sims (and other games) version of lookbooks, you take several pictures in various poses to make sure you cover everything on the model, where the simpler outfits will have less pictures and the more detailed outfits have more pictures. It’s not recommended to go past 5 pictures though, as that begins to be too many! After you have the pictures you need, each showing off a section of the outfit, you then combine the images into one using borders and other cool layouts. Text is rarely used here compared to ads, though lookbooks can list the creators in, or under, the photo to give credit and/or simulate an editorial. For real life lookbooks, they are usually 2 or more combined images, or one large image, of several outfits presented together from a designer’s collection in the designer’s point of view, or a fashion blogger displaying their version of that designer’s collection. Real lookbooks can also look similar to the sims lookbooks if they are from a blogger, but are usually mild in appearance and forego the borders and detailed layouts. Sims lookbooks can look like real lookbooks too, but in the competitions the unique layouts and borders that complement the outfit and location are what are preferred (comes down to how creative you are while being fashionable). Note that lookbooks can also be about models themselves, photographers, an artistic style, etc., but are more commonly associated with fashion and rarely used in the other versions.
    Sims/Game Lookbooks
    Real Lookbooks

    Editorial/Fashion Editorial
    Editorials are the beautiful images you see in a fashion magazine! Technically, there are editorials in newspapers, blogs, and regular magazines, etc., but they look nothing like fashion ones, and are accompanied by a body of text (the articles you read). The fashion version lacks the body of text and instead focuses more on the creative approaches of the photographer than fashion itself, where the goal is to tell a story, display a situation, and/or set a mood. Even when fashion is the focus, the creative and unique way of showing the clothing off, while telling a story, is still the main focus. So for most editorial shots, even when they are basic, you want to give them a flair that makes them unique. This is where creative use of filters, poses, and lighting comes in. Poses in editorials are generally sexy, dramatic, fierce, etc. There are usually no shy or sad poses in editorials, so only use those poses when you are going for a very specific story that is trying to invoke sympathy; make sure to avoid them otherwise. The makeup, accessories, and hair must be paid attention to and done well, and as usual your choice of pose, clothing, and location are important to properly display the story, situation, or mood.

    Keep in mind that these are not advertisements, but text can be associated with these in order to list the people involved with the photo (model, photographer, brands supplying clothes, location, hair stylist, etc.), the story/mood/photo name, or a list of which items are from which brand. Even the front cover of a magazine can be an editorial! Some ads can be mistaken for editorials due to the amount of creativity and uniqueness in the image, but as soon as a label of the brand is placed on the image, and the focus shifts from the story to the fashion, it is now an ad, not an editorial. There are things called “advertorials”, where people combine editorials with ads, but they look like regular magazine pages with paragraphs and paid opinions scribbled allover them. Advertorials do not appear in our modeling community due to being so “busy” on the eyes and the work involved. Lastly, there can be several editorial spreadsheets in order to tell a more in-depth story.
    Basic Editorial
    (Fashion) Editorial
    Difference between Editorial and Ad

    High Fashion
    These are the clothes that you would see celebrities wear when going somewhere nice or during performances, and the clothes are not something you would wear every day (whether it be due to situation, weight of the clothing, or comfortableness). The whole setup for high fashion is either sophistication and/or dramatic, basically screaming “I’m rich”, and the clothes are detailed and unique. The makeup, hair, and accessories need to compliment the outfit and make a statement as well. An easy way to tell high fashion from regular fashion is to look at the details, and in most cases extravagance. If the cut of the fabric and the details (gems, beads, seams, etc.) are simple or lacking, like a regular tank top, it is probably not high fashion. There are some cases though where an outfit can be a solid color, none to very little details, but have a unique cut and form that makes it high fashion. The examples below should help with figuring out what falls under high fashion. Note that high fashion can also include makeup and hair.
    High Fashion vs. Regular Fashion
    More High Fashion

    Avant Garde
    The clothes for avant garde are meant to be artistic and unique. They are definitely not something you would wear anywhere unless you were trying to say something (think Lady Gaga’s extreme outfits). Some view avant garde as mostly being modern, but they can be based on any era, any object, any emotion, etc. An easy way to understand avant garde is that it is “extreme” fashion, the clothes are considered extremely uncomfortable looking but are artistic, like the wacky sculptures you’ve seen at art museums. When doing these types of assignments, the overall appearance must be cohesive and speak together, so regular buns, ponytails, or loose hair, etc., are not recommended. It can be difficult to pull off avant garde in Sims 4 at the moment due to CC restrictions, but please do not commit face/bodyplastering just to complete the assignment (and to avoid being disqualified). Be creative and use your resources to the best of your ability instead. Note that avant garde assignments can also be makeup and hair based.

    I chose the terms fantasy and sci-fi to describe this section because these two have a pretty broad range. Other categories that fit into this section are: supernatural, steampunk, mythology, horror, and the other related subcategories. These themes do not focus on fashion, unless requested, and are meant to showcase whatever you were assigned. So, if you have horror, make it scary! Don’t do a basic shot of some black fog and call it a day, there needs to be emotions, fear or evil, present in the picture as well. Fantasy and mythology shots are usually ethereal, supernatural is normally dark, and don’t forget to do research on the creatures/mythology to make sure you represent them properly. These themes usually require the most editing out of any other theme you encounter due to lack of CC and in order to capture the theme perfectly, so are labeled as "editing intensive".

    Candid photography is photographing a subject while they are unaware of what you are doing. This usually occurs while people are just living their lives, going from place to place, event to event. Subjects are also not prepared or posed beforehand, which is the main difference between candid photography and regular photography. In Sims modeling, candid photography is achieved by either putting your sim in a situation, or following them around, and taking photos of the results. An example of this is making your sim interact with their child, then taking pictures throughout the interaction to capture what happens. It is just like taking screenshots when you normally play, but you focus on capturing good shots instead, just like a real photographer. You can obtain some great shots this way, and it is also a great way to practice your photography skills to achieve the best lighting and angles. The pause button (P in Live mode and 0/Zero in Tab mode), or a program like Fraps that continuously takes pictures, is your best friend when dealing with candid photography. Don't be afraid to repeat interactions to get the best shots.

    These are some of the rarest themes, which is sad, but is understandable because they can be difficult. Action and adventure shots need to showcase the model in action (running, fighting, etc.), or posing dangerously, depending on what is asked. When dressing your model, you want to go with a tough or adventurous look, add in dirt and blood if appropriate (not too extreme though due to forum rules), and everything else you’d see on a combatant or adventurer. However, some hosts require you to focus on fashion or sexiness, so the expected appearance will change for that. Pay special attention to the pose and background as usual, and go for a fierce/tough expression for your model. Motion assignments are open ended, but there are several ways you can do motion themes: either with fighting, some type of sport (including dancing), adventuring as mentioned, or a pose that can be seen as motion. You will most likely need stock and special effect tools (brushes, pngs, etc.) to get the movement look. Don’t forget to occasionally use your blurs when doing motion shots to emphasize movement!

    These themes require some research to make sure you are getting things right. While some hosts and judges will not expect 100% accuracy, it is still a good idea to get a good grasp on the period or culture you have to do. If you don’t and there is a strict judge with knowledge on the subject, you are going to lose precious points. Now, when dressing the sim for the period or culture, pay close attention to the associated styles and do your best to replicate it. These ones sometimes require you to photoshop items on due to the lack of custom content for them, though do not face/bodyplaster. However, note that you may be asked for inspired culture or time period fashion instead, where the clothes are less accurate but take inspiration from that era or culture in modern clothing, and because of that these ones are easier to do. If you have to reserve a period/culture, I recommend choosing one that interests you but is easy to find CC for. Be careful of backgrounds and objects as well, you won’t see someone from the 1700’s in a modern setting (unless that was the requirement). Also, despite what some say I do not recommend changing your models skintone, or features, for the sake of a culture fashion shoot, whether it be white washing or darkening/blackface, squinting the eyes, etc. The last thing you want to do is start fights or offend members of our community, and adjusting features like that is completely unnecessary as there are plenty of culture photoshoots in real life where the models stay the same.

    Speaking of emotions, here’s a theme that can be easily messed up as well! I decided to lump these four themes together because they usually all involve one important factor: sexiness. It can be a bit hard to pin sexiness down due to most poses being expressionless and from inexperienced pose makers (or hard to find in general), but where the faces lack emotion, the clothing and the rest of the pose can help make up for that. Instead of just choosing any pose though, the goal is to find a pose that is sexy, which can range from a simple hip pop all the way to a provocative pose. Some great facial expressions to look for include: Pouty lips, parted lips, licking lips, lidded eyes, fierce eyes, etc., and remember to check that the body pose fits the sexy theme as well. You want poses that are alluring, tease the viewer, accentuate the curves, and/or clearly show that the model is here to bring the heat. Unless there is a specific requirement or theme, stay away from anything that clearly isn’t sexy: sad, angry, peaceful, etc. I don’t mention happy outright because in traditional pin-up the models can be smiling, and so can burlesque. Note that sexy themes for male models are slightly different and are a bit harder to accomplish with the lack of CC, not to mention that they are not in burlesque or pin-up very much, but it can be done.

    Lingerie themes require a bit of work on the Sims 4 forums. For one, clothing cannot, under any circumstances, show a nude chest or lower region, which means any transparent or dreadfully thin lingerie cannot be used. If a mod catches you with this clothing, or someone reports you for it, you may be banned. Do not take that risk and instead choose your clothing carefully. Other than that, the lingerie you look for must be sexy, and this does not mean they have to be oversexualized and uncomfortable looking, they can in fact be a simple pipe laced top and bottom (unless requested otherwise). Stay away from “granny panties” and such though, as the goal is to be sexy and not moderate!

    Burlesque, for those unaware, are basically performances, originally meant to be parodies and general comedy. As time has gone by, they have turned into extravagant and sexy performances, sometimes still funny in nature. When doing these it is okay to find smiling poses, just make sure the body itself is in a pose that can be interpreted as sexy, especially once you put on the costume. Speaking of costumes, these usually consist of corsets, lingerie, pasties, rarely dresses, and sparkling and/or beaded costumes (something like Vegas clothing). Accessories/props mainly include feathers, specifically fans, hats, and tails. Other accessories/props include anything that goes with the performance/theme.

    Pin-up is anything with a vintage feel that can clearly be hung up as a poster (hence pin-up). The shots are usually full body, but partial shots are rarely taken as well. Nothing less than partial though because the goal is show off the models body, not hide it. Clothes are vintage and can be anything, but are usually tight fitting, short where possible, and make the model sexy regardless of what she is doing (cooking, cleaning, at the beach, fixing a car, etc.). Backgrounds are usually simple, with very little details, or a solid color to mimic a poster. Lastly, poses usually show that the model is enjoying herself, but still in a way sexy, so be careful when choosing your poses.

    Next is nudes. Please be extremely, and I mean extremely, careful when doing these (this goes for any assignment or theme). All nudes need to be moderate and covered. Do your best to use objects to cover the models parts, and when using just the limbs make sure the limbs cover everything well. When submitting nudes, send them to the host via PM (I do not recommend posting it unless it's well covered), or if available, post them on the side forums the host has published on (such as Simmetry and Simsaholic). We've had troubles in the past with mods; some don't want any idea of their being a nude at all, the others just don't want anything to be shown, so artistic interpretations that involve nudes, etc. can't be done here properly. You can see an example of a half nude under the "Sexy Theme" spoiler.
    Sexy Theme
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    Tutorial 2: Assignment Terms and Requirements (Part 3)
    Level: Beginner
    If you are still having trouble with something in this tutorial, or need more help, please post here or contact me.
    Click here for more tutorials

    Part 3: Other Requirements
    Besides body shots and themes, there are other requirements that you must understand to score full points in the requirement section, and for some, creativity section.

    This one can either be a side requirement or an overall theme. I always see people fail this requirement because they never look hard enough or take it seriously. When the host says express emotion, they mean to go to the depths and beyond looking for the perfect pose. They want raw emotion to come through, whether it be sadness, pain, joy, love, anger, etc. The poses have to express the emotion properly, otherwise the image will fall flat. So even though joy may be an accepted emotion for the assignment, it can’t just be any random happy face you come across. There are very few creators who make emotional poses, but those that do are usually quite good. I recommend saving any you come across in a special folder, as you never know when an emotion assignment may pop up, or one of the poses fits another idea you have. Don’t forget that your filters, settings, and colors help express the emotion. Remember that the pose is everything, if you don’t find the right one you will not do well!

    I’ve seen a few members confuse themselves when dealing with examples, and even a general misunderstanding of what exactly an example is for from hosts. Examples, plain and simple, are examples; they are meant to help people fully understand the assignment and give inspiration. As most of you have seen, the brief doesn’t always explain in detail what exactly you are doing, and the worse a host is at explaining/typing, the less people understand the brief (in general, not even people who write 3 paragraphs of a description can cover everything, or explain it well). The examples are not meant for anyone to copy* or make something similar too. In fact, the more closely related your picture is to the example picture, the lower you can score with most judges; almost exact duplicates of the example result in very low creativity scores. The judges have already seen the example and so have you, but now they expect you to go above and beyond and make something truly unique. So unless copying is required, your pictures should never copy an example. So for the hosts who don’t provide examples, I recommend including them when necessary so your contestants have a full understanding of the brief.

    *Please remember that you need to avoid copying in general, unless requested by the host. This includes other contestants' work, the example image, photos/artwork, scenes from movies/shows, etc. It is okay to be inspired by someone else's work and make something slightly similar, but you should not be copying majority or every detail. This includes the background, the pose, the clothing/accessories, objects, and effects. Its not fair to your fellow contestants, or the host, to just copy someone's work and call it "inspiration". It is inspiration only when they give you a similar or different idea.

    Extras are any extra sims, real people, or animals in a photo. The reason this requirement exists is because 1) the focus should always be on your model and extras will divert that attention, 2) the placement of others in the photo that were not done on purpose, or properly, can divert attention and are unappealing, and 3) you should only be focusing on your model as you work to complete the assignment. When proper extras are in photos, they are just as well dressed, beautified, and posed to become cohesive with the image. If real people or random sims are present, remove them with the repair tools, crop them out, or find a new image. There will be some assignments where you are required to make your model the star/focus of the photo even with extras in the image. You can make your model the focus through clothes, placements, color choices, poses, setting, etc. Animals are a bit harder to explain in photos though. If the animal, like a bird, is off in the distance and not eye catching (so no bright red against blue, massive, etc.), then the animal is not counted as an extra and instead part of the background, which means it is okay to include them. However, when the model is interacting with the animal or it is directly in front, to the side, or behind the model, it is considered an extra and goes against the requirement. Some hosts don’t mind animals though, so it is always best to ask ahead of time if animals can be included when a “No extras” requirement is in place. For the most part though, no extras mean no extras.
    Animal Extras
    People Extras

    The definition for props (“properties”) says that these are portable/movable objects (not furniture or clothes) used by the actors in the production of a movie or play. For modeling its basically the same, except the model is always interacting with the prop or near it. The furniture they sit on or are near, such as a couch or nightstand, does not count as a prop, but if it is the only object there and movable, such as a lightweight chair in an empty room near the model, it can count as a prop. Props include over-sized objects (like sunglasses, crayons, chairs, etc.), surfboards, wheelchairs, balloons, suitcases, ladders, stands, instruments, weapons, food, phones, perfume bottles, makeup items, cigarettes, and sometimes bags other than purses, etc. The easiest way to tell if a furniture-like item is a prop is based on the surroundings, whether or not the model is near or interacting with it, and if it can be moved. Props shouldn’t be in the far back, but if they are they are no longer a prop.
    Just Furniture

    Google Clothes/Real Clothes/Stock Clothes
    These are clothes that are taken from Google images, or stock websites (usually requires purchase), and then placed on the sim. It involves completely cutting out the original wearer and background, repairing/drawing over the clothes, and then properly placing it onto the sim. Please be careful when attempting this so you do not wind up face/bodyplastering and becoming disqualified. The clothes are to be manipulated onto the sim, not the other way around. In other words, the best way to avoid face/bodyplastering is to take the outfit apart and place it on your sim to match that sims pose, use what you need (like the bottom of a dress, sleeves, or maybe the collar), and/or do a lot of transforming/manipulating/drawing and cleanup work. To get a perfect pose match for the outfit you need to either pose combine (aka frankensim), make your own poses, or just further manipulate the outfit properly so it goes on the sim. If you can’t manage to use the clothes without face/bodyplastering, or cleaning the clothing up so it’s not low quality and damaged, you should stick with CC so you don't lose points or become disqualified (which is why it is an Intermediate technique and above).

    Simple/Plain Backgrounds
    Honestly one of the easiest requirements, but at the same time it can be difficult when asked to make it interesting or unique. Simple/plain backgrounds are synonyms and mean the same thing, the backgrounds do not have much detail to them. The backgrounds are either one solid average color, have very few average colors involved, or have a basic pattern/texture in plain colors so as not to draw attention away from the model (stay away from neons and anything too bright unless requested). A plain wall and floor that isn’t too bright or with overpowering patterns/texture can work as well. Certain scenery can count as simple/plain, but only if they meet the requirements of: a lack of multiple objects (houses, cars, planets, chairs, flowers, trees, etc.), dull or average colors to not detract from the model, and overall the background is boring. These scenery can include a very boring sidewalk (lack of people, lack of bright colors, lack of objects), some empty rooms, empty landscapes, and very basic space pictures, etc. They are rare and far in-between though as life is busy and colorful. Sometimes the host will tell you what exactly they are looking for when it comes to a simple/plain background, such as just a solid color or objects are okay, etc.
    Simple/Plain vs Busy Backgrounds

    One Image
    Just as it sounds! There is no point in doing extra images for an assignment/challenge, and the judges do not want to look at multiple images either, they are busy enough as is. Avoiding the one image requirement by combining multiple images is not recommended. When a host means one image, they generally mean just one image and not a collage. Some hosts don’t mind it so it is best to ask beforehand, but generally you should stick with one image unless your picture absolutely needs it to succeed.
    One Image
    Multiple Images Combined

    Headshots/Duplicated Sims
    Rarely a requirement, but unless specifically asked to by the host, or a theme for your image (such as twins, two different emotions, showing the back or side of the outfit, etc.), all edits should be void of a headshot or duplicated sims. They are distracting and detract from the overall image, which is why they are only allowed when a host requests for it, or gives permission for specific edits.

    Font should never be included on a photo unless specifically requested to by a host. Majority of the edits you are doing are not ads, banners, name cards, etc. so there is no need for the font. Again, we go back to the fact that they detract from the image and are unnecessary. When you do an ad, make sure the host has stated their request on font before working, as you may be doing it wrong. So if the requirement is not mentioned, ask the host to be sure. Rarely will you encounter an ad assignment without a font or label being required though (wouldn’t really make it an advertisement then).

    A rarity in the Sims 4 community right now. A border is a line, fancy or not, that goes around the picture to help define it, so to speak. They are especially good for solid photo colors, especially whites and grays, as they help the eyes focus in on the model and keep your eyes from getting lost between the white background and the white forum background. They can also be used for other pictures, including detailed ones, so they are not exclusively for the solid colors. Some hosts will usually require a border as they like the aesthetic, or they feel it necessary for some assignments. Do not put borders on application photos (application photos should be devoid of everything but your model, unless requested).

    Black & White
    Even though black and white shots seem easy because they are just the addition of a filter, they really aren't! B&W shots need more than just one filter or alteration. They need adjustments to the brightness to offset any darkness that occurs after applying a B&W filter, so starting with a decently lit photo is important to minimize the amount of work you do when editing. The same goes for clarity, because B&W filters can sometimes make errors become more obvious. You also need good contrast to help the white, black, and even gray tones pop, and to keep your photo from becoming a too dark, light, or gray mush. Contrast always takes photos, not just B&W, from bland to improved. You should also be adding, or messing with, lighting and shadows to help the image. So when given a B&W assignment, make sure to play with multiple filters to give your image the depth it needs.

    Only for the rare competitions where a story, description, caption, or roleplay is needed. Stories are somewhat like the roleplaying requirement, but in roleplaying you are instead normally doing confessionals and acting as the sim, where the information is in the now, at that very moment as if you are actually thinking it. The stories you write out what is happening leading up to the moment depicted in the picture, and sometimes after. The description describes what is your thought process behind the photo, why you did it this way, etc. The caption is short and usually a statement, funny or serious, that describes the photo. You are always welcome to include either 4, unless otherwise stated by the host, with your entries if you like doing them.

    Specific Requests
    Hosts will always include specific requests with their assignments that I did not include here, but those requests are usually rare or easy to understand. For example, the host may ask for a daytime shot, night time, beach, outdoors, a specific weather, ad, album cover, etc. Whatever it is, as long as it is listed in the requirements you must follow them to ensure you get full points. These are the easiest points to get in a competition, however, people frequently forget to follow the requirements and so lose out on precious points because of it. Sometimes having full requirements in your photo can make you the winner when tied with someone else for first place. Also, if you aren’t sure about a requirement, or how far you can go with your idea when meeting the requirements, ask the host! There are some ideas that can go against the host’s wishes and get you in trouble, or make you lose a lot of points for it.
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  • BobSkellingtonBobSkellington Posts: 9,205 Member
    These tutorials are great! Great work, very on point :) Must have taken ages, I applaud you!
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  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,336 Member
    @BobSkellington Thank you! Unfortunately it did take me ages. I need to stop going back and adding more info (I mean, good for the people reading, bad for me, LOL!). :sweat_smile:
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,194 Member
    Absolutely, they are really helpful, thank you @MizoreYukii :)
  • NeverfalleNeverfalle Posts: 377 Member
    I've read them all. I pretty much learned everything I know from this thread. Sorry for not commenting. I come back to this thread for reference every now and then, too. You're doing a great job, @MizoreYukii. Thanks for all your hard work <3
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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,161 Member
    Anyone even reading these?

    Yes...crazy amazing info. This is my go to for everything in modeling now. Thank you for your hard work!!
  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,336 Member
    edited September 2016
    @Jendowoz0612 @Neverfalle @pammiechick
    Okay, thank you for at least letting me know. :) I wasn't sure if I was wasting my time or not, because I can't tell if anyone is actually reading the new tutorials or not. Page views going up, in my experience, doesn't mean anyone is actually reading them.

    • Forgot to link to that simmer I mentioned in Part 1 of Setting Up Your Game. I have linked the page now.
      First, I recommend keeping your Mods folder organized. The last thing you want is CC or a Mod breaking and you not being able to find it, or narrow the options down, because you use a single folder. This lovely simmer here explains how she organizes her folders and keeps things in check. You don’t have to be as extreme as she is, but you need to at least have some semblance of order in order to locate broken cc/mods. If you can’t find broken mods/cc you waste time and may submit late, or not at all, for your competitions. I’ve seen this happen numerous times. Keep your folder organized so you don’t wind up in that situation.
    • Added this tiny bit to Part 2 of Setting Up Your Game so nobody would be confused.
      The distance of the lights you place will depend on where the model is standing, remember to use the teleport mod to position them in the middle but not too far forward or back. I am using the orange still from last time, on its lowest setting (refer to the spoiler tag up above with my older setup to understand what I mean).
    • Corrected an automatic censor in the Lingerie section of the Modeling Terms and Understanding Requirements and reworded the sentence a bit.
  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,336 Member
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    Forgot this:
    • Added a new tip to Part 1 of the Editing and Modeling Tips.
      Don't include text, borders, effects, etc. with your applications, or entry forms, during signups unless you have permission from the host or it was required. Those shots need to be as clean as possible for when the host makes the model wall, headshots, name cards, etc.
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    Thanks for the tutorials mizzie, they are a great help!! <3
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 8,194 Member
    Great tutorials, thanks @MizoreYukii
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,161 Member
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    @MizoreYukii Thank you for all your hard work. I love your dedication! Unfortunately I must bow out of all modeling competition. There is a person here that is poisoning the pot and I want no part of it. I'm an honest person and don't like being used.

    Good luck, everyone!

    If you're a friend, I'll be over on the story boards exclusively. <3
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    @pammiechick I understand. :( I was just about to announce that the comp was continuing until this most recent incident...
    Good luck with your stories, hopefully you can grace us with your talent again someday! I don't visit the storyboard but I'll look for you if I stop by. :smile:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,161 Member
    @pammiechick I understand. :( I was just about to announce that the comp was continuing until this most recent incident...
    Good luck with your stories, hopefully you can grace us with your talent again someday! I don't visit the storyboard but I'll look for you if I stop by. :smile:

    Thank you! HUGS!!! <3
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    • I have gone through and updated the Modeling Terms and Understanding Requirements (both 1 and 2) in multiple areas, including changing/removing words, adding whole new sentences, changing sentences, and adding a new description, nudes, to the "sexy" section. Please make sure to reread it when you get the chance, or at least read the new description. Main changes are included below, but I didn't include the rest.
    • Forgot a term for headshots, "portrait", it has been added now.
    • Removed the known name "Midriff" from the "Chest Shot" section as I realized it was incorrect and associated with the lower half of the body.
    • I will be releasing an update later today about multiple things (all are community announcements, not just tutorial focused; decided to post here rather than in multiple places and the chat thread), so please stay tuned.
  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,336 Member
    Hey guys! Thank you for reading! I want to first state that everyone should read all 3 announcements because they are community announcements. I didn't post these in the chat thread because that would require multiple posts and tagging since 2 are important to this thread, so to avoid spamming people here is a single post. xD (You can skip most of the second announcement, I just need you to vote before going to the third!)

    The first thing I want to address is the most important one! Like last year I will be holding a Halloween event, but this time it is not a birthday party and is just a general party. :3 For those who were not here, the party I held last year was a Halloween showcase (to show off sims and past edits that could be Halloween/supernatural/fantasy based) with games and such, but it was also a birthday party to celebrate one of the amazing members of our community for their work, support, and cheerful attitude! (You can check it out here if you're curious.)
    This year it will still be a showcase, but this time we are going for bigger and better! We will also be having a challenge (or two...depends!), some prizes, more games, and a special card event that I think everyone will appreciate. This is basically a recovery event for the last few weeks (technically months) of drama, where we'll be spreading positivity and plenty of love! I'm sure everyone will have a blast, and I'm looking forward to hosting it! We'll tag everyone once the thread is up and running! :mrgreen: (It will be hosted on Simmetry as well, for those wondering.)
    While I already have some helpers for the event, I still need a list of games, so if anyone is interested in sending me some forum games they recommend, that would be fantastic. I would also like to do at least one Mafia game (modeling inspired!) because they are super fun, buuut I only have experience playing Mafia, not hosting it, and it's been a few years since I last played it. So if you would like to host the Mafia game send me a message! (If you would like to be the leader of the game section in general, and you are on most of the day, we can arrange that as well!)

    (If you don't care to read about this one, scroll to the paragraph above the spoiler and just vote, then move on to the next announcement. Here I am discussing about whether or not to open another competition, or restart the beginner's comp, since everyone has left or disappeared in the beginner's comp.)
    My next announcement is about my competition. And no, it was not canceled. xD Everybody stopped responding to my posts (naughty!), majority were inactive, and those left were in the center of the drama or bystanders. Besides struggling to get the tutorials done on time, I knew something was going to happen eventually with the drama, but I didn't know what, so I was okay with everything remaining quiet in my thread for a while. Since nothing happened after that, I assumed that whatever was going to happen was going to happen later, so I was discussing with Jojo about what to do with comp. We eventually decided we were going to move ahead without the tutorials for several reasons. 1) is mainly because I decided that it will take me too long to write the new tutorials and update the old ones. I have big plans for them compared to what I previously did, and with my perfection issues and school going on, the tutorials are taking too long and it is slowing the comp down. I didn't want to keep those left waiting any longer. 2) is that gramatique is super busy with school and won't be back for a few more weeks still, so Jojo and I were going to handle the judging ourselves and expand our feedback to ensure everyone is getting in-depth feedback in place of the tutorials. As soon as I was about to make the announcement though (basically the same day we finished discussing things...xD), the drama blew up and we were stuck dealing with that for about a week and a half, with people leaving, etc.... :sweat_smile:

    Now that all of that is cleared, we only have about 5, technically only 3, people left of the 14 that signed up previously. That's not enough to continue the competition on, especially with big prizes involved (one pose pack and a cc pack), so I'm not sure what to do right now. Since the competition is a community competition, I am leaving the situation up to vote (everyone can vote, regardless of level). I will be opening a competition regardless if it's just reopening the beginner's comp, or starting a new one, I'm fine with either, you guys choose whichever you prefer. For those who did submit for the Beginner's comp, Jojo and I will finish judging the pictures you submitted and post the results, that way you still get valuable feedback. :3
    The prizes in the beginner's comp will be moved to whichever new comp shows up, unless I think the prizes don't match the theme. Either way, prizes will be available in the comp that shows up after this. If you guys do choose to have me reopen the beginner's comp, we will be skipping tutorials to ensure it goes by fast (still two weeks though so it doesn't interfere too heavily with your schedules) and we will be relying on our feedback, linking, and our previous tutorials to make sure everything is covered. I want to focus on covering themes this cycle, as I've been watching the entries for all comps for the past few months and people are still missing some concepts in those categories. So, I want to expand on my newest tutorial and make that the focus while covering editing still.

    Anyways, here is the poll.
    You can find a list of my upcoming competitions beneath the spoiler (I've been thinking about another competition but I haven't added it yet, these are all in the Modeling Directory btw). If I get votes to do another competition, I will hold another poll so everyone can choose the one they are most interested in (it won't guarantee that I'll go with the one chosen, but will let me know which one you guys prefer).
    • Body Art (WIP/Title) – (This may have to be posted solely on the new forum due to EA rules.) Slightly based on the show Face Off and body painting show, Skin Wars. This competition encourages drawing and manipulating prints/textures (for those that can't draw) to create the look you need. Costumes in general will be rare or drawn on the skin (since it's body painting), and props/backgrounds will usually be the only thing from the game, as premade textures/makeup won't be allowed unless it's small (like eyeshadow or eye decorations).
    • Game On! (WIP Title) {Gaming comp} – based on classes and scenarios in games. Pick a race, make a paladin, gunner, rogue, cleric, etc. (or a race/class of your own design), and base it on fight scenes, NPC interactions, quests, adventures, etc. Probably even a breaking the fourth wall moment! Some roleplaying/storytelling needed to emphasize the mood, but otherwise not a focus (this may change of course).
    • The Selection (WIP) - based on the book series (if you haven't read it, I highly recommend that you do, or at least read a summary of it)! After doing a binge reading of the first series I think it would do well as a competition! I've already started blocking out assignments/themes, and how the whole competition will run. Think of it as a Miss Universe/World merged with The Bachelor, but with princes/princesses and focused more on romance, politics (for the imaginary country of course), drama (cat fights anyone?), and gorgeous dresses. I am very excited to host one, I just hope people are willing to join!
    • Game of Thrones - a more roleplaying/storytelling based competition (not entirely of course and optional) where models create a character set in the GoT universe and must work their way through scenarios (aka the assignments/challenges) to win the crown! This will be just like the show, so it will be intense and not exactly kid friendly, so this will most likely have to be held entirely on SD to avoid anyone being banned or the thread taken down. I'll post a sign-up page on here but all entries need to submitted on SD (or sent to me here via a PM). To avoid potential spoilers for some people, the universe and scenarios will mainly be focused on your character and the characters of the other models, with possibly a few guest appearances of characters from the actual show.
    • Outrageous Modeling (WIP Title) – Placing sim in weird and awkward situations while trying to model! This includes tripping during a photoshoot, food fights while trying to walk the catwalk, makeup/hair/clothes disasters, and possibly sabotage! Completely comedy based so everyone takes a break from the serious competitions. :tongue:
    • Intermediate Modeling Bootcamp (WIP) - I've been debating about holding one as there are quite a few who need guidance through intermediate editing. I'm thinking it will be similar to the beginner's comp but different, with more freedom in the assignments and less of focusing on following tutorials. Not sure though.
    • American Horror Story (WIP Title?) – Base assignments on themes and characters of the show. Heavily focused on representing the horror and weirdness that is common in the show.
    • RuPaul’s Drag Race (WIP Title) – Based off of the show, but more of a focus on modeling, with the usual funnies of course!! Wouldn't be RuPaul without them. :joy:~ I might make a comp based on RuPaul's but not with drag. It doesn't seem like the community here cares for it very much, but I know the craziness of the assignments and drama will probably attract some attention. I'll leave it up to vote later! I don't have a name in mind so it's stuck as this atm.
    • Back to the Basics – no editing except for possibly filters and corrections, instead models submit ingame screenshots only.

    Lastly, tutorials. If none of you have seen the update yet, I've released 2 new tutorials and updated 3. Regardless of your level and experience, please make sure to read the Tutorial 2 - Modeling Terms and Understanding Requirements - Part 1 | Part 2 so mistakes aren't made when reading/writing out requirements. This really does need to be read by everyone in the community (including hosts, judges, intermediate, and advanced), not just future beginners. It covers shot types (which people are still struggling with, such as mixing up half shots with partial shots), common themes and how to deal with them (like what exactly an editorial is), and understanding other requirements (such as extras and props).

    I have also noticed that people are still missing essential mods for their game and it is affecting their pictures, such as the CAS glow and blurry outside shots for in game photos. Please make sure to read the Tutorial 1 - Setting Up Your Game (S4 Edition) - Part 1 | Part 2 so you aren't marked down for errors like that.
    The other new tutorials and updated tutorials include (the "Tips" has had hair drawing tips included, for those interested):
    Tutorial 0 - Editing and Modeling Tips - Part 1 | Part 2
    Tutorial 5 - Understanding Color
    Tutorial 10 - Final Adjustments

    Next, since the beginner's comp will no longer be going tutorial by tutorial, I have decided to switch my focus to the important tutorials for the upcoming months. Through my observations, I have seen that people are still massively struggling with shadows, lighting, directions, and when and where to add them. Since this is a really important step in everyone's modeling career, I will be writing these tutorials as soon as possible. I can't tell you how long it will take me to do them, but I'm hoping to work on them during my free time and to have them up soon. The other tutorials I will be focusing on include updating the cutting tutorials, blending properly (including handling grassy areas and feet/legs), reflections, and improving quality by piecing together the sim. A few more tutorials will probably be worked on as well, but there are the main focuses.

    I will also be taking tutorial requests (any level) to add to this thread at a later date (or soon, depending on what it is), such as doing underwater photos properly, correcting specific errors (have anything that you can't figure out how to fix properly?), etc. It doesn't matter how simple it is, I'll cover it in the future. :3 If it's something that I'm not familiar with for whatever reason, I'll tell you and instead search online for something relevant. If it's a specific effect (such as drawing/adding fire), I will also link you a tutorial, as effects like those have been covered numerous times and I feel it's a bit silly to cover them again (they usually come in video tutorials too, which is better!).
    Speaking of videos, once I get my desktop built I will be making videos of my tutorials. Still not sure if I'll speak during them or not, but we'll see. This should make it easier for some people, as I know reading and seeing are two completely different things. :sweat_smile:

    Since I will be adding my future higher level tutorials here, I have removed the "Beginner" part from the title of this thread.

    Anyways, that's the last of them! If you have any questions let me know! I also wanted to say, I may be busy but I am always open for messaging when you need to talk to someone, or need help with editing. I will always make time for anyone in need, so don't be afraid to message me. You're not bothering me and my busy schedule, I promise. :3

    @alexis3142 @themysticalpoet @Penguinwa101 @flubber32c4 @MajestycUnicorn @YJB19299 @ironknight35 @picklesthecat114 @BobSkellington @psykt @AshLenn @Kelebek @xJojox @HAROZ @dafadolly @Pebblycat @Meeshelby @Phoenix_Rainx @abelhinha35 @chellemh29 @Sims3fan1986 @MissBirdie @MizoreYukii @LilacErin @BeechNutBaby @ColorMePink @InaMac69 @lionpaws @Sterretjeee @strawberrigurl @fabtiffsim @Jellysimwich @JennaCatz @ChloeDeCookie @gramatique @natastic @Neverfalle @Jendowoz0612 @doicky96 @remi_narrow @CitizenErased14 @kittymeow @wbombje @Klept0maniac94 @NShippudenFan @peppergirl84 @wrswrs2 @SimsORIGfan @m11kj @Shelby1234 @taigoesrawr
  • abelhinha35abelhinha35 Posts: 2,206 Member
    Noted thanks :)
  • LilacErinLilacErin Posts: 3,884 Member
    That sounds awesome Mizzie. And I'm down for the mafia game, I play quite a lot at the moment, I've hosted before so if you want some help pm me. If anybody who's interested in playing and doesn't know what it is, let me know and I'll link you to some games.

    And I really like the idea of The Selection, I've never read them but it sounds fun! And I like the Body Art one.
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    The "Game On" one looks like fun. Link me please, @LilacErin love to see some examples.
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