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[Solved] Sims won't age despite correct settings

FloofjeFloofje Posts: 181 Member
edited July 2016 in The Sims 3 Bugs & Issues
Hi guys!

Thanks for reading this, I've got a bit of a problem.
For a short time I had aging disabled, but now I want my sims to start aging again, so I enabled aging, but when I hover over the age bar of my sims it says: "Aging up in: Never". Or something along those lines. I'm pretty sure aging is enabled, I checked.

Does anyone know a solution to this issue? Thanks!
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 19,031 Member
    I take it that your sims are not on a vacation or at Uni.

    This is a common bug, but it's also the case that the status on the sims' info tab doesn't update right away. It can take several sim hours or even until the next save (as), quit, and reload before such a change in status gets displayed there.

    If you have already done that and waited long enough to determine they really aren't aging, try switching aging back on, play a couple of sim hours, and switch it off again.

    And if they are still stuck, I'm afraid it will take a mod such as NRaas DebugEnabler or an age controlling mod to fix this.
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  • CirceGrangerCirceGranger Posts: 38 New Member
    I know for me, if a sim is pregnant she will not age up, if that helps.
  • FloofjeFloofje Posts: 181 Member
    Nah, it was a male sim, but thanks for replying!

    I quit the game and started it the next day and now everything is fine. o:)
    Thanks for replying!
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