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How much custom content do you have?


  • DaddeezKittenDaddeezKitten Posts: 4 New Member
    @LiesSim I was the same way. I've played sims since Sims 1 and never added anything. Well, that was until Sims 4 and the discovery of TSR. I simply can't stop dressing my sims in beautiful shoes and sexy hair. I've only downloaded clothes and accessories so far with no problems. I don't have enough computer savvy for mods. I'm perfectly content with playing dress up with my sim families. Happy Simming everyone <3
  • hindumonkey1hindumonkey1 Posts: 6 New Member
    I just started adding CC to my game now (I was a bit afraid of adding it in before) and I have 200 files so far- so much good stuff out there on TSR!
  • catxzycatxzy Posts: 8 New Member

    About 700mb is CAS related, the rest is mostly build/buy stuff... I have as much (if not more!) fun building and decorating lots as I do playing the actual game though, and I love rooms up. I only really experience any lag when I try using too many gameplay modifiers (like reduced townie generating, disabled autonomous actions, etc)... My laptop is from 2012 though - I imagine a newer computer would handle everything just fine.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,032 Member
    edited July 2016
    NVM.... :p
  • EllieSimsterEllieSimster Posts: 31 Member
    I have a lot... But not as much as some of the other people here :D I think I have like 20-30 mods...
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  • TzKeG98TzKeG98 Posts: 1 New Member
    I have 20,6 GB at the moment, I started downloading cc last year And it's 7398 files and 55 maps :D
  • naninani Posts: 5,563 Member
    LiesSim wrote: »
    I see a lot of awesome creations using CC and mods but I'm afraid to install anything. I'm scared they'll break my game :open_mouth:

    There is pretty low chance it actually break your game, especially if very few.
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  • fharlzfharlz Posts: 9 New Member
    It's mental seeing people say that 5-6gb is a lot. I have 20gb and 9000 files. Don't know how my game works so ridiculously smooth (I'm on a laptop! And not a gaming laptop, a £300 laptop!), takes 7-ish minutes to load up and it crashes if I click the screen whilst it's loading, but other than that somehow it works just perfectly.
  • YardenroYardenro Posts: 373 Member
    i feel like such a noob reading your answers...
    785 MB. including mods+cc.

  • PlainevilPlainevil Posts: 214 Member
    My mods folder is just over 1mb. I started with some MCC modules, then added a couple of other mods. Have never used cc.
  • AlahyanaAlahyana Posts: 37 Member
    I only have the Command Center mod because I love to give more independence to non-played sims... I normally avoid mods because they freeze my game...

    Sometimes I temporally install the mod for doing changes in apartments or use blocked stuff for apartments... but I eliminate it as soon as I finish to do the changes in the apartment or house...
  • Evilyn_1007Evilyn_1007 Posts: 361 Member
    Alahyana wrote: »
    I only have the Command Center mod because I love to give more independence to non-played sims... I normally avoid mods because they freeze my game...

    Sometimes I temporally install the mod for doing changes in apartments or use blocked stuff for apartments... but I eliminate it as soon as I finish to do the changes in the apartment or house...

    MC command Center is the only mod I have too, mainly for the same reason. I got it about a month ago and can’t imagine my game without it.

    I have four pieces of CC(wedding dresses). I got them this past week. Don’t think i’ll get more. Previously I always played a vanilla game.

    It’s the first time I’ve ever had mods or CC in the sims series.
  • BoredinTXBoredinTX Posts: 350 Member
    I'm blushing... I have 21 GB Mods folder and 7726 files. The majority of it is CC with only 5 or so mods. Strangely enough, I got rid of about a thousand files. It feels nice to purge occasionally
  • HagfisherHagfisher Posts: 950 Member
    302 files at 696 MB. The biggest files are the default skin replacements! I need to clean out some of my mods, though. Ha!

    MC Command Center is so vital for me.

  • MelodyElodieMelodyElodie Posts: 107 Member
    Too many *-*

  • CupcakeWitchCupcakeWitch Posts: 542 Member
    edited November 2017
    13.5 GB and 6795 files :flushed: I need to calm down and do a clean up lol. It's mostly CAS, décor, and mods. There's some make up items and hats I plan on removing

  • MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 872 Member
    1.71 GB as of right now. 835 files. Mostly hair and clothing.

    Good thing I am picky and mostly only download the stuff I actually like and see myself using.
    Good thing my taste is so weirdly specific.
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  • LeiaLeia Posts: 60 Member
    8,13GB and 5883 files... Too much? :p
  • KaeChan2089KaeChan2089 Posts: 4,944 Member
    In the past week I've been on a CC kick (never used CC in the sims 4 until just this week) my folder is now 2.44 GB the most is CAS items.
  • heavenlyhoshiheavenlyhoshi Posts: 21 New Member
    probably around 600??? I don't know I haven't checked it lately
  • CheetahAlyssaCheetahAlyssa Posts: 345 Member
    edited February 2019
    I have 3,211 items in my mod folder...
    12.1 GB

    I need help, I can't stop getting cc...
    A Part Of The Journey Is The End
  • DreamySimsDreamySims Posts: 24 Member
    13.5 GB! I too, am a heavy cc user. I can't decide if I just want a maxis-match game, or an Alpha game, so I use both! That reminds me, I need to go clean out my folder because I have way too much broken cc..
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  • ClaimingTheFifthClaimingTheFifth Posts: 410 Member
    I'm curious because most of these postings are a couple years old. I imagine those posters have more now. I run nearly 41 GB with no problems. I've dumped a lot of my mods because I build much more than I actually play. I actually know a couple players with 80+ GB. The mods are the problem with updates and I really don't need them that much. I do use the vampire toggle to keep them out of my game. I do not build for or play vampires or aliens. I do have a severe case of "I might need that someday". :s
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  • joleacojoleaco Posts: 2,221 Member
    4.51 GB, 2826 files, over 50 folders (keeping it organised). For me, having this much, it’s getting out of hand. :D
  • RobinGreenthumbRobinGreenthumb Posts: 237 Member
    Right now at 3600 files and that’s me being CAUTIOUS with downloading. Yeah.
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