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Open Restaurant and Stay at Home?

Like the title says, is it a good idea to have the restaurant (or retail store) open and not be there? Or will it make my business suffer?
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,524 Member
    I was unable to earn any money that way and forgot and left one open for forty four hours (which in my mind I thought it was closed because I closed it before she left) and I saw I hadn't earned anything. Maybe that was a fluke and it works if you really open it and stay home. I haven't had time to actually play lately.
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  • CoriChanCoriChan Posts: 197 Member
    It probably wont make much money until its a 4 or 5 star I'm thinking, or else there wouldn't be a point to owning more than one because you'd have to keep them closed when you weren't supervising. I've opened my store from home, but after I saw 2 customers came and I didn't make money I went to the restaurant myself.
  • kayfay8kayfay8 Posts: 133 Member
    Yeah, it would be nice if it didn't lose money every time I tried to open it without being there :/
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,341 Member
    I find it pointless owning one when I can't Choose who works in it.
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  • rodneyclintrodneyclint Posts: 496 Member
    Yeah my game always gives me very random options for potential employees, like half of them are newly created NPCs who will get culled if you don't place them in a household or they are random townies from around the "world". I'm also peeved that WE can't be chefs or waiters/waitresses :(
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