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Hi everyone I know it's 2016 and most of these messages are from a different year lol but I need friends for SIMPORT so that my Sims can be successful stars :) and no one I knows plays the Sims lol so please add me!!!


  • DeSims89DeSims89 Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi, I have been looking for Sims 3 friends for the same reason. I will add you to my list. Hopefully more people will read this post.
  • mrsboreanazmrsboreanaz Posts: 6 New Member
    DeSims89 I have added you, Morganbell0820 I cant seem to find you to add.
  • xxnearlyperfectxxxnearlyperfectx Posts: 663 Member
    Yeah, I will add you as well. I have one save file that I used for a singer and an acrobat
  • EriBunniEriBunni Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi, I just got Showtime and am in need of friends for the Simport. None of my friends play the Sims. You can find me by searching EriBunni. Also...Does anyone know if my CC would show up in the other persons town? o_O
  • butterfly61butterfly61 Posts: 1,921 Member
    Anyone please add me, I want to host I don't send my sims.
  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Posts: 2 New Member
    I need friends for simport, add me ^-^
  • JackOnYourBackJackOnYourBack Posts: 1,167 Member
    You can add me, JackOnYourBack and check this thread out:
    Gallery ID: JackOnYourBack
  • Drakoman262Drakoman262 Posts: 3 New Member
    Add Me, Drakoman262
  • TigerstudiosTigerstudios Posts: 1 New Member
    Feel free to add me as a friend. I'm really interested in making friends in game. Tigerstudios
  • Ili82Ili82 Posts: 28 Member
    Hey is this thread still active. Id like some friends to use Simport with but have no idea how to use it.
  • AbeillleAbeillle Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi, Abeillle (with 3 "L"), start playing again so I need actual friends for the Simport. Thanks.
  • SilverhandSilverhand Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi all. I need more friends as well that are playing showtime.
  • Sideknee18Sideknee18 Posts: 1 New Member
    If anyone is still adding friends on the sims 3 site, add me PhillyEagles I'd really like send or host a sim on tour
  • praatlpraatl Posts: 27 Member
    add me too if you wanna, none of my friends play.
  • JaylinaJaylina Posts: 256 Member
    Add me. I am available for simport. :)
  • lanavioletlanaviolet Posts: 7 New Member
    Hi I have only been playing the Sims 3 for a few months,but ive really been enjoying it. I just found about the Simport feature,an I dont know know anyone who plays this game. Would you please add me as a friend or let me add you,for that matter? Thanks!!
  • lanavioletlanaviolet Posts: 7 New Member
    I added you,Jaylina
  • lanavioletlanaviolet Posts: 7 New Member
    I forgot to mention that i have a user name already its LusciousSilly. Sorry about that :wink:
  • UziUzi Posts: 61 Member
    edited February 2017
    Hi everyone! I'm going to add the ones who shared their username if that's okay. If you want to add me, my name is Pastafazoola.
    Post edited by Uzi on
  • DestrolynDestrolyn Posts: 8 New Member
    Feel free to add me: Thewaybad :)
  • JenpantsJenpants Posts: 58 Member
    you can add me: Jenpants
  • gummybearlover12gummybearlover12 Posts: 3 New Member
    feel free to add me ! Mines : Royaalfx .
  • KesminlixKesminlix Posts: 245 Member
    Feel free to add me! Username: Kesminlix
  • Sunshine_TigerSunshine_Tiger Posts: 5 New Member
    [quote="gummybearlover12;c-15766066"]feel free to add me ! Mines : Royaalfx .

    Can't find you but anyone add me please
  • TitowamTitowam Posts: 24 New Member
    Added everyone that I could, feel free to add me, same name as here: Titowam
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