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The Going Solo Challenge (main) Updated to include TS4


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    @Vuneca yay glad to hear you are enjoying the job. I can imagine the cuddle of the cute puppies and kittens is a real plus. :) I don't have anything major planned for my birthday tomorrow. Mostly sitting around and not having to clean. :) We'll go out to dinner and that'll be it.

    Dine out looks fun. I'm several EP and GP behind so I don't know when or if I'll get this one. Until then, enjoy your restaurant. If you can find me in the gallery (been having issues and EA support is NOT helpful) then I have a guy from my game play up. SimmerJazen is my Origin ID Even though I don't have CC on him, he shows modded for some reason when I uploaded him so you'll have to check that button. That is if I exist because according to EA I don't. :(

    @carlimact hey, welcome back. Good luck with going back to school if you decide to do that. Hope you get some playing time in. :)

    @MischiefTheKitten I've not been having issues with the smileys but I know a person on another thread said the same thing.

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    @MischiefTheKitten I made her recently so she shouldn't be too hard to find. ^^
  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,464 Member
    @MischiefTheKitten Thank you so much and I'm happy to be home. I'm making improvements each and every day so soon this will all just be a bad memory. I certainly do have a lot to keep me entertained while I'm at home as I just purchased a new book for my kindle "The Rise of the Sparrow" Perhaps you heard of it :) I'm looking forward to catching up on everything and reading your book.

    @french_vanilla13 Thank you and I'm doing fine as the physical therapy is really helping out. I know how divorces can be as I have been there myself. Sending you a big hug and all the support that I can. I know things are complicated now but they will get better. Playing an easy challenge sounds like it would be perfect for you right now as you need to take your mind off the stress and just have some fun. I'm so happy to hear that you are writing a book and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    @SOnet104 OMG! What a wonderful surprise :) Welcome back! We missed you so much and its so good to see you come back. I look forward to the return of your story and the Greenleaf family :)

    @Jazen Thank you so much and I am feeling better and better. It is so sweet that you are helping your aunt out by teaching her daughter to drive and I'm sure that she appreciates it very much. Birthdays are always special day and I do hope you have something wonderful planned for Sunday. :)

    @Vuneca Thank you so much and I am doing better. There shouldn't be any lasting problems but I'm having a lot of back and neck pain which needs to be dealt with before I go back to a job where I'm on my feet for hours at a time. The physical therapy is helping and they are recommending massage therapy. I think (can't prove) that the other driver fell asleep at the wheel but he is denying that the accident was his fault. I'm so happy to hear that you are loving your new job and it sounds like you have settled in nicely. It was so sweet of your husband to surprise you with the new game pack and I do hope that you enjoy it. I love the pictures you posted and this does seem like a nice game pack. Like @Jazen I'm not ready to purchase this one yet as my head is still not into sims 4 but when I start to play the game more this might be a pack I would like to get.

    @carlimact Welcome back and its so good to see you pop in again. I wish you the best of luck with school and I look forward to the return of the Phams. Love the picture of Quintalyn :)

    @Everyone I have been playing my main file to get some work done on that monster ltw and I just noticed that I am having a problem with Bae going to school. I can have him shower or swim before he goes into school but the minute he gets there he has the overheated and drying out moodlet and his hydration goes down ultra fast. I'm figuring this has to be a glitch of some kind with the mermaids so I have no other choice but to cheat the hydration bar up a bit. Also Wolfie and Abby had another baby and this one will not be mentioned in the story but I wanted to share a picture with all of you.


    The game named him Wilbur not exactly the name I would have chosen but I kept it anyway.
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    @jazen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D Hope you get spoiled ^-^

    @Piazzagirl1015 I'm glad to hear you're doing better ^-^ Goodness, thank you! I hope you enjoy it <3 I saw you did a lot of catching up on my blogs as well! I really need to set aside a day where I can just catch up on comments -.- There are so many of them!!

    I wonder if the problem you're having with Bae is the same one I had that killed Morrigan in the TS3 save! :O I didn't think it was a glitch and an oversight on my end, but maybe it was a glitch? I'm sorry, I hope you can fix it :( Both Morrigan and her sister died from it. Have you tried resetting the entire town?

    @Everyone I got myself the new TS4 expansion yesterday, and even though I haven't played much with it yet I'm really enjoying it so far <3 I might try to build my own restaurant later, but I'm undecided whether I want to use it for Gary or not. On the one hand it'd be perfect, but on the other hand I don't want to mess him up because I don't know the EP well enough (and I'm not sure if it works with his LTW, I'll have to double check).

    Hope you're all having a good weekend! :)

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    @Piazzagirl1015 that is crazy about Bae. Isn't there a motive LTR? One that keeps them from going down, or at least not going down as fast? I'm not sure of all the LTRs, but I thought there might be one. Maybe look into getting him that to help with the issue, or if it's only while he's at school, set his motives to static so they don't go down and then take it off when he gets home.

    @MischiefTheKitten Thank you! I woke up to breakfast in bed courtesy of my two youngest. It was a chocolate chip waffle covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce along with a chocolate chip cookie. LOL Just love from my babies. <3

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    Update Update!
    I'm gonna warn you guys. This is sad.
    Chapter 4 - Quintalyn
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    @MischiefTheKitten Yep I caught up on everything with your stories with the exception of 7 fates which I haven't started yet, I decided to read your book first and than start on 7 Fates. I almost forgot you had the same problem with Morrigan as I have with Bae. It starts the minute he steps into the school and it says that he is in the sun when he is clearly in a building. I'm sure Morrigan was not an oversite on your part and most likely she was victim of a horrible glitch in that plum glitchy town. I tried resetting the school and the town but no luck :( I'll just have to watch him when he is in school.

    I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the new game pack. I was actually wondering if you did get dining out when reading about Gary yesterday and I was wondering if you were thinking of having him open a restaurant or a bakery. Either way it will be fun to see what you decide on for Gary.



    I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and I hope that you enjoyed your day. It sounds like your day started out perfect with breakfast in bed from the boys. That was so sweet of them.

    I checked the ltr and there is nothing that works for hydration. I think the closest would be dirt defiant but that doesn't help hydration. While I was looking for that I did find another ltr that helped another problem I was having. Bae's hunger bar is always going down really fast and he constantly has to eat that kelp. I got him hardly hungry and that seems to have slowed down the hunger problem.

    @carlimact Read the update. I was afraid that was going to happen when I seen your message yesterday :(

    @Everyone End of an era is coming up as here is the latest picture of Sandi :(


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    @Piazzagirl1015 I was so shocked and then angry. :(
  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,464 Member


    Today is the third anniversary of the Going Solo Challenge and one of the best communities in the Sims Forums. I want to thank everyone for sharing all the wonderful stories and of course for the wonderful friendships that we all share here. Looking forward to the 4th year of Going Solo :)
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    @Piazzagirl1015 Goodness, is it really? :O How time flies when you're having fun! :D Happy Birthday, Going Solo! Thank you, @Vuneca for creating this challenge and for bringing us all together ^_^ :open_mouth:
    No worries, 7Fates is finished now so there's no rush :) It's pretty short so you'll probably fly through it ^^ :open_mouth:open_mouth:

    @Everyone I've spent a bit of time this week plotting Gary and Luca, and it's getting there! :) I've decided to give my sims characters the same treatment as my book characters, so they'll be plotted much more thoroughly from here on out :) I'm hoping it'll make their stories more compelling, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't enjoying myself :P :open_mouth:

    I'm going to leave in all the smilies this site forces into my post, just so you can see how annoying it is -.- None of these shocked looking things were my doing! :open_mouth::open_mouth:

    Hope you're all well! :):open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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    I started with the stories on Hiatus.

    On Hiatus
    - Aurora Borealis by HollyhocksFluff DONE
    - The Burnbright Solo, Prettyacy, and Alphabet challenge by Shafer249 DONE
    -Story of Rosaline by Shafer249 DONE
    - The Pham Family Going Solo Challenge by carlimact DONE

    Now for the active ones. It's gone take a lot longer.

    I need to start playing too, as I lost over a years play when my laptop was stolen in Peru. Now I start again where I was in 2014. :'(
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    @Piazzagirl1015 thank you!! I had a great day. Oh no...not Sandi. "(

    And wow, can't believe this challenge is 3 years old. @Vuneca you've created something special here and I'm happy to be a part of it.

    @carlimact I need to read your update. Sounds like something major is going on. LOL

    So for my birthday the hubs surprised me and told me he was updating Fred (my laptop) so off we went to do shopping. That alone is huge because the hubs doesn't like to shop. He likes to pre-shop (online comparing) then go get what he needs and go home. Since this was a surprise I didn't do any pre-shopping so hours were spent going to 3 different stores before I settled on a new PC. It was great, massive, scary looking monster of a gaming PC (yes all for sims LOL) and I had it a total of 24 hours before I sent it back. LOL The big selling feature was the dual hard drive (SSD and HDD) but there was an issue with me installing my games and putting them on the HDD (which had more space). Using the discs (yes I'm old school mainly because I still want to avoid patch 1.69) it wasn't easy to direct where I wanted the games installed. I could, and get the base and one EP in before I hit an error. Called the computer tech support, they were useless, think I finally found a tech support worse than EA LOL. Took it back to the store and the help tech there said it seemed to be an issue with how the discs are formatted and I would have to install via Origin if I wanted to select where the game went. :( So I returned it and got one that had just the one hard drive. It's what I know and love. LOL Roco (yep he's been named already) works like I'm used to. All games have been installed. Still working out glitches with missing CC because I get the 'missing content' message even though I transferred all my files over. :s So I'm now trying to figure out what I can deal with that's missing and what I need to go back and find. Matt's house needed some work, but now I think I'm back to normal mostly. I still need to get Word put on Roco so that I can get back to writing, but I'm hoping to have that soon. Until then I can either use Fred to write, or I can go old school and pen and paper it.:smile:

    @MischiefTheKitten I've been hit with the curse of the smileys LOL :smile:

    @SOnet104 man, sorry to hear your laptop was stolen. :( More than just the game play you lost, the fact that someone took your computer really stinks.

  • french_vanilla13french_vanilla13 Posts: 585 Member
    @jazen happy belated birthday...sorely belated.

    wow, sounds like you had a good birthday. A new computer sounds nice. I've been thinking about getting a PC to play sims on when I move...dreams you know? lol

    @MischiefTheKitten I've started working through the rainbowacy where I last left off...I think. As for the fun save, yeah, I've been working on it. So far it's helping me least a little.

    @Piazzagirl1015 I'm glad you're doing better, slowly but surely right?

    Wow, I can't believe this has been around for 3 years?

    You know, I've been working on this message for three days so even though I'm not finished I'm posting it anyways.
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    Iron Man Going Solo Challengers

    Vuneca's Iron Man Attempt DONE
    The Iron Woman Challenge by Petunia302007 AKA Simfulicious DONE

    Now I plan to play for the rest of the day as it a public holiday here. Will start read the normal active Going Solo's tonight. Have a wonderful day everyone.

    @Jazen Happy very belated birthday.
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    Wow after almost 2 year here is an update on the Greenleaf's.
  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,464 Member
    @MischiefTheKitten I look forward to reading 7 Fates as I do enjoy all of your other stories. I'm sure that you will do an excellent job with Gary and Luca :)

    @SOnet104 I'm so sorry to hear that your laptop was stolen :( I do hope that you didn't lose any photos or anything important or sentimental on it and that you will be able to catch up on the progress you lost with your game.

    Glad to see that you posted a new update. Read and Commented.

    @Jazen I was so upset when I got that message about Sandi but she still has her elder time with us. The one I'm worried about now is Jules as his time will surely be up soon.

    I'm so happy that you found the right computer for you and that you have your game set up. Hopefully you will be able to get word set up quickly and you will be good to go.

    @french_vanilla13 Yes getting better quickly I'm still in Physical Therapy 5 times per week but that is going to be cut down to 3 times soon.
  • SOnet104SOnet104 Posts: 487 Member
    Active Going Solo Stories
    - Going Solo By Vuneca
    - A Race Against Time by Piazzagirl1015
    - As Life Goes by Jazen DONE
    - In Another Life by MischiefTheKitten
    -Starbound by MischiefTheKitten
    -Seidhkona by French_Vanilla13
    -Elvira Slayer, The True Story by ELIROC
    -The Island by ELIROC
    -Life or Something Like It by jeapos88
    -Try Everything - A Going Solo Challenge by KaytayRoall

    Their is a reason to the madness of reading Jazen's story first. Loved it, was sad for a large part of it.
  • jazenjazen Posts: 5,606 Member
    @Piazzagirl1015 I'm sure you were worried when you got that pop up on Sandi. They are a great couple. I really wish sometimes Caleb had talked them into becoming vampires, but I know you can't keep everyone around. :( and YAY update.

    @SOnet104 yep, there have been some sad moments. I actually think Matt's gen is the worst one for sadness I've done so far. There's still a few chapters to go in his gen before Cameron takes over.

    @Everyone I hope you all are having a great week so far!!! 2 of my boys are in baseball camp this week, the youngest was too young to go.

  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,105 Member
    Hello everyone! It's been a busy month for me, with RL stuff. For those of you I nominated for an Animal Award, the directions are on my Echoes of Eternity blog.

    @raemariek Ahh I see, I never would have guessed. Haha, I don't usually play townies much at all.
    @jazen Yeah, I do love to cook. I like finding new recipes and trying them out. Glad your book is going well. OH! I nominated your Going Solo for the Spirit Animal Award that was going around a month ago or so. It's okay if you don't want to do it again, if you've already done it. Just thought I'd let you know. I love using discs too, I feel like it's just so much easier for me, plus then I don't feel like I might lose my games. Something about it just being all online out in the ether doesn't sit well with me.
    @MischiefTheKitten I nominated your Stories of Mischief blog for the Spirit Animal Award too. Same thing, if you don't want to do it again, if you've already done it, it's fine, LOL. I also determine that you can apply the Award to whatever one of your stories you'd like. Congratulations on the published author thing! Woo!
    @french_vanilla13 I'm sorry your stories have to be stopped, and that your laptop has been commandeered by your husband. Good luck with everything and moving to your new place.
    @KaytayRoall Good luck with your internship.
    @Piazzagirl1015 Hi! I'm so glad you are okay. I nominated your Going Solo for the Spirit Animal Award. If you've already done it, it's fine, you don't have to do it again.
    @SOnet104 Hello. I joined the Going Solo community a few months ago, and I've never met you before, but it sounds like you're a veteran here. It's nice to meet you.

  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,464 Member
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    @Jazen I would have loved to write in Caleb talking them into being turned but sadly we have to let some of them go :( It's not going to be easy losing either of them.

    @NewToTheSims Welcome back! It's wonderful to hear from you again. Thank you so much for the nomination :)

    @Jazen @Carlimact @Shafer249 @Vuneca @ELIROC @SOnet104 @MischieftheKitten and @NewToTheSims I nominated yours for the award as well. Just like @NewToTheSims if you have done it already or if for any other reason where you are unable please do not feel obligated to do the award. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of you how much I love your stories, appreciate your friendship and show my love for our little community.

    @Everyone Bae is now a young adult and has moved out of his parents house in the main file.


    He won't be getting there in the story yet but I'm playing ahead in the main file due to all the work for that life time wish. I also changed my banner to Bae and so its official that Generation 7 is in control.
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  • VunecaVuneca Posts: 1,678 Member
    Hello everyone. I have been meaning to make a post for a couple of weeks but for some reason find it very hard. As those of you who are FB friends with me may know I lost my job and my youngest was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL)(these events are not unrelated). Right now life is a tightrope walk on a roller coaster. Obviously my time is completely devoted to my family as we go down this very long and bumpy (ie terrifying) road. Over the last few years (the anniversary caught me by surprise AGAIN) we have created an amazing group and I feel like you all are part of my everyday life and I just wanted to let you know why I won't be around for a while.

    Take care of each other, keep updating, and happy simming! <3
  • Piazzagirl1015Piazzagirl1015 Posts: 2,464 Member
    @Vuneca I can't even imagine what you are going through right now and my thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family. I'm sure all of us can and will understand why you are not here for a while but please keep us updated when you are able of course. Sending some *Big Hugs* your way.
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    @Vuneca It breaks my heart to hear of your youngest. May God be with you and your family is this time of need. You will be in my prayers.

    Active Going Solo Stories
    - Going Solo By Vuneca Done
    - A Race Against Time by Piazzagirl1015 Currently reading - man I'm far behind
    - As Life Goes by Jazen DONE
    - In Another Life by MischiefTheKitten Done
    -Starbound by MischiefTheKitten
    -Seidhkona by French_Vanilla13
    -Elvira Slayer, The True Story by ELIROC Done
    -The Island by ELIROC
    -Life or Something Like It by jeapos88 Done
    -Try Everything - A Going Solo Challenge by KaytayRoall Done
  • MischiefTheKittenMischiefTheKitten Posts: 3,635 Member
    I've got some catching up to do!! :D And I should have an update today as well... But first I'll catch up ^^

    @Vuneca I've seen your updates on facebook, I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I wish him a speedy recovery, and you and your husband all the strength you need to get through this. I'm so sorry you lost your job as well on top of that, the timing couldn't have been worse *hug* Take all the time you need, V. Your family is more important than your little extended family here, and it's not like we'll just up and leave without you ^^ We'll still be here holding the fort when you get back :)

    @SOnet104 I need to catch up on your challenge at some point!! I think I've got some time coming up in a few weeks, I'll try to do it then ^-^ Thanks for catching up on In Another Life! I hope you enjoyed it ^-^

    @Piazzagirl1015 I need to catch up on yours as well :/ This week has been so busy for me, but I'm hoping to fit it in soon :) Do I dare say this morning? :O I'll do my best ^-^

    Good luck with Bae's LTW. It took Rose a while but she did get there in the end :)

    @NewToTheSims @Piazzagirl1015 I haven't done that award yet but I've got a few nominations across my blogs, so I'm hoping to get around to it soon :) Thanks for thinking of me and my sims! ^-^

    @Everyone It's been a busy week for me since I'm trying to write 20K words on my sequel before my parents come over to visit next week, and I've done 10K this week in four days. Man, I'm knackered :'D Having said that, I finally have an update for you!! I've played ahead a tiny bit in Luca's save file and got an update ready ^-^ I wrote it last week but didn't have time to edit, so technically it's a week late :P

    Ooh, I think the curse of the smileys is over! :O *knocks on wood*

    Hope you're all well :)

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