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Starter Showoff! - #8 - AROUND THE WORLD AGAIN - Ends 10/19

pronteruspronterus Posts: 2,162 Member
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Welcome to Starter Showoff!

Building starters is probably one of the most challenging things that simmers might face. This challenge helps builders exercise their building skills when it comes to tight budgeting and maximizing the use of space. Aside from starters, other kinds of builds will be assigned every two weeks. Every build must cost under 18-19k simoleons.

Every two weeks, builders will be tasked to create a starter for a certain Sim with certain needs and other requirements. It must also fit with their personality.

General Rules:
>Anyone can enter! Don't be shy :) Beginners are encouraged to join!
>Moveobjects, showhiddenobjects, and careeritems cheats are allowed!
>No CC and mods allowed.
>Only 20x15, 20x20, or 30x20 lots are allowed.
>All items on the lot must be usable; remember to playtest your build!
>There will be two types of challenges: shell challenges and scratch challenges. Shell challenges involve renovating a given shell, while scratch challenges require you to build a house from scratch.
>The building prompt has hints!
>Only certain expansion/stuff packs can be used per challenge. Use of other packs not listed for the build might have point deductions.

Entry Form:

Forum Name:
Origin ID:
Cost: (excluding lot price)
Name of Build:
Gallery Link:
Images: (2-5 pictures, links to slideshows are allowed)

- Pronterus
- @NelcaRed - A skilled builder who specializes in base game builds
- (vacant)

Judging Criteria:

-Overall Appearance (speaks for itself)
-Playability (can all items in the lot be used? do Sims get stuck in some places?)
-Budget Use (was the budget maximized?)
-Relevance to Theme (did the build follow the client's preferences?)
-Creativity (did the builder add their own creative touches despite the limited budget?)

Winner of the bi-weekly challenge will have a feature on my blog. :)

FAQ: (This will be expanded as we go on)
>Why are there pack restrictions?
This is to provide builders with the challenge that they are looking for. Pack restrictions can make people think out of the box for alternatives and solutions for what they want to create. Also, we do not own every pack of the game. We download and judge every build to ensure a fair evaluation.
>What neighborhood lots can we use?
It will be specified in each challenge, but it's usually either Willow Creek or Oasis Springs.
>Do you judge entries based on download count?
We do not. Even if an entry has more than a thousand downloads, it will not affect the outcome of the contest in any way.
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