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Dine Out - Table and Chair Compatibility

I haven't seen a discussion about this anywhere so I thought I'd start a thread here to share info.

I've been looking into why pre-Dine Out cc chairs and tables do not seem to be working well in restaurants. Here are my findings so far...


New slots have been added to tables to allow for colouring on placemats. You can fix cc tables quite easily by exporting the rig and slot binary files from an official table, and importing them to your cc table. You just have to match the right table size (eg 1x1 or 1x2).


For some reason cc chairs are not allowing the restaurant interactions to show up on tables. You can use an official, or a cc table with an official chair and get most of the restaurant interaction. However, if you use a cc chair with either an official or cc table, the interactions will be missing from the table. So there is something about cc chairs that needs changing. Importing the rig/slot/footprint has not worked, and I've also tried changing the tuning. I'm thinking it is something to do with the model but haven't discovered what yet.

So, it is the chairs that seem to be the main issue... not the tables as I had previously thought. If anyone has any insight please feel free to jump in. :)


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