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Hello all I was wondering if the Beloved trait was fixed yet? I haven't read anything on it and haven't done it in my game again. In case you didn't know about this bug, the Beloved trait is the one that you get after completing Friend of the World Aspiration that freezes your relationship bars so they no longer decay. However, the bug was that if more than one Sim had that trait in a household, whoever got it first could no longer benefit and it'd only work on the newest Sim to attain the trait. Very frustrating bug to say the least :s


  • DockIeeDockIee Posts: 23 Member
    From what i could gather there has been no mention of a fix in patch notes and the official answers.ea thread says it's still not fixed.

    There is a mod that you can get, which supposedly still works as there has been no comments of it being broken. Can't post a link to it sadly but you can find it if you just google The sims 4 beloved trait mod
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    Ah that makes sense to why I worked hard to get that trait for all my sims and then found that they still forgot family and best friends when playing other sims. This is something I would REALLY liked to be fixed. Thanks Doclee, I'm not one for game change mods any more but I will search for that one :)
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