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HQ textures for sims

LiNessiLiNessi Posts: 3 New Member
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If I use HQ (2048 x 4096) textures for a sim, they look blurry (such as 1024 x 2048).
In TS3 I can use HQ (4096 x 4096) textures if I change "prop $ConfigGroup RenderSimTextureSizes "2048, 2048, 512, 128" to "prop $ConfigGroup RenderSimTextureSizes "4096, 2048, 512, 128" in "..\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\GraphicsRules.sgr".
If I do it in TS4 (file "..\The Sims 4\Game\Bin\GraphicsRules.sgr"), textures on a sim become black and reflections disappear. But if I change textures which are on a sim (diffuse, shadow maps to 2048 x 4096, specular to 1024 x 2048), it look normal and HQ look like HQ.

If I don't edit "GraphicsRules.sgr" and use 512 x 1024 shadow/diffuse maps for sims in the game, textures on a sim become black or disappear (partially).

The game doesn't support different size of textures for sims at the same time, does it? And should I change every sim-textures in the game for HQ? Or is there another way?
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    SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 Member
    Hey @LiNessi,

    The engine does assume that the textures sizes match (i.e. diffuse, shadow are the same, and specular is half size of those). So you will indeed need to update all of the textures for that to work.

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    LiNessiLiNessi Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank you for the reply!
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