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New Patch Bug In Graphcal Changes

CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,739 Member
1. I installed the patch to check things out. The new clothes filter options in CAS creating a new Sim have removed my ability to make female Sims really flat chested. I could before. Seems with female or male clothes they get their breast back. No matter what I choose. ETA: and most male shirts for them make them look like they are wearing a very lumpy bra. Ladies know what I mean.

2. One that is more important to me. The side of my Sim's house is missing in one room upstairs. Even in build mode. With walls half down that side of the house should have shown the wall but just a thin grey line at top of where the room would be and nothing for walls. Even in build mode. Even with walls up all the way. It's a room on the end but no walls now on one outer side. It is there but graphically/visually missing.

3. I had to turn up lighting to very high to see the tiny change in lighting (just a streak) in my Sim's house it was there (moonlight) for a second then it disappeared. Not hardly worth the performance hit. Jerky when Sims walked around (very slight but noticeable). And windows that should have been facing in that direction didn't get any lighting changes at all. ATI Radeon R7 250X can't handle the new changes if the wall is going to go missing and or no moonlight.
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