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Spa Day Magazines at Home

A while ago I came across the Spa Day Magazine in the debug catalogue that the spa instructors read when they are idle on community lots. I didn't do anything with it.
Recently I have seen that some CC creators have added the magazine to the regular catalogue for purchase and added plenty of recolours for variation, and so I decided to give them a try in my game.

Now to my question at hand; what makes it so that the magazine retains its dimensions when read by a spa worker, but makes it stretch to the size of a regular book when read by a regular Sim? Can it be altered so that the magazine keeps its correct dimensions when read by a regular Sim?
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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Hey there, I don't really know off the top of my head. My expectation is that they are playing different animations, and that is causing the difference. If you can post screenshots of what the magazine looks like in both scenarios I can investigate a bit more. Thanks.
  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 734 Member
    Okay. The first picture shows the stretching and hand position when holding the book, and the second shows it while reading.
    The texture is different on the magazine my playable Sim is holding as that one was designed by a community member.
    (It was very difficult to get a shot of the spa worker just holding the book closed as they grab it from and put it back into their inventories/hammer space very quickly unlike active Sims who place them on the floor.)
    a.k.a. Menaceman44 on MTS.
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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    Thanks. Oh yeah, also can you also point me to the mod you are using that makes the magazine available in the catalog?
  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 734 Member
    The magazine was unlocked and recoloured by ajOya which can be found here> http://bsimth.tumblr.com/post/132315239962/8-readable-magazines-martines-b-day
    I also downloaded some extra recolours by Jorgha-Haq from here> http://jorgha-haq.tumblr.com/post/144403012387/this-started-out-as-a-small-recolour-project-for which require ajOya's version to work. (If you don't have them these recolours can't be placed as they have no footprint resource.)
    a.k.a. Menaceman44 on MTS.
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  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 734 Member
    edited May 2016
    Okay. So another CC modder has released some MORE magazines that can be read by regular Sims. They seem to really be THE item of CC to have right now.
    Thanks to this I have managed to solve the issue of the books stretching when being read. The ones that stretch are using tuning that classes them as "book". The ones that don't stretch are using tuning that classes them as "bookThin."
    The only issue that remains now though it the Sims' hand pose when holding a closed magazine as that still isn't right with any of the CC magazines I have found.
    You can take a look at the latest magazines I found here> http://bootstrap.modthesims.info/download.php?t=577301
    They are the last item on the Files tab list.

    ETA: I just discovered some of the base game skill books that are thin also suffer from the wrong holding position. The level 1 fishing skill book, for example, is held correctly by Sims but the "How to be a socialite" Charisma skill book isn't.

    ETA2: Mystery SOLVED! (I think)
    The tuning for the thin books that are held incorrectly basically have the wrong carryObject value set. I realised changing "book" to "bookThin" under object TYPE would stop the stretching but didn't pick up on the fact that in the line above, the carryObject sets what animation to use and that was also set to "book" instead of "bookThin". I just made an override of the socialite book tuning to make the required change and my Sims now hold the book exactly as they should.
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    a.k.a. Menaceman44 on MTS.
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  • SimGuruModSquadSimGuruModSquad Posts: 597 SimGuru
    OK great, glad you got it figured out - nice sleuthing.
  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 734 Member
    You may wish to pass it on to the bug team, or whichever unit it is that deals with bugs.
    The following tunings, for regular books that Sims are supposed to read, incorrectly use the "book" value instead of the "bookThin" value;

    bookThin_Cooking Advanced

    Hopefully they can be corrected and included in a patch some time in the near future.
    a.k.a. Menaceman44 on MTS.
    Thoughts on a new wall mode?
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