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Lord Of The Rings World DOWNLOAD IS UP!!!


  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Thank you for the amazing support :smiley: Here is some inspirational pictures while Crowkeeper and I continue the last work on Middle Earth :wink:

    Credit to this wonderful simmer for making Thorin and Legolas :blush:
  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 18,600 Member
    Wow! Just awesome! :smiley: Do you have a release date yet? ;)
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Not yet but all there is left to do now is 1 lot and we have a beta version :smiley:@Alleenmens
  • Tatsu_DragneelTatsu_Dragneel Posts: 8 New Member
    Nothing can express how happy I am to have found this, any updates as to how close you are to being finished?
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Thank you for those kind words @Tatsu_Dragneel :smiley: We are ready with a beta very soon, no more than a matter of weeks max :wink:
    All we need to do now is to finish 1 lot, edit 1 other and complete the routing paint and that should be it for the beta version :blush:
  • Tatsu_DragneelTatsu_Dragneel Posts: 8 New Member
    @Gaxili1 ok thanks for the update, I honestly can't wait to try this world its like all my hopes and dreams in one small world.
  • cheesetruckcheesetruck Posts: 2,473 Member
    Amazing! :)
  • RowanerRowaner Posts: 36 Member
    Wow, some great likenesses of the LOTR characters, especially Arwen! Beautiful, keep up the good work. Can't wait for this to be released :)
  • ElsiphElsiph Posts: 3 New Member
    I literally went through the entire process of reclaiming my account after near two years just so i could write a review on this >.< "and trust me I am not one to enjoy the run around from email to email to regain my passwords"....BBUUUTTTT I can not wait for this to be finished I have followed silently for months and now that its getting closer and you posted some breathtaking pictures of what it will look like I felt it was time to let you know just how happy this entire project of yours makes me. "loved LOTR and now the hobbit" Thank you for putting so much energy into this. your "both of you now" awesome!!
  • earthgirlearthgirl Posts: 1,019 Member
    Holy smores! O.O

    This world is amazing!
    I want too play it too when it's done!
  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,585 Member
    Incredible! :o There aren't superlatives enough to describe the huge amount of work... Can't wait for you to share it...
  • Amathyst8Amathyst8 Posts: 46 Member
    This is a very beautiful world! I'm not sure if you're still updating it at this point or not. Have you thought about using cheats to also create underground hobbit homes? I created one a couple of years ago. I followed a tutorial on how to do it. Now I cannot find the tutorial anymore and cannot remember how I did it. lol But here is a link to the exchange where I uploaded it. I would be happy to allow you to use it in your world and hope you can figure out how to replicate it. Oops! Apparently I cannot post links yet. It's called Underground Hobbit Mansion. Created by Amathyst8. http: // www .thesims3 .com /assetDetail.html?assetId=8386271 without the spaces.
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Hi everyone! Thank you for staying tuned and for your patience. Here's just a quick update that we've not given up on this project and there will be a release very soon :blush: More info will come!
  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 18,600 Member
    Aww... Can't wait for this... How's the baby? :smiley:
  • Luciddt55Luciddt55 Posts: 2 New Member
    Just discovered your creations today, and just want to say "wow" (reverently awestruck).
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Alleenmens wrote: »
    Aww... Can't wait for this... How's the baby? :smiley:

    Aaw thank you! :smiley: She's a happy chubby baby, most of the day goes by with entertaining her now that she's this much more awake :wink: So I do not have more than 1 hour of computer time a day, but luckily we're almost finished with the BETA and Crowkeeper is working hard to finish the ini files which is the last thing we need before having a release ready!

    I'll post a download link in this thread of course :blush:
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Luciddt55 wrote: »
    Just discovered your creations today, and just want to say "wow" (reverently awestruck).

    Thank you very much :smiley::smiley: Have a great weekend!
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    Sims 3 Middle Earth status!

    Thank you for staying tuned!
    So if you’ve been following @crowkeeperthesimmer on Tumblr you’d know how she’s been buzzing around working extremely hard to finish the last of our upcoming world! You’d be amazed if you knew exactly how much work has been put into this project:-)

    So, on the positive side, we now have a BETA! Everything we planned to finish with the first BETA has been built, adjusted and ready to be tested.

    We planned on releasing the first version december 2015 but extended the date due to various RL events.

    We’re testing the world in game now and are trying to sort out some routing issues before we release anything - it has to be playable, right? ;-)

    So once we find the reason for the bit of lag, our world is ready to be shared :-)
  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 18,600 Member
    Awesome... :smiley: Thank you so very much for all your hard work and sharing with us... Can't wait for it... I'm doing a reality show and will like if my contestants can 'visit' this world... It would be so cool... ;)
  • anetherronanetherron Posts: 605 Member
    edited April 2016
    This is gorgeous! I really cannot wait for it :). Suggestions re: lag, if you've eliminated the obvious routing problems. 1) Sims going places (if all the community lots are set to 'no visitors allowed' it minimizes it). 2) Trees/rocks etc. placed next to lots. Even two spaces away it can cause issues. 3) Fences right on the edge of the lot. Causes trapped sims. 4) Having Island Paradise installed. No matter what world I play, the extra routing calculations makes my world slow down. 5) A large amount of trees/fog emitters/effects/spawners. Sadly, the prettier and more complex the world, the worse the lag. 6) That's just how it is with the sims 3. I usually use NRaas's Error Trap as sims get stuck in the daftest places, for no apparent reason. Oh. And Pets. Wildlife get stuck. All the time. Again - Error Trap helps.

    I hope you track down the cause. Lag is a super pain in the derrière. Particularly if it prevents us from trying out this amazing creation! Good luck!
  • anetherronanetherron Posts: 605 Member
    Oh, and an obvious one easily missed - if you haven't already, try playing it for 3-4 sims days and see if the lag reduces. The first few days of a world's life is always the worst as spawners spawn and npc's are created.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,448 Member
    Good luck! What EP's are being used?
  • anetherronanetherron Posts: 605 Member
    I would definitely recommend ErrorTrap to find out what's wrong. I just had a nightmare with a world I'm working on grinding to a halt from lag. I used ErrorTrap and found out that two NPC's were corrupt. Soon as I deleted them the lag was gone. Excellent program!
  • VeronicaForCubaVeronicaForCuba Posts: 78 Member
    This whole project is simply breathtaking! it won't stop surprising me with all the details and realism;) Amazing work!
  • Gaxili1Gaxili1 Posts: 212 Member
    The Lord Of The Rings Middle-Earth world for The Sims 3

    Become the rising ruler of the Middle-Earth realm, or live as a humble woodelf in the great forests of Middle Earth or even live the rural life of a hobbit in The Shire.

    Because we did it! It is finally here! Ever since January 2014 @crowkeeperthesimmer​ and I have been working almost daily for 1,5 years to finish up this BETA version of Middle-Earth for you guys!

    We’re so pleased to be able to share this world with you and we would love to see pictures from your gameplay!

    You MUST have the following in order to run this world:

    ➤ Expansion packs: Pets, World Adventures, Supernatural
    ➤ Store packs: None
    ➤ CC: A bit. All custom content included with the download.


    We would love any given feedback for the world! This is a BETA version so there hasn’t been a lot of testing yet, please do share if you find any errors! We follow the tag SIMS3LOTR

    ➤ Remember! This is a BETA and not the finished version of Middle-Earth.
    ➤ There are no tombs in the BETA version
    ➤ The residential lots are all unfurnished but the community lots are furnished
    ➤ Please report to us if you find any errors and bugs! This will be corrected in the ALPHA version
    ➤ The BETA version doesn’t contain any rabbit rugs, workplaces or schools

    Download the world: Simfilesharenet / Mediafire
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