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Welcome SimGuruNick and SimGuruArvin



  • AineAine Posts: 3,041 Member
    SO basically, they're actually playing the game? ;)

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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    Welcome to the new members of the clean up crew! Thanks for giving us insight into your job @SimGuruNick. Much happiness in your jobs to both of you.
  • ceejay402ceejay402 Posts: 24,557 Member
    This is such great news! Welcome and ikea home was such the best stuff ever @simgurunick
  • MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 3,253 Member
    Welcome, SimGuruNick and SimGuruArvin!
  • PsychoSimXXPsychoSimXX Posts: 4,403 Member
    Welcome @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvin!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ikea Stuff pack!!!!! So basically one of your job duties is to get paid to sit and play games. sweet!!!! I should have gone to college for something other than psychology!! (c:

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  • Lovely_KristyLovely_Kristy Posts: 643 Member

  • ZafireriaZafireria Posts: 3,640 Member
    Welcome @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvin. I assume it will be you two I thank for getting the bugs fixed ;)
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    Welcome @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvin. So like if we experience a bug, is it ok to message one of you about it or better to make a thread about it in the bug section? I don't know why, but like whatever game I play I experience bugs. XD I think one of the worst besides the stretchy babies and townies was the cupcake crash one, but it got fixed.
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  • SimGuruArvinSimGuruArvin Posts: 16 SimGuru
    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Nick has a great summary of what we do as a part of the Live Ops QA team. Like he mentioned, we have a legion of responsibilities and have been actively investigating many of the issues that you all have been reporting. We really appreciate the information you all provide us.

    So I can't say I've been around as long as Nick has, but I've been with the Sims team since Island Paradise was released for the Sims 3. I am just as excited to be able to reach out on the forums and to the community. It's quite thrilling!

    I will say that you may see me comment in the gallery, as I am on there quite often. I love seeing the creative content that's been uploaded there and I may provide some feedback on stuff shared on the gallery. Thanks again!

  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,807 Member
    Thanks @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvin for stopping by. I hope everything goes well with your jobs and that we can all help iron out the really big bugs. :)

    I have no memory of this place. Time to start anew I guess
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,736 Member
    Welcome to the forums =)
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,406 Member
    I noticed a new Guru earlier today and after checking twitter, it seems there are some new people on staff. I don't know if this is the place to put this, but I just wanted to say welcome @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvin . While I don't fully understand what your positions are, you do deserve warm welcomes nonetheless.

    Thank you,


    Thank you @QDog for sharing this:
    QDog wrote: »
    Welcome!! :)

    According to SimGuruDrake:

    We recently welcomed @SimGuruArvin and @SimGuruNick who work on our Live Ops team. Whenever a user is experiencing an issue in their game and reports it here on the forums (or on social media) I report it to their team and they start investigating. Though they could explain their jobs much better than I can :)

    Welcome both to the war zone. Please pick your weapon, I recommend sarcasm but silence treatment can be pretty good as well.
  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 32,677 Member
    @SimGuruNick could you tell us when you do New EPs you don't test them with previous EPs/SP/GPs? Since that's seem to be our main issue

    @SimGuruDrake I have a question to ask but this isn't the place to ask because its about a topic which could change the rating to M+Gallery
  • CrackFoxCrackFox Posts: 1,507 Member
    Welcome to the lions den! P.S Please give the gurus a kick up the backside to fix the sidewalk bug, it's been a million years.
  • kinot9229kinot9229 Posts: 528 Member
    Welcome guys!!
    It's so nice to see YOU. <3
  • SimGuruDrakeSimGuruDrake Posts: 1,648 SimGuru (retired)
    MadameLee wrote: »
    @SimGuruNick could you tell us when you do New EPs you don't test them with previous EPs/SP/GPs? Since that's seem to be our main issue

    @SimGuruDrake I have a question to ask but this isn't the place to ask because its about a topic which could change the rating to M+Gallery

    You are welcome to message me :) I'm heading out for the evening but I'll provide you with an answer (if I can) in the morning.
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  • DOLLDRMS1DOLLDRMS1 Posts: 2,955 Member
    It is really nice to see two more SG's willing and able to communicate with the community, especially in the area of QA. You are indeed most welcomed @SimGuruArvin and @SimGuruNick
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    New Guru's are always a welcome sight, as are Guru's who have been here - but we just never met you. Welcome for sure.

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