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I cant place houses on lots!

AnnaSims123AnnaSims123 Posts: 90 Member
I downloaded a house from MTS, and I installed the cc needed for it. Then, in game, it came up in my lot bin. I was able to place lots down, but I can't place the house on the lot. Its the right size for the lot, and everything. It just wont let me place it. Ive tried right click, left click and more. It still wont work!


  • Seera1024Seera1024 Posts: 3,466 Member
    You don't place houses onto blank lots like you do in Sims 3.

    Bulldoze the blank lot and then you'll be able to place the lot on that spot.
  • SataiDelennnSataiDelennn Posts: 1,265 Member
    Lol, I found that out the hard way, too. I had some lots, and I found a one bedroom "townhouse" that I thought would go perfect on a small lot, but when I tried to place it on the blank lot, it wouldn't let me. That's when I realized I'd need to just put the house down straight on the neighborhood terrain, and it would create its own lot.
  • LadysimPlayer8LadysimPlayer8 Posts: 775 Member
    I do more building on Sims3 and am more annoyed about not being able to place a previously built lot (saved to the library) directly on to a world! :)
    I thought this might change over time but probably because I continue to play Sims2 (almost 10 years this November), I am still not used to it.
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