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Is there a way to slow down game clock?

dw4518dw4518 Posts: 262 Member
Like NRaas Relativity mod in TS3, I want something similar so my sims can get more done in a day.

Is there any such mod?


  • SleepycatDSLSleepycatDSL Posts: 251 Member
    There is but the name of it escapes me...Oh got it! "CH Merola Time Control" The CH stands for Chris Hatch and last I knew he was found at Back Alley Sims.
  • dw4518dw4518 Posts: 262 Member
    thanks very much! just what I'm looking for
  • SleepycatDSLSleepycatDSL Posts: 251 Member
    You're welcome :smile:
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