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TS4 Parentcy Challenge


  • StitchluverStitchluver Posts: 126 Member
    @Cookingpup99 Thanks so much! Going really great with the challenge so far! My founder's name is Caroline Winter! As soon as I can, I'll attempt to post some pictures!
  • StitchluverStitchluver Posts: 126 Member
    Quick question.... For gen 1 can a child max a skill and still earn the point? Ex) Caroline's son maxes social skill
  • WorldsFinest13WorldsFinest13 Posts: 330 Member
    this seem like fun I'm looking forward to trying it
    Jinx Stands For Jinx
    Origin: TayeSimmer
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    edited December 2015
    @Stitchluver Hmmm, I didn't really think about that. I don't really bother with child skills to much but I've noticed they're easier to go up in than adult skills... or at least I think so. I would say half a point but half points are awkward LoL so I would say that I would count that as a point but as a point earned by the next generation as the child is the heir to gen 2 so it seems right that the point they earn is for maxing a skill in gen 2... not that it really makes a difference XD
    @WorldsFinest13 Thank you :)
  • StitchluverStitchluver Posts: 126 Member
    @Cookingpup99 I'm going to put it Gen 1 because it's a child skill..... I'm pretty sure the skill goes away when they age up to YA. So it would be counted as a Gen 1 because Gen 2 doesn't start till the heir ages up to YA. Sorry I'm just using logic lol. I also have a suggestion. You should have the "government" pay the founder (for Gen 1) child support. Like every Monday you get $150...... Just an idea lol. Again super sorry
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @Stitchluver It's okay, like I've said in reply to other peoples comments the challenge is yours and you can decide to do what you want with it :) My rules are more guidelines that I suggest you follow, so you can change them if you want as well as add bits in. I'm personally not going to add in child support to the rules as after playing the first gen myself I found that there wasn't that much of a struggle for money when my sim sold her paintings or wrote books and that it was fairly easy to survive and afford some - not many but some - luxuries so giving her extra money when the idea for that generation is that she struggles to even pay the bills would make the generation too easy. But like I said before, you can add child support if you want.

    However, I do have to take note that if you are going to add child support, your attempt at the challenge is going to be easier than others that are playing the challenge so I'm not sure whether it would be fair to allow your score to go on the leader board... although I could deduct some points at the end.

    After reading the rules again, I've remembered what I meant by the maxing skills point and it is that the points are given if the heir for that generation maxes a skill and only that sim, so for this I'm going to say that points for maxing a child skill shouldn't be counted. As they are points which add up to your final score which will go on the leader board, it wouldn't really be fair to allow those points when others won't have counted them as it gives an unfair advantage.

    Sorry for the essay LoL, I'm going to reword the thingy now so I make it clearer :)
  • FewerNutriaFewerNutria Posts: 50 Member
    This is so interesting. I might have to try it out.
  • Persefona711Persefona711 Posts: 356 Member
    I have observed something interesting.
    Sim with the trait hates children is tense in the presence of his own and other children.
    However, my Judy is not tense in the presence of her son, but is tense in the presence of other children.
    I wonder if this is a bug or this trait can manifest differently.
    Anyway in the end I like that Judy loves his son and other kids hate ;p
  • nikkisixxisabamfnikkisixxisabamf Posts: 1 New Member
    I think I am going to move my gen 2 heir out once she has earnt enough money for the house I want and then have that be the house for future generations. Then I am going to move all of the old heirs to the original house once they are elders.
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    edited February 2016
    @FewerNutria Thanks :) Let me know how you get on :)
    @nikkisixxisabamf Sounds like you've got a plan :)
    @Persefona711 Yeah, I've heard about that before, I think it's probably something to do with the whole automatic relationship at birth thing or something, but it's helpful too I guess LoL.

    Also, I'm doing a thing but instead of starting up a whole new thread, I just posted it on my profile so if anyone could go by and have a quick look that'd be great :smiley: Thank you.
    Post edited by Cookingpup99 on
  • FewerNutriaFewerNutria Posts: 50 Member
    Could I do this challenge on a 50x50 lot? And just do it in a legacy-style way?
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
  • PracticallyasimPracticallyasim Posts: 40 Member
    UGH!!! Second generation - worked so hard to get to the top of the culinary career with my husband! Finally Rowan and Quinn Galloway did it and decided "time for a baby". They had a beautiful baby girl, Jaclyn, but Rowan wanted just one more... Unfortunately she became pregnant with twins!
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @Practicallyasim It sounded like it was going so well! I didn't really think about that happening, but now that I have I can see how that is problematic. I'm going to update the rules soon and add some stuff for Get Together, but I'll also update that rule so that you can only successfully try for baby twice rather than only have two children, so don't worry about it :)
  • PracticallyasimPracticallyasim Posts: 40 Member
    @Cookingpup99 Thank you! Although maybe instead of changing it to two try for a babies (because one time it took one of my sims 6 times of trying for a baby to conceive!!!) just use the same two child rule, but if you have twins or triplets they don't count since you can't really do anything about it. So if you have two children and then try for another baby you'll lose the points.
    I'm also having a lot of fun with this challenge ! I'm just not excited for the neglectful parent part :( so sad!! Gonna be hard for me to do, heh.
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @Praticallyasim Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I didn't think about that being a problem. I'm glad that you're having fun playing the challenge, I'm going to update the rules now and add some more stuff in for Get Together.
  • PracticallyasimPracticallyasim Posts: 40 Member
    @Cookingpup99 hey! Gen three has started!! Yay I've been waiting for this one. But I was wondering if my spouse is allowed a job?
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @Practicallyasim Hmmm, I didn't think about that. I don't think it's going to make a big difference as to if the spouse gets a job or not so yeah sure! Also, I have changed some of the generations around so that they're in different places or they've had slight rule changes in case you hadn't seen :)

    I feel like I should really play this challenge all the way through to the end as I haven't done it yet - in fact I haven't ever got to the end of any challenge which is pretty bad :lol: What I'm going to do is play the whole thing and then write up the chapters for it all at once or at least publish them all at once so if anyone wants to read it, they can just read it when they please and not have to wait for the next chapter to come out :)
  • Persefona711Persefona711 Posts: 356 Member
    I like very much "GENERATION 10: MISS/MR PARENT OF THE WORLD" :D
    It will be like a celebrity parent ^^ but I'm still in gen 1 xD it gives me so much fun, but I'm realy close to the second gen ^^
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @Persefona711 Thank you :D I've been meaning to update it for Get Together for a while so figured to make up for the huge delay I should create another generation :) It's good to hear that you're near Generation 2, I'm just checking out your thread for it now :)
  • FewerNutriaFewerNutria Posts: 50 Member
    @Cookingpup99 I'm on gen two, and my sim has only got a promo once, yet shes on lvl 5? I just want to know if I should just put her in lvl 2 or not.
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @FewerNutria I don't really understand? So she has got one promotion, but she's at level 5 in her career? How did that happen XD?
  • tortorgirltortorgirl Posts: 8 New Member
    I noticed a conflict. In the Rules section it says: No Adoptions. Then, in the 10/11 generation it says: 25 points for every child adopted. Wouldn't you be breaking the rules if you were trying to do that?
  • tortorgirltortorgirl Posts: 8 New Member
    Btw, I am so going to try this challenge! It seems like soooo much fun!!!!! :D
  • Cookingpup99Cookingpup99 Posts: 441 Member
    @tortorgirl Thank you for pointing that out :) I'm just going to reword the rule now :) The last generation your sim isn't supposed to... how do I put this XD... create(?) a child, so I thought that if anyone wanted their sims to have children, being able to adopt a child would be a good idea.
    Keep me updated on how it goes :)

    (Also, I love your username :lol: Did it come from the mini minotaur song by any chance? It reminds me of it XD)
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