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Duckling to Swan: The Bachelor, Hasslich Edition - Day One (Introductions)


****VOTING IS OPEN!!!!****

Voting will be open until Thursday, April 21. Limit two winners per user. Vote for your SEVEN favorite bachelorettes (including your own if you wish!) and CAST ONE VOTE EACH DAY! See the next post to review our lovely bachelorettes.

Welcome to Duckling to Swan : The Bachelor - Hasslich Edition!!! As my Bachelor Experiment draws to a close and I find my way back to my favorite Hasslich clan, it's time to finally get The Bachelor - Hasslich Edition underway!

I've been planning this for quite some time, and I finally have the perfect Hasslich bachelor lined up. For those of you who follow The Hasslich Prettacy, you'll see that while you technically haven't met him yet, the bachelor is closely related to one of our very favorite Hasslich couples. He's a Hasslich at heart, and feels that true beauty is on the inside - which isn't to say he isn't a stunner!

I'm super excited to introduce you to the Hasslich Bachelor, but first I'm hoping to round up some eligible bachelorettes! I will be accepting applications through April 13, 2016. If there are more than seven entries, voting will commence after the application deadline.

Things to Know:

Like The Bachelor Experiment, the name of the game in this competition is autonomy. This series will be written with a bit more dramatic flair and artistic license, but the bottom line is the same - the bachelor will choose his leading lady with as little player interference as possible. And in the end, the bachelor and his lady of choice will join the "cast" of The Hasslich Prettacy.

To submit a contestant, please complete the below application and post in a reply to this thread.


-Applicants must be single.
-Applicants must be YA/Adult female.
-All shapes and sizes are welcome! The more variety the better.
-...but no aliens, please.
-All aspirations and traits are welcome. Big personalities make for interesting interactions!
-CC is acceptable as long as it comes in a package file.
-You're free to submit as many contestants as you'd like.
-A note on formal wear: Please submit your bachelorette(s) with the formal wear you want her in at the first elimination ceremony. For subsequent eliminations, I will be changing up their formal looks to my liking (which means lots of beautiful CC gowns). Don't worry - I will make sure your girls look their very best!
-Please upload your bachelorette to the gallery under #Hasslichbachelor.


CAS Photo:
Style: (Please tell me a bit about your bachelorette's personal style, to help me in choosing their formal wear. Is she classy? Flashy? Sexy? Conservative? Feminine? What colors does she prefer?)
CC links (if applicable)
Your Gallery ID:

Deadline is April 13, 2016.
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  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    edited April 2016
    Voting is now open through Thursday, April 21st! To review our eligible bachelorettes, see below and link to their backstories. Then, CLICK HERE! to cast your vote!

    Voting Rules: Cast your vote for your SEVEN favorite bachelorettes. There is no rule against voting for your own submissions! Multiple votes ARE accepted - you can vote ONCE per day. The top 7 ladies will be our winners, with each user being limited to two winners. A BIG, HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted! You guys are amazing!
    Meet the Bachelorettes!

    Romantic - Perfectionist - Family-Oriented
    Aspiration: Soulmate
    Submitted by @Marialein

    Romantic - Bookworm - Kleptomaniac
    Aspiration: Best-Selling Author
    Submitted by @Maladi777

    Bro - Childish - Outgoing
    Aspiration : Friend of the World
    Submitted by @IchigoUsagi

    Cheerful - Materialistic - Jealous
    Aspiration : Fabulously Wealthy
    Submitted by @Twiggy

    Good - Loves the Outdoors - Lazy
    Aspiration : Successful Lineage
    Submitted by @Twiggy

    Genius - Outgoing - Squeamish
    Aspiration : Renaissance Sim
    Submitted by @Sterretjeee

    Romantic - Slob - Gloomy
    Aspiration : Nerd Brain
    Submitted by @pammiechick

    Romantic - Jealous - Loves the Outdoors
    Aspiration : Mixology
    Submitted by @pammiechick

    Kleptomaniac - Romantic - Gloomy
    Aspiration : Chief of Mischief[/url]
    Submitted by @pammiechick

    Glutton - Loves the Outdoors - Self-Assured
    Aspiration : Best-Selling Author
    Submitted by @Marialein

    Izzy Huffman
    Geek - Glutton - Lazy
    Aspiration : Mixology
    Submitted by @ra3rei

    Mean - Materialistic - Snob
    Aspiration : Public Enemy[/url]
    Submitted by @Lupus95

    Active - Hot-Headed - Ambitious
    Aspiration : Body Builder
    Submitted by @Lupus95

    Evil - Insane - Gloomy
    Aspiration : Best-Selling Author
    Submitted by @Lupus95

    Romantic - Lazy - Foodie
    Aspiration : Soulmate
    Submitted by @Sterretjeee

    Clumsy - Creative - Loves the Outdoors
    Aspiration : Big Happy Family
    Submitted by @IchigoUsagi

    Dance Machine - Gloomy - Family-Oriented
    Aspiration: Big Happy Family
    Submitted by an unknown user - claim her if she's yours!

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  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,485 Member
    Ohh...definitely joining this one...gotta find some spares... :lol:
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    I will give you a stunning interesting lady. Now I just need to think who this could be. Hmm...
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 994 Member
    Cool, would love to read another (even more dramatic) bachelor challenge!

    About the applicants: If I have more then one lady available can I upload them as one household to the Gallery with your hashtag... or would you prefer separate uploads?
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    Oh yay, I'm so excited!

    @Twiggy - you can upload them together, that's no problem. Just make sure their applications are posted separately. So glad you'll be participating!!
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited March 2016

    Name: Eiline Keller
    CAS Photo: RLbWrmn.png
    Traits: romantic, perfectionist, family orientated
    Aspiration: soulmate aspiration
    Backstory: Eiline Keller was always the typical girl next door. The boys had all a little crush on her, but somehow she never found that out. She had lots of male friends, but she never really came along with other girls. Now she just finished the college she found her own style and hopes to be an artist one day. Which kind of Eiline haven't decided yet because she likes to paint, write and playing music equally. Eileen loves her life, but she wishes for more. A soulmate. But she doesn't have any experiences with men. She knows how to befriend to them, but she never had a date or a first kiss. Her best friend thought that this have to be changed and signed her up for the bachelor. First Eiline was shocked and unsure, but then she realized the chance she may get.
    Style: She likes a combination of classy, conservative and feminine. The colors shouldn't be too shrill. You can orient yourself on her daily looks.
    Your Gallery ID: mariafuchs488
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  • Maladi777Maladi777 Posts: 4,358 Member


    Name: Lexie Gunderson
    Traits: Romantic, Bookworm, Kleptomaniac
    Aspiration: Bestselling Author
    Backstory: Lexie loves books. Her most favourite stories are from the Thousand and One Nights. She often dreams of exotic places and mysterious strangers. One day she might become a writer herself. She loves all things glittery and shiny, exotic smelling perfumes and candles. When she spots such stuff in her friends' houses she can't help herself and has to "borrow" them.
    Style: Anything exotic, glittery. Favourite colours: yellow, dark green
    CC links:
    glasses, saree
    Your Gallery ID: Maladi
    HEFFNER LEGACYSimblrHeffner Legacy Discussion │ Origin ID: Maladi
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    AHHHH, I'm so excited!!!! Thank you @Marialein for Eiline - she's so cute! I love how she's oblivious to her charms, lol. And thank you @Maladi777 for Lexie! Girl's got great style!!
  • IchigoUsagiIchigoUsagi Posts: 822 Member
    Name: Camille (Cam) Hayes
    Traits: Bro, Childish, Outgoing
    Aspiration: Friend of the World
    Backstory: Camille grew up in the middle of two brothers. She always looked up to the elder and the younger did the same to her. They were inseparable. Being close in age they barely had any years that they weren’t in the same school, and they shared most of their friends. They all thought of her as just one of the boys, and she did too. She’s always been a bit immature, her older brother taught her about ‘cooties’ when she was in kindergarten and she wholeheartedly believed that well into her sixth grade year. She’s a bit of a late bloomer and only realized that she might actually want to have someone who’s more than just a friend recently. All of the eligible men she knows have been friends with her since childhood, so it would be incredibly awkward to suddenly strike up a flirtatious conversation with any of them. She came across an application for the bachelor and thought that it sounded worth a shot. At the very least she’d get some experience trying to woo someone. When her brother’s fiancée got wind of it she whisked her out to get ‘the essentials’: some formal wear, a few pairs of high heels, and a lacy bra that Camille doubts the practicality of.
    Style: Camille is very casual, comfort is more important than anything for her when it comes to clothing. That said, her soon to be sister-in-law helped her pick her clothes for eliminations so have a field day with whatever you think looks best on her!
    Your Gallery ID: IchigoSamurai14
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    @IchigoUsagi , thank you so much for Camille! She's so stinking cute, and I love her "practical" side, lol.
  • IchigoUsagiIchigoUsagi Posts: 822 Member
    edited March 2016
    @PeachyKeen88 Thanks! I've been taking a bit of a hiatus from the sims 4 (I recently had to start completely fresh), but I always fiddling around in CAS. It feels really rewarding when you get a sim together and you're like "Yup, that somehow isn't half bad" :D
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Definitely going to do this :lol:
    The entered girls are so beautiful already!
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 994 Member


    Name: Norah Churchill
    Traits: Cheerful, Materialistic and Jealous
    Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
    Backstory: Norah is always all over the place. She is a confident woman who knows and gets what she wants. At least, she thinks she does. She is blessed with a sparkling personality and dito appearance. Norah likes to lavish herself in wealth and does her best to look classy, elegant and alluring befitting a rich lifestyle. Yet she not once holds a job long enough to excel and earn a living to uphold such way of living. Norah always ends up arguing with co-workers since her jealousy frequently roars its ugly head on the work floor. Nor does she, to this day, find a man to dote on her long enough to her fancy. She does not understand why that is. Norah is now certain this bachelor opportunity might just be her thing. So for now she has set her mind on wooing that significant other to boost her personality (and wallet).
    Style: Norah is classy, sexy, playful and feminine. She likes lots of colors; her warm chocolate skin color compliments all, she is convinced. Norah is not a fan of prints though.
    Your Gallery ID: Twiggytreats
  • TwiggyTwiggy Posts: 994 Member


    Name: Susan Crandall
    Traits: Good, Loves Outdoors and Lazy
    Aspiration: Successful Lineage
    Backstory: Susan is the most down to earth girl on the block, no wait, in the world even. She never wears a lot of make-up and when she does, she makes sure it's environmentally-friendly in every possible way. Susan values life and nature too much to act careless. Susan's father recently passed away and all she has left in life now is her dearest mother. She is a modest young woman from humble upbringings, waiting to blossom and find that true love to start her own family with. With that fuel she enters the Bachelor Experiment and merely hopes the bachelor will be anything like her late father.
    Style: Susan only wears eco-friendly fashion. Is she classy? She dresses somewhat conservative though she is feminine and if finding more confidence would surely be dressing more provocative.
    Your Gallery ID: Twiggytreats
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    @Twiggy thank you for Nora and Susan! They are both so beautiful. I'm loving all these different personalities! My Bachelor Challenge has bee so much fun, but having back stories/personalities for these girls will make things so much more interesting!
  • SterretjeeeSterretjeee Posts: 3,019 Member
    Name: Priya Dewan
    CAS Photo:
    Traits: Genius, Outgoing, Squeamish
    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
    Backstory: Smart and beautiful? Though being told her entire life it was impossible, by her very own father, Priya decides to prove him wrong. She graduates college 🌺🌺🌺🌺-laude, and is ready to take the world. Her bubbly personality makes her an easy-to-talk-to person. Yet, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain. Priya is squeamish, extremely squeamish. The pressure she puts on herself to achieve developed into a nasty habit. Some might even call it mysophobia. Her dream to become a doctor became unrealistic. Still searching for the perfect job, Priya decides it is also time to search for love. Will she find it?
    Style: Sophisticated, feminine and red looks drop-dead gorgeous on her!
    Your Gallery ID: Sterretjeee
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    @Sterretjeee - I love Priya!!! She's so cute and I'm loving the diversity in these girls. Thank you for submitting her!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,485 Member
    Hey....I'm going to be uploading a few spares soon! Can't wait to do this because some are forgotten from my Amazon challenge. They need love! LOL!
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    That's awesome, @pammiechick ! Looking forward to it!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,485 Member
    edited March 2016
    Name: Quinn Oranos

    CAS Photo: 1hasslich3.jpg

    Traits: Romantic | Snob | Gloomy

    Aspiration: Nerd Brain

    Backstory: Quinn is the daughter of Kiva Oranos, a Sixamian who became an Amazon. Her father is Mano--a highly sought after slave because of his skills and good looks. Being raised in the Amazon, Quinn knows what she wants and usually gets it, but she slyly goes about it. Liking the finer things since she's been doted on by Queen Hawika's brother, Hagen, she is used to a lavish lifestyle. Having only recently moved to Sixam, she really misses the brightness of her home planet and wants to come back, but she doesn't want to go back to a tribe. Hearing about the famous Hasslich family, she desires to see if she can find love and a little fame wouldn't hurt. After all, she used to belong to the most famous tribe in Amazon history. ;)

    Style: She is classy with a touch of feminity. She loves pink since it goes with her skin and eyes.

    Your Gallery ID: pammiechick
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,485 Member
    edited March 2016
    Name: Nalani Wahine

    CAS Photo: 1hasslich4.jpg

    Traits: Romanitic | Jealous | Outdoors

    Aspiration: Mixology

    Backstory: Nalani Wahine is the great niece to Queen Hawika of the Amazon empire. When Hawika kicked her and her mother, Xorex Wahine, out of the tribe because of her skin color, Nalani felt betrayed and hurt that she could be so discriminated against since she is part Sixamian. Hearing about the Hasslich and how they, too, have discrimination problems in their history for their unique features, Nalani feels she would fit into this famous family. She got an operation on Sixam in order to fit in properly on her home planet and has left the Amazon behind, never to return. She hopes to find love with a Hasslich and already feels a bond from afar. (Genealogy history--father Maka Green--tribal son of Gatherer, Hoopono Green, Mother--Xorex Wahine, daughter of Hagen Wahine and Xetrov)

    Style: Her style is bohemian with lots of blues and blacks.

    Your Gallery ID: pammiechick
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 11,485 Member
    Name: Lindsey Rex

    CAS Photo: 1hasslich.jpg

    Traits: kleptomaniac | romantic | gloomy

    Aspiration: Chief of Mischief

    Backstory: Nothing was ever sane being raised in the Divan Rex household. Her unusual upbringing gave her a lot of...talents. Let's just say that life with a Rex will be anything but dull. Lindsey wants to leave her hometown because...well...her brother, Hunter, is about to turn it into a pile of ash or try to rope her into doing something dastardly for him. She felt like she'd have better odds of escaping jail time if she found another place to reside. When she heard about the Hasslich family, she was intrigued. She never dated in high school and being a romantic, she desperately wants to find love and hopes to be a better mate than her father...cough...cough...

    Style: She's a tomboy, but loves a bit of flash and sexy to go with her curves. She doesn't like to workout and is a huge foodie (although she's terrible at cooking.)

    CC links (if applicable) I use Kijiko eyelashes. Not sure which version she has. Go here to find them.

    Your Gallery ID: pammiechick; since she has cc, you'll have to use the cc button.
  • MarialeinMarialein Posts: 2,885 Member
    edited March 2016
    Okay I have another woman for you.

    Name: Tiana Huebsch
    CAS Photo: VQ3c2gV.png
    Traits: glutton, self assured, outdoor lover
    Aspiration: best selling author
    Backstory: Tiana is from a prettancy family as well and knows what all this brings with it. She is only the third generation of her family and she was never a heir because her grandmother decided to give this duty to those who need to get prettier. Tiana is very self confident of her look but of course she knows that she is not perfect. Her nose is too big and her body isn't in shape. As a glutton this is especially hard for her. The fridge is always calling her. Since Tiana was a teenager she wanted to write about her family legacy but it was very short and the biography was completed so fast. Then Tiana heard of the famous Hasslichs and to her luck one of them was searching for true love. She was sure that she was the right one cause she understands the whole legacy thing better than the most do. In her home town she was always called the beauty of the Huebschs and she was compared to snow white. Nevertheless Tiana never let herself be influenced through that. She knows how hard reality can be and she knew that she wasn't pretty in comparison with the women you always see in bachelor shows. Still she was confident to make a few rounds and get to know the bachelor.

    Side note: Tiana is from my first real try to make a prettancy, but you see that she is already quite pretty. I stopped playing there and I made my new story, so I would love to find a place for her :)
    Style: Tiana's style is very mixed. As long as her problem zones are hidden she likes everything. Even though, she prefers a little bit shorter dresses.
    Your Gallery ID: mariafuchs488
  • PeachyKeen88PeachyKeen88 Posts: 651 Member
    @pammiechick - thank you for all these great girls! I'm loving their back stories!

    @Marialein - a prettacy girl?! How fun!!!! She's super cute!!!
  • IchigoUsagiIchigoUsagi Posts: 822 Member
    It looks like voting is going to happen, so I just wanted to ask; are multiple entries from one person able to win or are you going to limit it so more people get their sims accepted and it's not all just sims from two or three people?
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