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How do you post pictures in the forum?

How do you post pictures?

I wanted to share screenshots of my gameplay but when I tried posting an [IMG] file, it said I have to be *around longer* to post links. How long do you have to be around in order to be able to share screenshots and images? I'm confused. Thanks for your help


  • SirCumberbatchSirCumberbatch Posts: 377 Member
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    This is not a distressful forum about how to post them, it's how to do it. I've seen people questioning how to do it, so I shall solve this issue for those in despair.

    First things first, you must be member. 50(maybe 30) posts, and 50 points will get you there. Your account also must be a day old.

    Now, to the image part!

    1. Find your wanted image(Example picture, Christoph Schneider petting a puppy:http://wifflegif.com/gifs/394045-christoph-schneider-adorable-schneider-gif)
    2. Shift click on the image and click [Open image in new tab]
    3. Copy the URL from the image that is opened in the new tab
    4. Click the folded piece of paper icon in the comment section (At the top, if you roll over it it should say Attach image/file

    You have posted an image. Yay for you!


    Here's how to get a signature, too. Because I feel like being further helpful.
    Note: Make sure you are a member, and that your account has been active for 8 weeks(about 2 months)

    1. Again, find your wanted image
    2. Open image in new tab
    3. Copy URL
    4. Go to your wall
    5. Click the tiny head icon
    6. Select edit profile
    7. Click signature settings
    8. Click the folded piece of paper icon
    9. Paste the URL

    You now have a signature. Again, yay for you.

    Hopefully this helped the people in distress.
  • ceejay402ceejay402 Posts: 24,557 Member
    you can add the link just remove first part
  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,750 Member
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    > @ceejay402 said:
    > you can add the link just remove first part


    twin baby girls pic if that ^^ works... this is a test!

    Edit: All I removed was " h t t p : / / " which makes it unclickable of course, but I did test by copying/pasting the above into a new tab and it worked fine. I see twins!
  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 33,239 Member
    > @ceejay402 said:<br />
    > you can add the link just remove first part<br />
    <br />
    i36.photobucket.com/albums/e40/egwarhammer/Margali%20and%20Michael-Sims4/10-29-14_8-04nbspAM_zps8016d8ff.png<br />
    <br />
    twin baby girls pic if that ^^ works... this is a test!

    Works for anyone who copies and pastes :)

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  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,555 Member
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    how I do it, I type [img][/img]
    put image address in between
    so this picture of my profile pic
    make sure no spaces.
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  • egwarhammeregwarhammer Posts: 5,750 Member
    > @MasonGamer said:
    > how I do it, I type [img][/img]
    > put image address in between
    > so this picture of my profile pic
    > make sure no spaces.

    yeah, WHEN i've been here long enough to post links, that'll work... if it's 50 points, i just need 4 more, just trying to hang out and still share stuff somehow till i make the big leagues here. no worries!
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    thread revival!
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  • cats3008cats3008 Posts: 135 Member
    Thanks so much for posting this, I was having the toughest time trying to upload. Took me like a day to find this post! :D

  • UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    Thank you for the time you put in to post this! I have enough posts from the previous sims 3 forums, but not enough points. I am new to this website. I haven't played sims 3 in awhile, and now that I am back, it seems all the forums have changed. So annoying.
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  • Christi83Christi83 Posts: 82 Member
    Thank you! This helped a lot.
  • cassandra_combscassandra_combs Posts: 70 Member
    Oh...so no screen shots from my game until I've been around longer?
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