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Fandom Legacy Challenge

Use whichever succession laws you wish. Do not use cheats. Mods and CC is welcome. Try to theme the family as close as you can to the generation fandom. Have fun!

Generation 1- Harry Potter
Gryffindors are big on family and friends, have at least 20 best friends between all family members and 10 family members, including the parents. All family members should be at least good friends. Build herbology skill as well.

Generation 2- Mortal Instruments
Shadowhunters love to train to kill those pesky demons, have one sim be a master at athletic and one at wellness. Do not become friends with aliens, they will take the place of demons.

Generation 3- Supernatural
This generation inherited their parents hatred for demons, however instead of using force to kill they will charm and use potions. Have one sims max out of charisma, one in herbology.

Generation 4- Vampire Academy
Even thouh they don't want to be there, the vampires are stuck in school. Have one sim focus on logic and one sim focus on athletic. Aim for an A in grade school and high school.

Generation 5- Dr. Who (or Star Trek)
Your mission is to explore the sims world. Become a scientist or a rocket scientist. Live for at least a week in every neighborhood. Know at least on alien (if you don't have GTW find a weird plant using the rocket)

Generation 6- Divergent
Abnegation is the selfless faction. Donate at least 20,000 dollars in a lifetime. Earn money to donate from selling photographs, woodworkings, and paintings. Always carry home grown fruit in your inventory.

Generation 7- Hunger Games
The capital has fallen, it is time to celebrate. Win a gold medal in at least 5 party types, weddings do not count. Focus on the Dj, Dancing, and Mixology skills. Max at least 1 instrument.

Generation 8- Walking Dead
It's the zombie apocalypse. Go outside as little as possible, have a large garden. You must write about your experience and sell books. Fish for food as well as growing it. Avoid aliens.

Generation 9- Vampire Diaries
Someone is always getting hurt. Good thing your vampire blood will heal them! Become a doctor. Focus on the logic skill (you'll need it for work) and the charisma skill (it's how you steal your blood).

Generation 10- Once Upon a Time
Mr. Gold's shop is an important part in this fandom. Create your own store, make sure to make a profit. Sell whatever you wish in your store. Grow and expand your store to be as popular as Gold's.

Good luck! Post your own fandom generation idea's below. Tag the families and the houses you make with #fandomchallenge. Share your stories, seeing as how I have not done this challenge yet it will be cool to see how it is done. I'm new at sharing my challenges but I will try to, stay posted for a link to that story.


  • ScarlettFireflyScarlettFirefly Posts: 74 Member
    Oooo, I might take the Walking Dead or Mortal Instruments challenge...
  • SunDancer17SunDancer17 Posts: 30 Member
    Generation 11- Maximum Ride
    The flock loves to eat and the children have their parents business sense. Build a restaurant, cafe, or bakery with a unique theme.
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