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What is considered the last installed expansion pack for the Sims 2: Ultimate Collection?

So, I've stumbled across this mod called "Smart Beds" for The Sims 2 but I have to pick a download link based on the last expansion pack I have installed.


  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,549 Member
    Hi @adamari

    I am very new to Sims 2 but have asked myself the same question for different reasons are you on disc or UC version? if you are on UC version it includes all the expansion and stuff packs with apartment life expansion pack being the last one and mansion and gardens the last stuff pack.

    I am on UC version and I notice it seems to be fun with pets when I start the game despite apartment life being the last expansion pack and yet when I get pop up notices in game its mansions and gardens.

    I found the following information concerning this

    Mansion and Garden Stuff (the 9th stuff pack) was the last thing made (came after apartment life) but there was a disc version of

    "fun with pets" that is a combo pack and includes mansion and garden stuff so I am assuming even with the UC version this is why I get my particular notices.

    If you have discs ie one disc per expansion pack then you would base your choice on the latest expansion pack you own or the last one that was released which is Apartment life, however as mansions and gardens stuff pack came last some Sims CC makers state M&G compatible if that makes sense.

    If you own most of the Sims 2 Discs you may still be able to get the whole UC version if you contact EA customer services, one player got theirs yesterday and many others including myself have managed to be given it over the last few months despite the promotion having ended.

    Just in case I have included the link where obtaining UC is discussed

    if this does not answer your question I am sure you will get a response from several sims 2 players who frequent these forums and have already helped me immensely :)
  • adamariadamari Posts: 2 New Member
    Thank you so much, @SPARKY1922! I too noticed that Fun With Pets came up on the loading screen so I assumed that it was the last expansion pack, but I just wanted to make sure! Once again, thank you so much!
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,549 Member

    You are most welcome I am glad I could help, happy simming :)
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