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Toddlers make their return - the Sims 4 cure all?


  • Mrstrina72Mrstrina72 Posts: 2 New Member
    [quote="CK213;13172843"][quote="kremesch73;13172783"]I think adding toddlers in now would be a mistake. It's just too weird--the idea of not having them, and then suddenly having them. It doesn't feel right. I also don't think it will change anyone's mind regarding whether they like or dislike the game. There's more to the game, all the sims games than just toddlers. If they don't like it now, no amount of toddlerism (Yes. I just made that up) is going to make them like it.[/quote]

    Like a child popping out of a bassinet isn't? That's worse.
    I'll take the toddlers as I don't like playing sim families without them. In addition to teens who look like adults, or look like they are ready to turn adult at the very least, I don't care to play families in this game.

    But my liking this game more doesn't depend on toddlers, there are about eight more items on my wish list.


    I think the only way we can make ea listen and bring toddlers back is to hurt thier deep pockets...Stop buying anymore of thier expansions.....I know it will be hard cause if you like me you love the sims .But They only see profit so cut off thier profit by not buying
  • RealPixelinaRealPixelina Posts: 27 New Member
    > @Sigzy05 said:
    > TOLKIEN wrote: »
    > So I've been bouncing about these forums having read, started and joined many a discussion and without fail toddlers always come up - with the demand for them.
    > I know, shocking insight!
    > Seriously though, toddler discussions by themselves get thousands of views and replies, with many simmers swearing off the game until their included once again and many others see the game as broken until their returned. Then it seems everyday we get new hate topics which always mentioned the lack of toddlers, like they are the end of all of the Sims 4 problems.
    > Truly to all of you, is their lack of game presence REALLY destroying your ability to play the game? Does it all truly hinge on toddlers?
    > I DO understand the argument that you feel ripped off because content you feel was key to game play was removed, that EA owes it to you because you gave them your money - but you also paid for content you know didn't include toddlers to begin with. They didn't lie to you, you weren't forced to buy it sans toddler, you bought it by choice. If you didn't buy it, then good, that was your choice too.
    > Ironically a lot of people, people who LIKE toddlers have commented in various topics how annoying toddlers are in previous games too. Well lets put that in prospective.
    > The Sims 4 has emotions now.
    > Which means so will toddlers.
    > I want you to think about that for a second. ANYBODY that has ever had kids or babysat toddlers will know what I'm getting at.
    > I honestly fear the return of toddlers in the Sims 4 - they will likely be a complete chore to play, if not the most annoying life stage of all time and honestly - I wouldn't put it beyond the developers to make Toddlers utterly "emotional realistic" in doing so, with a "well you want toddlers, so here you go" attitude.
    > The better question is, do toddlers justify the huge amount of attention they generate? Or is it a matter of principal of content expectation of a Sims game regardless? Will their re-inclusion some how fix all the wrongs the Sims 4 has committed?
    > Beyond that I truly believe if you don't like the game now and toddlers are the first thing you complain about, well lets face its, it will still be the same game in all but one regard...
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    > Look, this is my point of view, for me toddlers coming back (FOR FREE), it is a big deal it will almost solve all of my issues with the game, I still like it, like I said many times, I like the game for the things it has, I think they did a good job when making almost evrything that there is in game (babies and teen heigh not so well done) the only thing that really bugs me is the lack of base game features, that is the only thing that makes me mad at Maxis right now and I won't pay for those basic features.
    > Getting toddlers will be the first step, for me I will still want family trees, story progression and the npc's though there are other little features that I liked to see come back (like the door locks).

    I know you stand correct but I would like you to be a tad more specific in regards to what you have stated. What is it you feel is lacking in specific in The Sims 4 Base Game Franchise?
  • CalebFillionCalebFillion Posts: 289 Member
    I was not going to get sims 4. What could it possibly have that sims 3 didn't have better? I got the game and was surprised to see they look more like sims 2 characters and act more like sims 2 or castaway. I have them all from sims to bustin out to sims 2, 3, 4, my sims, castaway, and the laptop versions. I have the packs and and the expansions. I love the sims. LOVE the sim! But not having toddlers has made me sad. Disappointed, upset, 🎃🎃🎃🎃 and angry. I love playing with toddlers unlike so many of you. I really enjoy them. Teaching them, cuddling them, watching them sleep. Creepy much? I love toddlers. So many of you love them too and it makes me sad that the sim people just laugh at us and walk away. We spend money on the sims, create for the sims, download for them to improve their lives, get them jobs, let them have free will, give them wives, husbands, make their lives easy and wonderful and what have we asked for? Toddlers. It's too much I know. I feel their pain at us being so ungrateful as to want want want. How dare we, the people spending our money, our time and eagerly awaiting the next free pack, the next expansion, the next stuff pack just hoping that there will be toddlers.
    I don't care about pools, loading screens or small living spaces. I just really want toddlers. Please?
  • SimzQuxxnSimzQuxxn Posts: 1 New Member
    Okay so I get the fact of "Oh does it really matter," well no not really, the game will still pretty much be the same, but having toddlers was an amaaaazing feature. Like the babies have really downgraded with the Sims 4, bringing it back to how they were in the first Sims game. By downgrading like this toddlers really should be added for that extra time and abilities with the younger life.
  • Megang2015Megang2015 Posts: 2 New Member
    i really think that they need to bring toddlers back because toddlers are such an important part in plot development with out toddlers so so many stories are left untold so like no joke i would totally get a toddler DLC pack simply because i need toddlers in my game !!
  • frankiecfrankiec Posts: 2 New Member
    I guess you'll get more replies of people here who don't need toddlers as much since the ones who quit won't find this forum :)

    I actually just went to look for any new sims 4 addons to see if toddlers have been included yet. I bought the game when it came out in the assumption that of course there would be toddlers. It was absolutely gamebreaking for me to find those babies swirling into children and even those babies are just merely objects now .... Consequently I quit playing. I prefer the game to be as realistic as possible so this is a major change and in my opinion a big step backwards to exclude them and make babies so lifeless.

    They should've just let players adjust the age spans as they pleased so those who whined about toddlers being annoying would be able to just grow them up immediately.
  • GottesfrendeGottesfrende Posts: 47 Member
    edited January 2016
    For me, toddlers is just emblematic of the MANY limitations of the game and features omitted... why no lawn chairs, pool tables, drum sets, cars? I hardly play the actual expansions or visit the park or have my sims leave the house because it is so disruptive to gameplay. It takes two to three minutes just to load the screens for those aspects of the game... Even to just visit a neighbors house. Really???!!! While the developers said all these things were dropped to deepen the emotional responivess of sims and enrich their personalities... I still can't manage to have visiting sims enter the house without wandering off to the tv in the bedroom, watching tv or otherwise being completely disinterested in having a drink or actually joining everyone at the table for dinner... It remains too chaotic in regards to interactions (the game play). So toddlers? Sure. But how about addressing these glaring issues before asking me to pay for another expansion pack? Until then, this remains a game I pick up sporadically to build and furnish a pretty house and then put away for something less disappointing.
  • KeyserFnKeyserFn Posts: 1,399 Member
    I never really used them so I don't know that I care if they return or not but I know topics will keep popping up about it same old same old
  • FreyannFreyann Posts: 66 Member
    I think The demand for toddlers was at first because we want to be able to play them. but the repeating posts, the outrage and the quitting I think is down to people wanting to be heard. The forum is a great place to get ideas out, But unless the EA games and MAXIS companies Make the changes, that are constantly asked for (like toddlers) It's just going to become more hateful.
  • colbyfromagecolbyfromage Posts: 268 Member
    It seems to me that the title for this thread answers the question for itself!
  • SimmerSparklezzzSimmerSparklezzz Posts: 875 Member
    I thought the sims used to be a realistic life simulation. Not a game without a whole life stage and deaths from laughing too much...

  • TarruviTarruvi Posts: 1,227 Member
    edited January 2016
    I thought the sims used to be a realistic life simulation. Not a game without a whole life stage and deaths from laughing too much...

    The Sims are Realistic, and, Unrealistic. That's what they have been from Day One?

    I love Toddlers, and I do miss them waddling around. But, what Do these Toddlers need?

    A Framework of Patches.

    ~The Group System~
    Remember the Get Together Patch, and how it Added the "Add to Group" interaction.

    And, all those Patches before it?
    •Bug Fixes
    •Pools and Ghosts
    •Extra Careers
    •Seasonal Objects
    •New Trait/s
    •Dish Washers
    •Numerous Amounts Clothing Added On
    •Sim Fan Contest Rewards: Gnome, Hair, Gummie and Skeleton Fish, Team Treat

    ~TS4's First Year DLC~
    •One Expansion
    -Get to Work
    •Two Game Packs
    -Outdoor Retreat
    -Spa Day
    •Three Stuff Packs
    -Cool Kitchen Stuff
    -Luxury Party Stuff
    -Perfect Patio Stuff

    There are Bugs, and ALL games have Bugs! And, the Team Fixed a Buffet of them from Day One.

    ~The Sims 4… is into it's Second Year.

    ~One Expansion
    •Get Together
    ~One Stuff Pack
    •Spooky Stuff

    ~Bugs will Be Fixed
    ~Even more Patches
    ~Worlds, Hair and Clothing, and maybe a Toddler or Two.
  • Landscapes101Landscapes101 Posts: 91 Member
    The sims do have emotions but they don't have personalities, honestly, I could live without toddlers for a while but, at least, give me the basic things and not a half cooked game.
  • SoapSudsSoapSuds Posts: 1,360 Member
    I agree with the sentiment that the whole toddlers issue is the poster child (no pun intended) for the missing features that are expected of this game by now.

    If/when toddlers are added to this game, the spotlight will shift over to something else, so no, it will not be a cure all for many people.

    Toddlers are definitely needed, and I'm sure many will be happy when they're added, but there are plenty of people who will still not be satisfied with the state of the game, and rightfully so with them. I personally enjoy the game, although there are definitely problems with it, but that's just me. There are many legitimate criticisms with this game that extend far beyond the absence of toddlers. Toddlers are just the representation of the bigger picture.
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  • NekoEsmahhNekoEsmahh Posts: 37 Member
    I personally really want toddlers but i think that toddlers shouldn't be added right now until the EP and SP that come out are fully Family based.
  • esharpmajoresharpmajor Posts: 1,055 Member
    edited January 2016
    Look, in order to properly simulate a life, cradle to grave, it's crucial to have all life stages.

    Some players aren't interested in doing that. That's fine. They can skip stages, turn off ageing, make everyone a ghost-alien, whatever. The ability to ignore realistic life simulation will not be removed by the addition of toddlers. The ability to enjoy realistic life simulation IS seriously impacted by their absense.

    There are tons of other issues with the game but the removal of cradle to grave ageing is an obvious issue with a fairly straight forward solution. until toddlers are added, players will continue to point to their omission as an easily identifiable problem in this game.

    Those players who dislike tots need to remember that one players chore is another players challenge, and to champion ea's occlusion of features only encourages these design choices and opens the door for more cherished features to be cut in future.

    So basically, no op, it's not a cure all, but it would go a long way toward placating life simulation players, and would allow for the community to finally move on to other topics. To me, that's a good thing.
  • GottesfrendeGottesfrende Posts: 47 Member
    edited January 2016
    For me, the frustration comes from buying a "new" game in the series only to find that it has been hobbled and enhancements from the previous editions were removed. It is a step back. I've found this occurrence with too many games to count--all of which I have eventually just stopped playing or buying. I'm all for new features and enhancements, but I become highly irritated when such comes at the expense of features that previously added enjoyment and depth to the game. I abhor games that have been dumbed down for the masses and just wish they would come out instead with two games... one easy game for simple people and one for the fans rather than dumb the whole thing down to the lowest common denominator. I know that is wishful thinking, and won't happen. I like the Sims 4. I really do. But outside the easier camera controls, (which themselves don't work too well--for example if I'm on an upper floor and move the cursor toward the outside wall, then I sink toward the ground floor--very frustrating flaw), I see nothing in this game that is actually new as much as it is "polished" old stuff at the expense of previous enhancements that added enjoyment to playing the game in the first place. I remain quite confused as to why Maxis won't work toward making sure the game is inclusive of things that keep its customer base and working out the flaws BEFORE moving on to more silly game packs that also aren't that interesting when the game remains hobbled. Again--where are the cars? Why can't my Sims play any instrument rather than a violin, guitar or piano? I mean, if they are going to join a "club," who hasn't heard of joining a band for crying out loud? But my sims can't even play a drum! Sims can't lay on a lawn chair by the pool? Who heard of such a silly thing? They can't play pool? They can't ride a bike? I'm flummoxed as to why Maxis doesn't have such features... these omissions just make the game akin to playing with a digital doll house. And, frankly, I could care less as to why I have to spend three minutes on a transition screen to visit my neighbor... the fact that I have to lose my immersion in the game to do so means I just don't visit. They should have known better. There is no excuse for this. None. I pick the game up occasionally, but it bores easily, and I put it down. As a result, I expect the game to go the same route as others have who Maxis has decided to follow. I don't play them and I don't buy them.
  • gila14gila14 Posts: 1 New Member
    Toddler are life!!!! :'c :(
  • ndbethndbeth Posts: 61 Member
    No, it won't be a cure-all - believe it or not, there is no cure-all for this game. Even if they added every single thing requested, it still wouldn't be perfect. But just because something will never have the capability to be the ideal game, doesn't mean you stop improving it. If you lose a bunch of pages from your manuscript, that doesn't mean you stop writing just because it'll never be what you originally planned. You rewrite the pages you lost - even though they won't be identical to the original pages - and keep going. Same principle with TS4. Are they supposed to stop making patches and spend the next seven years developing Sims 5 while the game gets progressively buggier and we sit here and whine constantly? No! You don't spend a great deal of time developing a game and just leave it untouched when you figure out there's things wrong with it. Why do you think they still put out patches and updates? To fix what's wrong with the game, even though they know it won't be perfect. Would you rather them have a terrible game, or a mediocre game? Because I think we know the answer to that. It's not about crafting perfection, it's about expanding and bettering.
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  • mrln1975mrln1975 Posts: 176 Member
    I know what you mean. I have not played in a year. And I'm not sure if I even want to buy get together. This game seems lifeless. Not because of tots. It's the whole thing. Clubs who wants clubs? the only thing it might be good for is to make a lot friends faster.Because the hot tub thing didn't work as an object.
  • Tilly818Tilly818 Posts: 1 New Member
    i hated playing with the toddlers. So boring!!! I'd use the boolprop cheat & age them to kids so with Sims4 I'm not missing anything lol
  • nutm3g8nutm3g8 Posts: 46 Member
    I too was upset that the addition of toddlers wasn't added. To be honest without them I feel a sims life goes by too quickly and gives less time to fall in love with the sims before they die of old age. I find it strange having a baby age into a child and always will. Never have I complained about not having them but I wonder if they excluded them for the sole purpose of adding them in a generation type EP. If that is the case it will be one the most purchased EP's and people who haven't bought the sims 4 will at that point. I just don't understand why they would increase the price of a base game and not include the basics that have been in the sims 2 and 3.
  • Pipsy1001Pipsy1001 Posts: 3 New Member
    I love the toddlers and all but number one on my list is pets
  • Pipsy1001Pipsy1001 Posts: 3 New Member
    Okay so I think that child sims should be able to have boyfriend/girlfriend relationships but no kissing or any of that it's just because kids these days have those relationships, and the teens should be a little bit shorter because they go from little kids to adult sized teens it it kinda weird. Pets should be added in an expansion pack and maybe toddlers I don't mind them but they can get really annoying. Again these are just my ideas and not things that ea needs to add in it love all the sims games that they have made and the sims 4 is already pretty cool if mean people they are like play doh and with some cc I've seen some sims that look pretty lifelike the game itself is really fun and I love all sims things
  • Daelene8Daelene8 Posts: 184 Member
    I still want toddlers back. I don't like not being able to do much with the babies. I want to be able to interact with them more and toddlers would make me happier and the game better for me
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