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Rhodalle's Roadless Worlds - Suggestions and Opinions Wanted



  • AppaloosaPlainsAppaloosaPlains Posts: 2 New Member
    edited November 2015
    Is world 3 up for download somewhere? I'd love to edit it myself for private use
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  • RhodalleRhodalle Posts: 52 Member
    edited December 2015
    Is world 3 up for download somewhere? I'd love to edit it myself for private use

    I will try to get the heightmap and splat-maps up soon on my site. :) Thanks for asking! I might run a mild erosion over it in WM so you have the option of using WM splat-maps too, since world 3 was one of my hand-painted ones. Edit: And don't worry about it being private use or not, if you re-upload your version somewhere, I don't mind, I would just appreciate a mention.
  • Sassykitty92Sassykitty92 Posts: 24 Member
    Oh my goodness I love the castle one!
  • Sassykitty92Sassykitty92 Posts: 24 Member
    > @Rhodalle said:
    > Guys, thank you so much for the kind words, and helpful input, truly...
    > :) Anyways, just following up on this thing to say I have a beta up on my new site for world 4, and I'm also sharing there the download links to the height and paint layer maps for my unfinished worlds. There will soon be simple instructions for how to plug them into your CAW, for those who haven't imported texture masks before. I also list the textures used and link you where to get them, so your world can have the same feel as what's pictured.
    > I'm shy, really awkward in the forum scene, and too lazy to put my stuff up on MTS, so I'll be in my dark little corner. But still making worlds and open to requets. (Finally about to buy World Machine, which is a far more refined terrain generator than Photoshp and Wilbur, and I'm eager to see what it's heightmaps look like in CAW.)
    > Happy Simming, everyone!
    > rhodalle.wix. com /simmerrho
    > (take out the spaces in the link)
    > UPDATE: @KarilynMonroe2
    > Interesting.. an Oz world would be a blast, honestly, just seems to fit the Sims, lol. I might be willing to take a crack at this. So many representations from which to draw inspiration, too.

    Is it possible you can make me a world? Not too complicated.
  • KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,446 Member
    Oh goodness, I made the Oz world myself. What a fun time I had! I probably went totally overboard but I just love how it turned out!
  • Dylan.WalshDylan.Walsh Posts: 115 Member
    Thank you for sharing all your creations with us. I am going to do something with one of your worlds and I will be back to show it.
  • Luciddt55Luciddt55 Posts: 2 New Member
    I've been looking for the perfect roadless world for a while now, and your "World #3, Plot 1" is the closest I could find. It's got elevation, forests, and lots of interesting features. (Plus, your worlds are exquisite!) Did you ever get it to a download stage? I have a huge tribe of Silvan elves I would love to throw at it! :smile:
  • RhodalleRhodalle Posts: 52 Member
    edited December 2016
    Oh my gosh, I feel terrible that I forgot to tell you guys that "World 3" files have been available for download for a while now. Not the completed world, but the heightmap, splat-maps and I think the CAW files that I had backed up - hopefully they work. The world machine files are better looking in my opinion than the half-finished original, anyway. Here's the download link:

    I'm also working on an alien world and a Mars colony now. Here's a little teaser for the alien one, and I'll have some pics of the martian world later when I get further with it in CAW.


    And a rough video update where I'm talking about my plans for the world and where I've been this past year.

    I owe you all this update. Thanks for your patience!

  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 724 Member
    Welcome Back - I love your work!
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