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Is Mod The Sims and SimPE etc safe?

Been playing the Sims 2 for a while and doing great. I've been considering spicing things up a little bit and maybe adding a school or something from Mod The Sims. I'd love to have an actual school building in town where the kids are at and meet eachother instead of them boarding the school bus and that's the last you see of them for a few Sim hours. Not only that, you have no idea where the school is lol.

So I'd love to download and browse content from Mod The Sims but I'm nervous it'll mess up my game or something. Plus I don't want to do anything wrong. How does the downloading process work and all? I'm nervous haha.


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,793 Member
    Hi :)

    modthesims has download tutorials for new players (Always make sure you're downloading and installing TS2 CC. With TS3 and TS4 out, you have to be careful) -

    I've used CC in TS2 since CC was made. Read replies from people who have used it to see if there are any problems. Some mods do conflict so you have to know about that... it usually says if it will conflict with other types of mods.
  • jjames041jjames041 Posts: 64 Member
    mod the sims is safe download there all the time
  • cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
    edited January 2016
    Of all the zillions of places to get CC from mts is probably one of the safest there possibly is. While 90% of my CC (for both 2 and 3) comes from Tumblr these days, mts is still a frequent choice of mine.

    SimPE is "safe". It is recommended to back up EVERYTHING before you touch SimPE unless you are 100% sure what you're doing because it's very easy to screw stuff up.
    I use SimPE mostly to change skintones of my in-game babies if they aren't born with the skin I want. As said, I have no idea what I'm doing half of the time so I haven't touched many of the other many features.
    Edit: I did also use it once to fix the relationships between some sims when I accidentally made my girl get pregnant with her husband's father instead of him because I was using a mod called sim blender to cheat instead of the whole pregnancy process and I accidentally clicked Ian Redmayne instead of Jesse Redmayne.
    The problems associated with cheating, I tell ya! :D
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