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Learning bar stuck over head

Has anyone figured out how to fix this problem? It seems like it starts when they do their homework.


  • PiperbirdPiperbird Posts: 4,160 Member
    I get this all the time. It used to fix when my Sim slept, it would be gone when they woke up in the morning. But now it is still there. I can only exit the game and come back in to get rid of it now. Even learning something else does not get rid of it.

    Also, after I talk to another Sim the social box at the top stays long after the Sim leaves. I can see all their mood changes. Again, only leaving the game seems to fix this.
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  • meubanksmeubanks Posts: 445 Member
    Sometimes the skill itself will get stuck, and the bar will continue to progress beyond 100% without the skill advancing(I've seen it reach almost 300%). Usually dropping into manage worlds and reloading will fix these glitches, but eventually they will rubber-band back to their true position even if you do nothing. Clearing the cache seem to help with most of the "stuck skill" issues. For what it is worth, these seem to be graphical/ labeling issues that don't effect gameplay at all.
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 12,261 Member
    Ooh, I just got this for the first time 5 mins ago! I was going to try planning an outfit at the dresser, if that doesn't work I will try travelling.
  • siminscsiminsc Posts: 854 Member
    Quitting the game and restarting it fixes it. It was spreading to other children I wasn't playing.
  • noona_statusnoona_status Posts: 3 New Member
    I have this issue just now and it's 2018 :/
  • salmonandcrowsalmonandcrow Posts: 4 New Member
    2019 and having the problem. Strange with all of the updates that it hasn't been fixed yet. Reset sim did not work. But restarting the game did work. Still, after all this time and all those updates, you'd think it would be fixed by EA. Kind of breaks the game moment to have to restart the game.
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