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The Orphan Challenge

LluviaRainLluviaRain Posts: 2,199 Member
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The Orphan Challenge

Backstory: When you are a baby you are abandoned, taken by a mysterious figure and put in an Orphanage. Once you have your teen birthday, you are kicked out of the Orphanage and given the 1,000 simoleons the mysterious figure left you.

Goal: To try and survive long enough to find the mysterious figure.

Rules: You must start off as a teen
You are allowed only basics before you reduce your money to 1,000 (shower not included, must be the cheapest, not the kindermade bed)
and you are allowed a way to make money preferably not a computer)
You are only allowed to cheat to reduce your money at the start ( testingcheats true then money 1000)
You must go to school (first day each week you are allowed to stay at home by taking a vacation day or missing school)
You are allowed to get a part time job
You must choose one of the smallest lots ( Oak Alcove and Comfy Cubby in Newcrest are 20 by 15)

Tips: It maybe a good idea to start off with an Aspiration and traits that help you earn more money
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  • KaleysimsKaleysims Posts: 4 New Member
    How are you supposed to find the figure? If I make a figure and place it in the game I'll already know what to look for. But sounds like a cool challenge! :)
  • LluviaRainLluviaRain Posts: 2,199 Member
    @Kaleysims You could randomly download one off the gallery
    Not sure what to put here... so hi
  • CalicoJesterCalicoJester Posts: 93 Member
    I think this might be better off in the Legacy section of the forums ^^
    And maybe you could elaborate more on the 'figure'? How exactly would I get my Sim to 'find' them if I'm placing them in the world myself? I like your idea, but I think you should develop your story and goals a little bit more to make this challenge fun and playable :)
  • LluviaRainLluviaRain Posts: 2,199 Member
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    sorry but you could randomise a sim, the gender, the name and the surname so you don't know and don't look at the name. I may need to rethink some things (I am playing the challenge on my game and it's working fine, just need to find the figure) Hope this helped @CalicoJester
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    Not sure what to put here... so hi
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